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jayaji 2010-05-04 17:32:10


Hi Mickey,

I am new member. I very thankful to you for your valuable suggestions. Do you have any information on BVB (Atamkuri) at jubilee hills and difference between BVB (ashram) Jubille hills .I applied for admission test to my child to BVB Atmakuri  for class VI. Please advise me and suggest any other CBSE/ICSE schools near Mothinagar.




mickey 2010-05-04 18:01:45


Hi Jaya,

BVB, Atmakuri is good. It is similar to BVB, Jubilee Hills. The main school is fully packed now. Hence all parents are being redirected to Atmakuri.

One of my friend's son is studying in BVB, Atmakuri. As such the fees is quite less.The initial donation might be high. It varies from person to person.  From a few people they have demanded 50K to 1 lakh in the name of building fund.

You can also try Sister Nivedita (CBSE) at Ameerpet, Meridian or P. Obul Reddy(CBSE) at Banjara Hills and  JHPS(Jubilee Hills Public School).

For ICSE, you can try KALPA at Banjara Hills.

When is the admission test in BVB ? You can also try for other schools simultaneously.

If your son is in CBSE, why do you want to shift him to ICSE now ? The syllabus is going to be very vast in ICSE and the transition too in the middle school will not be that smooth unless your child is very hard working or exceptionally brilliant.






jayaji 2010-05-14 19:17:03



hi Mickey,      Thank you so much for the  information. i am so grateful to u. I am so sorry for my late  reply. i' have seen your reply just now. i  was not in touch because. I went my native place i could not get net connection there. My child was selected in BVB (Atamakuri) entrance test. My child is an average student and very poor in English and communication skills. Now he is studying in CBSE school.  This is reason to change my child to good school I would like give good education to my child .are there any advantages in his future if he studies in the school . I am not knowing whether i have to join in the school, I am completely confused. In the present school very poor communication and bad in English . Your advice is highly helpful to me and one more thing .   I would like to know that how is the Saint Andrews, Bownpally and Saint Peters school, Bownpally. My boy selected in Saint Peters also. Any difference to BVB (Atmakuri) and Andrews and Peters.  Please advise me which one I have to go. We applied Saint Andrews also admission test will be held on 3rd June, 2010.   Regards, Jayaji

mickey 2010-05-14 20:00:39


Hello Jaya,

Congrats ! Though BVB Atmakuri is a new school ,it is quite good.  You can join him. It is a CBSE school. It will be near to Mothinagar too. St Andrews is equally good . It will be quite far for you. Your son still has to write entrance for St Andrews for class 4. I had called up today to ask for admission into class 4 for  one of the parents. There are only  5 seats and 50 children are writing the exam in St Andrews. They are calling only those children who registered in the month of Feb for the entrance. So its a matter of luck/chance...

Can u  keep BVB on hold till you get the results of St Andrews ? You might have to deal tactfully.

I think St Peters is a SSC(State Board)school. Your child will have telugu as second language. In which school is your child studying presently ?

St Andrews would be better. As such in all these schools , your son will develop good commuication skills esp. St Andrews (CBSE). It has SSC too.

I think you can go for BVB or St Andrews . I don't know much about St. Peters.

Opt for St Andrews or Peters if you are staying in Sec'bad.




FunnyParent 2010-05-18 11:39:49


Fellow parents,

need your help in choosing the school for my son. He is going to 5th class. Currently he is in Gitanjali begumpet school. He got admission in BVB (ashram) Jubliee hills. Not able to decide whether to continue in Gitanjali or move him to BVB.. both are equal distance from our place. Any inputs/feed back will be highly appreciated. we are mainly concerned displine at higher grades 9th, 10th onwards, as the BVB is in Jublie hills/Film nagar. Thanks in advance


mickey 2010-05-18 18:49:01


Hi Siva Verma,

If you are prefering CBSE, then change the school . Gitanjali is a very good ICSE school. In higher classes, from 8th onwards, the syllabus is going to be very vast. If you feel your son will get stressed only then change the school. Are u talking about BVB which is at Atmakuri?. It is a new school and they are developing it now. It will be equally good as BVB. But we have to wait and watch. I think you can think of changing your son's school after 10th into a CBSE school or Junior college depending upon his interest.

