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mickey 2010-05-28 08:50:18


Hi Sunita,

You can have a look at Kidzee at Mehdipatnam too before you shift. Bachpan and EuroKids play school chain is also good. U can have a look at it.


Kidzee - Mehdipatnam

You can speak to Kavita on 9848892220 . Transport and Day care facility is available

Fees 21K + Rs 800 p.m (Transport if required)

Fees is inclusive of their uniform ,books etc.



12-2-800/436 Padmanabhanagar,  Mehdipatnam,opp Sai Baba Temple,Hyd.

 You can also look at Blooming Buds Montessori at Mehdipatnam 040-65580073.




Pratyush 2010-05-28 09:15:28


Thanks a lot Mickey, I will check the above schools.


Pratyush 2010-05-31 08:49:42


Hi Mickey,

Do you have any idea about St.Alphonsa High School,Banjara Hills, for nursery calss?

Please suggest. Thanks,





mickey 2010-05-31 20:58:33


Hi Sunita,

St Alphonsa follows SSC. If that is ok with you, you can join your child here. He/she will have to learn telugu. First and second language can be telugu or hindi from class 1. From UKG, first language will be taught in State syllabus.  My cousin's daughter has studied in Kalyan Nagar Branch. Both her children have passed out from the same school.

I don't know how is the school at Banjara Hills. May be u can wait till the school re-opens and find out from the parents who come to drop/pick up their children.





mickey 2010-05-31 21:08:01


Hi Siva,

I think you can go ahead with BVB as the donation seems to be nominal compared to other schools. For some parents donation was very high. I think your son has written the exam very well. I know change is always difficult. If your son is willing , i think you can change the school. It is definitely a very good school. This year the result is 100% in BVB in class X and it will be stress free compared to ICSE.




Pratyush 2010-06-01 08:43:30


Thanks Mickey, I will definately check once shool re-opens.

And thanx for info abt St Alphonsa School as my major criteria to select any school is the language emphasized by them. As we are North Indian so I prefer to send my kid to a school where hindi is given equal weightage and crowd of class will be balance of north and south indians. I dont know if I am able to find such schools...


mickey 2010-06-01 16:04:18


Hi Sunita,

In that case u can look for a CBSE school. It doesn't matter in pre-primary school. Join your child in a pre-school nearby like Kidzee/Bachpan and try for BVB , JHPS this year in Oct/Nov/Dec when the forms are given. You will surely get it in some or the other good CBSE school. Its easy to get admission in LKG than higher classes.



Pratyush 2010-06-01 16:18:58


Ya sure Mickey I will go as per your words.

Thanks a lot.





avi25ge 2010-10-15 03:35:58


 Hello Mickey,


Could you let me know which is the best school in and around Himayatnagar for my daughter of 3.5 years age. I stay in Himayatnagar and don't want my children to travel far. Maximum of 30 mins in a bus. 

Thanks a lot in advance.



mickey 2010-10-15 10:02:03


Hi Avineet,

There are couple of very well established and reputed State Syllabus (SSC)  and ICSE schools in and around Himayat Nagar.  Abids / King Koti and Hyderguda are very close to Himayat Nagar and you will find most of the schools here. In fact you can opt for BVB (Primary wing) in Basheerbagh too which is a CBSE school. Not many people know this branch. I have also heard of Rishi Public School (RPS) in Himayat Nagar which follows CBSE but i have no idea about it. You will also find Howard Public School in Himayat Nagar  which is a CBSE school. Out of all the 3 CBSE schools, u can prefer BVB (primary) in  Basheerbagh. I have read mixed reviews of Howard. The school lacks a playground and is too congested. Kindly check out.

You will find the following  good and reputed SSC and ICSE schools in and around Himayat Nagar

Rosary Convent High School(SSC) Gun Foundry,Abids Hyd-
 040 23230704‎  website-

Little Flower High School (SSC) -Chirag Ali Lane, Abids tel 040 23202350‎,040 2320 2675‎ - website-

St Pauls High School (SSC , Hyderguda ) 040 2322 2092‎

St Josephs Public School( ICSE  and SSC ,King Koti)

St Georges Grammar school ( King Koti ).--pl check out as I am not sure if it is ICSE or SSC

 You will also find Sujatha High school in Basheerbagh.  (SSC)

Please prefer Rosary Convent ,St Pauls , Little Flower , St Josephs ,BVB followed by others. Rosary is exclusively for Girls. It is very well known. LFJ and St Pauls are equally good..

