need reviews about Vista Pearson School near Gachibowli

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vinitat 2015-11-23 00:45:21


Anybody's kids are studying in Vista Pearson School near Gachibowli.please need update on urgent basis.

Vaide2 2015-11-25 22:08:14


There are couple of things that depends from person to person and their perception. In Vista (Gopanpally), they have got infrastructure , I wont say good or bad as their management doesn't know it seems how to use it. To you it will look like really great.

Management and teachers play very safe, may be it is new. they wont trouble much, so kids would not complain. Some of the parents may like it. Very difficult to understand the management. Routine kind of approach.

I got the impression, a kid can not develop any skill by himself by being dependent on school (this I am talking of other areas apart from study). Stage presentation, dance, music..even games (skating worst, the teacher doesn't care, your kid can learn that in the parking of your flat) nothing..worst till calss 4rth, they think they are too young... strange...this is the time when they learn. This is the time when something looks very exciting to them...but....

sense of participation...don't find..its kind of

vinitat 2015-11-25 23:12:16


Thanks for your input! Any suggestions on good schools near Nallagandla area? we checked out Epistemo global school but fees seems to be at higher end.

Vaide2 2015-11-25 23:23:44


Sentia, Epistemo, Vista all are of the same category...DPS,Chirec, Manthan, Sant Maria in different category ..

Vaide2 2015-11-25 23:36:10


there is one school hardly 1.5 km from BHEL junction towards Chandanagar, on the left side..little inside was of Lily groups now the name has changed to I remember "little flower" ..good one..could not get my kid into that .. :)

Vaide2 2015-11-26 08:45:56 is Corner Stone, not little flower....good one..

vinitat 2015-11-26 22:57:35


Thank You! Do u have any inputs regarding Vikas concept school, Genesis school,Kennedy high global school?

akaa 2015-12-21 16:06:51


Last week I went to check for new admission. They said 1:20 ratio. While during in rounds I noticed all classes have filled with 29/28.check their black boards.

especially lower classes have high strength, may be some demand off late.

Definitely professionalism is lacking. Looks like school strength is picking up and with time, but I don't see that they are prepared for that.

Staff  seems to be catching adamant behavior slowly. Though it is not reached to top end schools, but especially Principal (lady) is on her high !!!. Behaved like we are there for asking for free seat. LoL

Be careful, they say the offered discount are changed and now is less from today! They were least bothered to their word.

Though many people say good infrastructure, I don't see any thing other than small modern benches and projector in each room. I think infrastructure means good books, labs with equipment/art/models to explain the subject is seriously lacking. like a every street crush, they have pasted one or two small posters in each class room. I saw one in 4th class and it seems to be like LKG/UKG standard one. Seems the infrastructure is just to showcase. it is not prepared to serve such high strength students. I see some musical instruments, but learned from student of that school (neighbor kid who goes there) there is their music teacher also does not know that instrument. LOL

Since school is new (few years old) everything seems to appear nice. may be we will fall in trap of that, or really worth stuff ?

though pearson's brand, I felt they must have flooded with good library with all magazines. I see KV has more books from that publisher than this school. May be the school Is just selling place of their products !


kireeti 2016-01-08 08:14:21


Dear Vista Management / Vista Parents,
The transportation fee is quite high compared to all other schools
For 5-10 KMs distance it is 
In Vista school ---           Rs. 21700/-
In vikas school -----         Rs. 15300/-
In Samashti School-       Rs. 17000/-
In Narayana School ---    Rs.13500/-

It is my suggestion to the pearson management to review and revise the transportation fee to Rs.13000/- to get more admissions.
My suggestion to parents to insist the management for revising the transport fee, which is highest among all the schools.


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