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u2bpavankumar 2015-11-27 16:37:29



I am planning to join my daughter in to school near kukatpally area. I have two queries

1. whether to join my kid in to LKG or UKG
My kid went to play school at Bachpan Moosapet last year. This year I have joined her in LKG at my home town since my wife had to move there for maternal delivery. Now I am planning to get my wife & kids back to hyderabad in mid of Jan 2016 and started looking into schools for her admission for academic year 2016-17. She was already studying LKG. But she joined couple of months late this year and also she will be leaving the school by mid of january as she needs to be back with her mother. At this stage whether I need to join her in UKG or LKG is a big question for me. Since she joined late this year and leaving school before academic year, do I need to put her in LKG again? Her date of birth is April, 2012. If you can advice me on this it will be great.

2. Good school near to my area
I have come across few schools in kukatpally area like DAV, Hindu Public School, Global Edge, Meridian, Akshara etc., can u suggest me a better school.

I am mainly looking at a school with good faculty, play ground and extra curricular activites

ckp1 2015-11-30 12:49:06


Even my kid is April-2012 born. Currently he is in nursery in a nearby playschool and we are on lookout for his LKG admission. We tried last year(2013) for his nursery admission but he was not eligible for most of the schools due to age. So I guess you should look for LKG only. You may find some schools where you can get UKG admission(Vikas, Bachupally).

About your second point, there are many schools out there around Kukatpally-Miyapur-Bachupally area with fees ranging from
30k to 3L per year. Decide on your budget and shortlist the schools. I am also in the same boat now. We tried for Sanghamitra but we didn't get the seat in yesterdays' draw. Next will try in DAV.

SamarP 2015-12-03 16:16:01


My Son is also born in April2012 and He is currently going to Norsery. Yu should take admission in LKG from 2016 as per his age.


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