Please approach the schools immly  after 19th Oct when schools re-open for application forms as most of the schools start admission process of  Pre-primary in Oct/Nov/Dec.






avi25ge 2010-10-20 00:17:23


Thanks Mickey. I was looking to admit my daughter of 3.5 yrs with CBSE or ICSE curriculam. I also have a son who is 2 years and hence looking for a school where I could admit both of them. As they are too young I wanted to admit them in a location closer to Himayatnagar ( max of 6-7 Kms. radius)

Also I had called Vidyaranya (would like to know how is this school in your opinion), and they said they cannot admit my daughter in LKG, as they can only admit either in Nursery or Class 1. I didn't want to admit my daughter in Nursery and also cannot wait till Class 1.

What is your opinion about Vasvi Public School in Himayatnagar? 

I came to know St. Joseph's has a very high teacher to children ratio, hence did not want to approach it. BVB for LKG/ only in Jubilee Hills.

Do you think getting them admitted into Class 1 is more difficult as compared to LKG/UKG? Heard some of my relatives saying this.

Would appreciate if you can let me know any school that I can admit them both into.

Thanks a lot for your inputs.




mickey 2010-10-20 11:27:01


Hi Avineet,

Vidyaranya is very good. If you don't want to wait till class 1 , you can always try in Chaitanya Vidyalaya in Lower Tank Bund.  It is an equally good ICSE school and follows the same 'no uniform' like Vidyaranya. 

I have no idea about Vasavi Public School. I have heard good reviews about Rishi Public School (CBSE) in Himayat Nagar. Though the teachers are changing often, the school  tries to complete the syallbus on time. Overall the school is good in academics and extra-curricular activities. You can have a look at it.  However u can give first preference to Chaitanya Vidyalaya.

Yes, getting into Nursery or LKG in  schools like BVB/JHPS/Chinmaya/DPS is easier than class 1. As  there are extra seats for class 1 in these schools, the chances are very bright if the child does well in the entrance test.

For your son, please look for any playschool near by and admit him in Nursery when he turns 3 and LKG/PP1 when he turns 4.







avi25ge 2010-10-22 19:05:34


Thanks Mickey.

I have an interview scheduled for Vidyarana in the 1st week of Novermber. Can anyone tell me if they have attended an interview so that I can prepare myself.

Thanks, Avineet


mickey 2010-10-23 16:10:51


Hi Avineet.

Thats nice to know.  All the Best. I will try to find out and let u know on Monday or Tuesday regarding interview. You don't have to worry much. They would like to know more about parents at the entry level (playgroup or Nursery).



madani 2011-07-13 16:21:24



I am a new user to this group and i am really appreciate this site which gives lot of information.

please i need a feedback for Azaan international school in tolichowki, i am planning to admit my son over there. if anybody having exp about this school please do let me know..Thanks in advance


AnuGeorge 2014-02-06 09:10:51


Nasr School is good and gives 100 percent value for money.
You can get admission into any class at any time if you are affordable to pay the amount they require.

sunil369 2014-04-17 16:33:21


Hi Parents,
Can you provide review on Oxford Grammar School (CBSE). Is the student: Teacher ratio ok? Facilities are fine? I am new to Hyderabad. Please help.

Bats13 2019-12-03 15:34:13


Hi Mickey I am at a look out for a school for my daughter. She is currently in PP1. I liked Nasr school. But found the initial fees to be really high. Can my daughter get admission for Pp2 or will she have to repeat Pp1. I stay near tirumulgerry and have considered St. Andrews. What are your views on this school. Does it provide all round development for the child. It has too many sections in each class (10). Do u think its a matter of concern as the child might get lost in the crowd. Kindly let me know ur views on both the schools and which one would be best. Any of other readers have any kind of inputs regarding the same would be highly appreciated. Thabk you


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