Is discipline lacking in Gitanjali ? I have my friend's daughter too in this school and she seems to be happy as of now. ICSE lays a very strong foundation in languages and esp English and develops the overall personality. It lays more stress on activities and projects in higher grades and prepares students for self study.

So don't rush into changing school. Weigh the pros and cons and then decide...

You also have to take child's interest into consideration. I would like to tell about a parent from  this forum, who got the entrance of Chinmaya and BVB written for her sons. One son got in Chinmaya and other in BVB as both could not get in same school bcoz of lack of vacancy. She almost decided to shift her sons from DPS to these schools but dropped at the last moment as her sons were not willing to go new school. She did not want to make them unhappy  so her children are continuing with DPS.





FunnyParent 2010-05-19 11:00:10



Thank you so much for inputs and comments. My son got  admission in BVB, Jubliee hils, Old branch, not new one. We are ok with ICSE syllabus  but, we feel discipline is lacking in Gitanjali in higher grades (8+).  I can't compare with other schools, as I don't have much idea about other scools. Thas why I'm concerned about BVB, Jubliee hills. My son is ready to goto BVB, as one of his friend is going there. I'm reallly confused, what to do. I have couple of days time for BVB, otherwise I may haveto forego the admission in BVB.

Thanks again



mickey 2010-05-19 17:56:02


Hi Siva Verma,

Getting  admission in BVB(Jubilee Hills) is not that easy. Your son is brilliant.

Congrats !! But are you not being charged a hefty donation from BVB in terms of building fund?

If it is okay with you, do go ahead with BVB. Chidren are cultured and have good atmosphere at school. I have heard they are demading 50 K to 1 lakh. Is it so ?
Though the initial fees in high , the annual fees will be  very nominal subsequently.

They have a  good spiritual orientaion class too with good moral stories. Children sing hymns, bhajans, slokas and chant  Bhagwad geeta slokas too in this class. Though it is  less compared to Chinmaya Vidyalaya , it is definitely a very good school and secular too. You will find children from all religions. There are plenty of activities. But the strength is more. So check out the student to teacher ratio.

CBSE would be easier as compared to ICSE , less stressful and scoring too. So if you don't have to pay a lot for donation, you can think of joining your son in BVB. I find children from BVB  more humble and cultured compared to that of Gitanjali.





hyder 2010-05-21 20:16:32


Hello All,

Greetings to all members. I am new to the forum and would appreciate some advise on choosing a good school for my children who live in the Banjara Hills area. My daughter is starting 8 standard next month as well as her younger brothers who are in 6th and 5th.

My daughter is interested in becoming either a doctor or pharmacist and would hopefully train in England as the children are british citizen. Can you please suggest any good school which offers biology and chemistry ... for the science stream and has good labs in the Banjara Hills or Jubillee Hills area. Also it would helpful if the school would accept my daughter to wear her muslim headscarf as one school we had approached was quite reluctant to allow it.

I would appreciate if Mickey and others can help us out.

Thanks in advance.



mickey 2010-05-22 16:14:06


Hi Hyder,

Nasr (Girls High School ) at Khairtabad would be an ideal choice. It follows ICSE curriculum and would help your daughter to study medicine in future too. She can continue in the same school after X or join some junior college like Sri Chaitanya which offers very good medical entrance coaching. ICSE /ISC board has a very good science curriculum.Getting in class 8 in Nasr is a bit difficult as it depends upon the vacancy.

As she is a british citizen and a muslim too, Nasr will surely consider as it gives preference to minorities. Nasr is a very old and well established  ICSE school for girls in the city. The school offers many extra curricular activities apart from academics. She will be allowed to wear headgear. That shouldn't be a problem for her.There are a few girls who wear it.

You can call up the Principal Mrs. Madhubala Kapoor and find out the details.   and

I think the school is updating its website. Contact info is not available. The website was  different when i applied for my daughter. I will give its contact details

  +91- 40- 23307555, 23322851, 23311526, 23308383

You don't have to go any labs. It will be there in the school itself.
Nasr will be close to Banjara Hills.

For your sons, you can try in Oakridge International School at Gachibowli , Orchids International School, Meridian School at Banjara Hills. Nasr Boys at Gachibowli is also good. It is not as old as Nasr Girls and has started recently. 

