Why parents prefer high fee schools?

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sreehyd 2015-11-29 19:55:11


We observe many parents run behind schools which are very expensive starting from LKG. It is similar to craze for most expensive apple or samsung phones. Schools are traping parents by creating high demand. All these schools talk about infrastructure but hardly mentions about qualification of teachers. Please think once before paying high donation s to big schools. You may need big amount s for their higher education. Best gift a parent can give to children is "TIME" . All the best to all parents.

sreehyd 2015-11-29 23:07:33


"TIME" is the time spent by parents and not the school name

shiju23 2015-11-30 18:44:14


Strange but true i don't know what is the reason to spent 1 L to 2 L on pa on kids.


bindubabu 2015-11-30 22:11:27


Every parent wants the best things for their kids, if Government schools can offer best education, ambience and safety of the kid, even today we can put them in Government school, but that is not happening. so one will go through reviews and select the best for their kids, and most often best schools are charging high fees.

In India I joined my daughter in Bachpan for pre primary because it was near our home and quality of education, teachers and activities were good. It costed around 25k per annum.

But for Grade 1 I chose Silver oaks, because my daughter needed more of sports activities and I wanted more secure, well managed school. Silver oaks did fit in most of the qualities I wanted but fee was high, but I did join. Liliput was nearby with less fee, but it did not have any facility for sports.

Vikas i did not chose because the student teacher ratio was high, also the receptionist and staff did not show any interest in talking to us in detail about the school. Her statement was this is the fees, if you can pay this much you join your kid. Thats it. No more questions.!!

The attitude of Teachers, principal, staff, the values they are teaching to kids, the cleanliness of toilets, emphasis on overall development of child, the safety of child, transportation, bus drivers, cleaners, everyone matters a lot. And when we think of all these things usually the one we choose will have high fees.

bindubabu 2015-11-30 22:12:39


In US I have put her in public school, because if not all, most of these things are met by public school.

sreehyd 2015-12-01 08:56:10


I agree . But schools exploiting parents by increasing fees and many schools pay very less to teachers. Many teachers always try to job due to this. Even if a school has better teacher-student ration, if they are not satisfied with their job students will suffer.

Prema0507 2015-12-01 10:19:28


True. Agree!. Every year parents do strike to avoid admission fees(Donation Fees). I guess recently in Necklace Road too, a parents stike took place. But Govt is not taking any action. 

ckp1 2015-12-02 12:03:11


Simply because it gives a sense of assurance that those schools can offer/perform better than other schools in all concerned areas. Those schools already have a good reputation or brand value and that's why they can attract more parents. They are in demand due to huge gap in demand and supply hence they can afford to revise the fee every year without loosing any business.

Sarita18 2015-12-02 14:11:24


Agree with Ckp1 and bindubabu here... It isn't really about the "high-fee schools" but "better quality schools"... also, I believe that in schools where they pay their staff well, the children are better taken care of. If any school offers good and stress-free academics and a good campus for sports and other recreational facilities at a much lower fee, why would anyone want to pay high fee? Just because some of these schools are maintaining such standards and that they are very few in number, they have a higher bargaining power in the market. 

sreehyd 2015-12-02 15:00:34


I feel many are prefering these schools because of their popularity or just following the majority of parents. As many scholls dont take higher class admisions they are forcing parents to pay high fees. Patents who can't pay high fees should stay away from these schools and save the extra money for their higher education.

kumo 2015-12-02 15:19:54


Hi sreehyd
     I have 2 kids .they got admission in DPS .Is it a good  decision to join there or not. Please give a good suggestion. They r  also got admission  in creek  for LKG  n 1st grade . admission over for sangamitra and silveroaks .we stay at kukatpally ,so pleased tell which school is best near to me.

sreehyd 2015-12-02 15:51:34


For kukatpally dps may be far but it is better option over creek. I am not parent of either dps or creek. For small classes it is sugested to have school in 5km radius. You may need ro look for shifting near to school if you are opting DPS

Lollymom 2015-12-02 18:54:48


Hi Sree,

In which school are your kids studying? I am also looking for schools which are economical. I have observed most of the schools which are charging high fee claiming that is for extra activities are only doing them for name sake and also falling low on academics. I stay in Nizampet. If you can give me your mail id, I would like to talk to you.

sreehyd 2015-12-02 19:33:41


We stay in attapur and my kid is studying LKG in smartkidz school. They have classes till 5th on pathasala brand name. We are happy with it and not trying any big schools


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