Tarnaka or Secunderabad - St Anns ???

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evelyn 2015-11-10 12:23:24


Friends...plss urgently needed...feedback of both St Ann's schools ...which is best ..Secunderabad St Ann's or Tarnaka One??? Also of St Anns Vijayanagar Colony ?? Any information would be useful ..Plss ..Waiting from long time..
Thank u in advance

Venukiran 2015-11-10 16:56:25


I am looking for the same. Just called St Anns, ICSE, Sec-bad to know that admissions will start in Jan 4th 2016.

evelyn 2015-11-16 11:32:19


Hello Venukiran ...
Pls update any other info regarding st Anns schools of Secunderabad & Tarnaka ??? Any Admission fee details ,,pls Welcome..How is St anns of Tarnaka ?? 


sreechandra 2015-11-16 12:10:19


Checked last week St Anns Tarnaka, they havent started giving applications yet, they said some time soon they will give, but no specific date yet.

Venukiran 2015-11-16 12:54:47


I checked on 14th Nov, they said ICSE admissions will start on 4th of Jan. They are not sure of SSC admissions and did not provide fee details when requested.

evelyn 2015-11-17 10:39:26


@ srichandra & Venukiran ..Pls update abt admissions of both schools whenever you get from them >> Both are gud schools i guess..am tryng for my lkg admission for my daughter..Preferring SSC curriculum..Intrested more in secunderabad St Anns but heard that kids from that school need some extra attention..any rough idea of admission fee in sec st anns ??? its 20000 in tarnaka which i heard last year..
thank u..


Venukiran 2015-11-17 12:44:45


@ Evelyn, I am checking with St Anns, Sec-bad every alternate day, they keep saying to check next week for SSC admissions. I guess fees will be a little more compared to last year for SSC.

ICSE admission forms will be given on Jan 4th, and child has to be more than 4+ yrs.

Does anyone in this forum have idea on ICSE vs SSC curriculum, which is better in St Anns?

Thanks & Regards,


evelyn 2015-11-17 14:08:26


Thank u @ venukiran ...in this forum I posted many times regarding st Anns school Feedbacks but none responded.. : ( ..
For my Elder Daughter i Missed St Anns admission ..so in order not to repeat that again for my 2nd one..iam also keep on enquiring them..
ICSE is a bit harder than SSC in higher classes and dnt want to change curriculum in between ..and what i feel is SSC would be beter for them for future State Compititive exams so I have choosen SSC ..
And My Daughter in now 3 Year Old ..I think for SSC the age is appropriate in St Anns..
Thank u


Venukiran 2015-11-17 15:53:00


Thank you for the info @Evelyn

evelyn 2015-11-20 08:39:48


Venukiran & sreechandra .. any information regarding the admissions in st anns ..

Venukiran 2015-11-20 10:55:19


@ Evelyn -  They said they will start the admissions for SSC (Sec-bad) in Dec 2nd week.

evelyn 2015-11-20 11:33:55


Venukiran ..thank u..just now i cald them & thy said the same..Dec 2nd week.. : ) 
Tarnaka ..no information..
Thank u


Venukiran 2015-11-20 13:26:49



evelyn 2015-11-23 10:05:30


 sreechandra & Venukiran  ..Did u check..Tarnaka st Anns is issusing applications for LKG..just now got information..if anyone intrested pls collect from office.
Thank u.


Venukiran 2015-11-23 11:48:02


@ Evelyn - Thank you for the info. I am interested in Sec-bad St.Anns. Pls let this group know once the applications are issued for Sec-bad branch.

evelyn 2015-11-24 15:42:40


hi..venukiran..S..am too interested in sec St Ann's but first tarnaka school is issuing applications..for Safe side today bought the application from st Ann's tarnaka..need to submit by weekend..If at all my daughter couldnt go through the admission in sec..we can opt for tarnaka,,Do you know on what criteria they give admission in sec ???any info about the questions they ask kids during admission ??
thank u..


evelyn 2015-11-27 10:47:07


Any News from St Ann's Sec for LKG admissions other than the old info that thy issue forms in dec 2nd week ???

Venukiran 2015-11-27 12:38:54


@ EVelyn, the status is same. I hope they are planning to hike the fees, so delaying it.
Seen this in today's paper http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/hyderabad/Hyderabad-schools-may-hike-fees-in-new-academic-ye...


evelyn 2015-11-30 11:13:04


S..i have already seen this news in TOI paper  ... need to check in Dec 2nd week for sec st Anns.. 

evelyn 2015-12-07 14:34:42


@Venukiran ..any update on st anns sec admissions for LKG ???
thank u

Venukiran 2015-12-07 15:47:16


@Evelyn, They asked to check the notice board on 16th of this month.

evelyn 2015-12-08 16:54:39


Thank u @venukiran  : )

evelyn 2015-12-15 15:44:25


hi@venukiran as thy said tomorrow the information will be available on noticeboard @st anns secbad..pls update if u reach the information as i may nt able to go ther tomarrow..thank u..

Venukiran 2015-12-15 17:42:47


Sure @Evelyn, I am going tomorrow to see the notice board. Will post the updates tomorrow.

evelyn 2015-12-16 10:06:18


hello venukiran .. any information ??

Venukiran 2015-12-16 12:33:33


@Evelyn, Admissions will be open on 21st and 22nd of this month, and the submission are also on the same date. Please have a look at the pics given below...

Uploaded image

Uploaded image


evelyn 2015-12-16 12:45:59


@venukiran..Thank u so much.. 

evelyn 2015-12-16 13:29:12


@Venukiran,,a small clarification.. it is clear dat registration/Submission is on 21 & 22 ..But forms will be given on 21 & 22 only or on any day before 21 & 22 ?? 
Thank u in advance


Venukiran 2015-12-16 14:19:03


@ Evelyn, I have been to the school and inquired personally. Application forms are not issued currently. It will be issued only on 21st and 22nd, and submission also same days. Better to take all the required docs to collect and submit on the same day.

evelyn 2015-12-16 14:29:12


Ok  venukiran and  very thankful to you for complete and clear information..  : )

26latha 2015-12-16 14:57:32


Hi venu Thank you very much for ur detailed information. It is very helpful for those who could not make it today. Appreciate your help. I am also looking for both SSC this year and ICSE (probably next year). For my younger daughter Regards Latha


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