The selection of the school also depends on your budget. NRIs generally wouln't face any problems in these schools as there is a wide range of languages to select from for students who don't know Telugu or Hindi. Special orientation is given to them to cope up with the languages and other subjects.






keerty 2010-05-22 17:00:56


Dear All,

I am a new member to this group...I do agree it is very late, but I would like to join my kid in a good school..he was in Kinder kare, banjara hills for PP1 and PP2.. I stay in Vijayanagar colony, near Masab tank. No problem in shifting the house if he is getting an admission in a good school..would like to know whether the admissions in Chinmaya school are over for class I or not. Right now, I am planning to join him in Oxford Grammar school, they are going to start CBSC from this year onwards. I am not interested in paying hefty fees starting from 1st standard onwards. Any information on any other good schools is also welcome. Thanks a lot for sharing the information.




mickey 2010-05-22 18:32:11


Hi Keerty,

Admissions are closed in Chinmaya for class 1 this year. My neighbour has gone recently and found out. Oxford Grammar School is very good. It is in the heart of Hyd.

I think you can join your son here. My mom's neighbour has taught in this school for very long before she retired. Her son has also studied in the same school and is working now in a software company after completing his Engg.

You can stay at Himayat Nagar which will be close to your son's school.

There is no point sending your son very far for class 1.

If there is vacancy in Chinmaya for class 2 next year, you can shift him there. But you will have to constanly follow up from March onwards to know the status. 040-23418012 (Chinmaya's phone no)




hyder 2010-05-22 21:53:03


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a million for your valuable advice and feedback. I have not been able to open the school website (NASR). Just incase it becomes impossible to get the admission for my daughter, where else would you recommend. What do you know about Azaan? I have heard people complaining about the quality of the education.

I had a look at oakridge but unfortunately the fees are beyond my ability. Is meridian a good school and worth the high fee they are charging - way far from oakridge though i must say? Are there any other good schools in the area which charge a reasonable fee. I dont mind paying some heavy donation for once if the children can get into a good and reputable school.

I am not familiar with the school options. Is it possible to take chemistry with biology and maths.

Once again thanks for the time and care. Much appreciated.



keerty 2010-05-23 11:59:15


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a lot for a quick reply. How is DAV public school in Banjara hills. When compared to Oxford how is DAV in studies and other activities. I went to both the schools, DAV does not have a good play ground but Oxford has one but it is located besides Moosi nala. Please suggest. How is Swami narayan gurukul school near Chilkur. Is it residential only or it is open for day scholars?




mickey 2010-05-23 14:29:12


Hi Keerty,

Swami Narayan Gurukul has both residential and day scholar facility for boys only. It offers CBSE for residential students and State syllabus (SSC)for day scholars from class 1 to 5. From 6th onwards  it is CBSE. The transport is till Ashok nagar, Gandhi nagar i.e lower tank bund areas. Admissions are going on. You can go to the school on next sunday with your son if you are interested.   Tel- (08413) 235 288

Is the school not far Keerty for a 6yr old child unless u decide to put him in residential. You decide only after seeing the distance and other amenities. It has  a beautiful building and campus. I just saw the school from outside while going to Chilkur Balaji temple.

DAV is good. My neighbour's son goes to the same school from our apartment.

If you feel there is a foul smell in Oxford school campus which is emanating from Moosi nala, better avoid it. Children will become sick. I never knew about this nala. Is the playground not in the school campus ?

You can also look at  Radclifee school. It is a new CBSE school in Balanagar.

My next door neighbour has joined her son in class 1 in this school.  The school has online teaching and very good audio visual aids too to teach children. You can track your child's progress online by registering yourself  and chat with teachers. Children can also chat. Presently this school is taking students till class V. It has a tie up with Sunsine pre-school. All the kids from sunshine will go to Radcliffe after some assessment.

Radcliffe School is a pan-India network of schools from nursery to class XII.  You can visit this school  and see if it suits your son. You can fill the online registration form from its website before visiting the school and see it's response.




mickey 2010-05-23 15:44:28


Hi Hyder,

The application forms in Nasr were given in first week of May. The interviews will be held in first week of June. I think you can call on the given numbers and find out tomorrow morning.

I will also try to find out the admission status.I am able to see its website. Try again

Your daughter will have to learn telugu , Hindi or urdu  for second language in Nasr. They are introducing German now. I don't think the school offers French. I spoke to a parent now whose daughter has finished X  in Nasr this year.

I also feel  CBSE school would be ideal for your daughter where she will not have problem with the languages. Same is the case with your sons too.

I spoke to one of my muslim friends about Azaan as i have no idea about this school. She would get back in a day or two with its feedback. She has also suggested DPS where some of her relative's daughters are studying and wear hearscarf . You will have to talk to the headmistress. You can approach DPS Gachibowli . The school has told a few parents to approach in the last week of May who missed the entrance test. The fees will be around 1lakh 10K.  The only drawback of DPS is , it constanly hikes its fees and is more in news for its fee hike.

Last year many parents have protested in public about the fee hike and the management had  to listen to the parent's demands.

Your daughter will have biology , chemistry and physics ,maths, english, social studies , second and third languages in class 8 in CBSE or ICSE. From IX , she will have English and second language apart from other subjects. Second language can be hindi, telugu, sanskrit or French. All CBSE schools offer French as second language. So you need to take care  about the languages too before admitting your daughter. You don't have to worry about science. Science covers biology,physics and chemistry. Your daughter will have maths too with Science till X.

Meridian is too expensive. You can either prefer Sentia-The Global or Orchids International  for your kids. Oakridge's fees is too exorbitant.  (+91 9985188821)

CBSE schools like BVB, Jubilee Hills Public school , P Obul Reddy Public School are good and near to Banjara Hills. Only one time donation is high. But it will be difficult to get here now as the admissions must have closed by now. You can anyway call up these schools and find out.  JHPS

(Tel of DPS +91-40-20046204, 20046205, 32506005, 32506006) (obul reddy school. Its fee is quite nominal)


You  also have Kalpa (ICSE - co-ed) at road no 8 Banjara Hills  . It is a good ICSE school.

Kalpa Tel-040-23350164, 040-23350020

Let me know if you need more info.  You can tell any of your close relative to call and  visit these schools to know the admission status and also the languages which your children can opt for  to take a proper decision.





keerty 2010-05-23 17:16:19


Hi Mickey,

The Oxford school's play ground is in the same campus of the school only, next to the ground is Moosi.. I visited the school only once, yet to enquire about the foul smell, some of my relative's son is studying there. Will update after enquiring. As I stay near Mehdipatnam(Vijayanagar Colony), I can use Swami Narayan Gurukul's transport facility. But, right now as you said I am not willing to send him that far. But, I would like to visit the school once...Radcliffe school's website is good, but the fee information is not given in their site. If you know the details, kindly let me know. Then, for this year I may stick to either DAV or Oxford. Thanks a lot for sharing the information.




mickey 2010-05-23 22:27:14


Hi Keerty,

I found out the fee details of Radclifee from my neighbour.

20K is the admission fee + 5K is the refundable caution deposit + 30 K isthe  term fees which can be paid in 3 instalments of 12K,12K and 6K.

If you decide to join in Radclifee now,  you will get 6K discount on admission fees.

You can refer my neigbour's name which i will send it you in parentree's inbox.

So you will have to pay (19k+5K+12K) at the time of admission after discount.

The bus comes till Masab tank so it should not be problem for you. Just check out this school in case you don't want to send your son to DAV or Oxford.




mickey 2010-05-24 22:44:57


Hi Hyder,

I went to Nasr today to verify about the headscarf personally. Headscarf is not allowed in the campus. I spoke to the management too. They say there is no distinction for any girl student when she is in the campus. They can wear before coming to school and after leaving the school.It is a girl's school. So I think, you should not have problem.

Tomorrow is the last day for submitting the  application forms. You may talk to the principal and request to submit the form later. In June first week, there will be an entrance test. So u need to hurry up. Send somebody to collect the form and submit it too tomorrow if possible. She will have to learn either hindi,telugu for urdu for second language for class 8. From IX, she can take French if she is aware of it else it will be taught from basics for NRIs.

I will let u know about Azaan soon.





VJMohan 2010-05-25 11:36:12



I heard that radcliffe school is not worth.Just visit the school and know the facts before joining the kid.



hyder 2010-05-25 17:57:23


Dear Mickey,

Thank you for your help and sorry for the belated response for your message. I think I will have to try to get the kids into DPS which I gather is a good school aside from the fee hikes which can have a negative impact on the school's image. I have spoken to a relative to go to the school and see if it is possible to get the admission.

Thanks a lot for your enormous kindness.



mickey 2010-05-25 19:17:17


Hi Hyder,

As DPS  follows CBSE  it would be  easier compared to an ICSE school. It  would also suit your children's requirements . Try to talk to the Principal personally before u take the application forms.

+91-40-20046204, 20046205, 32506005, 32506006





mickey 2010-05-25 19:21:46


Hi Mohan,

Have u visited Radcliffe?  As it is starting from this year, people are quite apprehensive about it . Any specific reason there are some other parents too who intend to join their kids here. It would be great if you could share your views ....




VJMohan 2010-05-26 12:08:37



I have not visisted the school.But my friend went there and he is not happy.I dont know the exact reasons,thats why i suggest you to have a perosnal visit and get the details.




Pratyush 2010-05-26 15:54:51


Hi All,

I am new member to this grp and new to Hyderabad as well. My son is 3yrs old(complete in coming June). Please guide me good schools(CBSE) and criteria of their admissions(in which class he'll be eligible, admission dates,interviews....). Location is not constraint as right now we are staying on temporary basis.

Kindly guide me. I will be thankful to all of you.





mickey 2010-05-26 17:50:12


Hi Sunita,

You can try for your son in LKG next year. ICSE schools take 4+ for PP1/LKG and CBSE schools take 3.3 or 3.5 yrs in Lkg. However , it is recommended to put a child in LKG when the child turns 4. Even CBSE schools prefer children above 3.5 yrs or 4 yrs at the time of interview.

There are many good CBSE and ICSE schools. U need to decide which board u want to opt for. Usually all schools give admission forms in the month of OCT/Nov /Dec.

So you will have to keep a tab on the schools in the month of Oct/Nov/Dec 2010 to get the admission forms. Usually by Jan or Feb, admissions to LKG and UKG close in all the leading schools.

Right now, you can admit your son in Nursery in a near  by  good play school.

I will list a few good CBSE schools.

Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Begumpet, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Jubilee Hille Public School in Jubilee Hills, DPS in Hyd and Secbad, Sister Nivedita at Ameerpet , P Obul Reddy School ,Meridian and DAV Public school at Banjara Hlls, Chirec at Gachibowli, Sentia-the global in Miyapur, Oakridge International at gachibowli, Orchids International at Jubilee Hills Vikas-The concept school , The Creek  in Kukatpally and International schools like DRS, Manthan , SVIS etc.

ICSE schools like Future kids at Puppalguda, Nasr Boys at Gachibowli, HPS and Gitanjali at Begumpet , Vidyaranya at Saifabad, Chaitanya Vidyalaya at lower tank bund, Johnsons Grammar school at Secbad, Sreenidhi International at chilkoor ,Kalpa at banjara hills etc..

It all depends on your budget , the location and the board too. You can use the search tool of parentree to know about CBSE vs ICSE and reviews of many schools.A lot has been written in this forum.U can google for the websites.  In case u need any help ,lemme know.




Pratyush 2010-05-26 17:56:04


Thanks a lot Mickey for your prompt help. Now I'll concentrate on good play schools. If you have any idea of good play school the please let me know. I am very much thankful to u.





mickey 2010-05-26 18:13:40


Hi Sunita,

Where do u stay ? It will be easier for any parent to suggest a playschool according to the location.




FunnyParent 2010-05-27 08:39:13


Hi Mickey,

I apologise for delay. I have been out of station. As usaual, with last minute preparations,  I was in a hurry and couldn't reply. Please accept my sincere apologies.

Thanks for your suggestion. Regarding my son, I bought one week time from BVB as I won't be in town to complete the formalities. Regarding donation,  it is 25000. Rest is 10000 admission fee and other normal tutions fees.  The class ratio is 1:40, which I feel on higher side. Still not decuded what to do, but inclining to join BVB now. We are little apprehenisive for leaving good school. Change is always diffcult(:-





Pratyush 2010-05-27 09:02:36


Hi Mickey,

At present we are staying at Mehdipatnam(Gudimalkapur) but we are planning to shift to other area as here there is no space for kid to play. Infact please suggest some good play school accordingly we can search for nearby residence.

I am basically lookiing for a spacious classrooms, good activities, strength of class shud not be more-shud be attended personally by their teachers.

Kindly guide me.

Thanks a ton.





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