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chidiyer 2015-11-08 19:17:02


Hello Everyone

Can anybody tell me about the Prerana Waldorf school. I have recently moved to Hyderabad and seeking for admission for LKG/PP1 for the next academic year for my twin sons. I would be staying around gachibowli, so looking for schools around 5-6 kms radius


marzook80 2016-01-07 13:07:18


Hi, I went to prerana waldorf school for seeking grade 1 admission for my son. Intially I was quiet interested with waldorf methadology as it would be less stressed compared to other kinds. So i was very positive n happy to approach the school. But, when I went there the atmosphere was very cozy n not lively as a school has to be. I was asked to wait at the parent son was just playing there, looking into all books n roaming here n there in that big hall n not settling down...even I was cool as he was playing n I told him that it might be his new school. After some time one lady entered n sat in front of me, didnt bother to say who she is or whatsoever. The first question she put was, whether my son is special child.......????? It truly shattered me...but I kept myself calm n asked her what made her to ask this? N she said that my son didn't sit at one place n roaming here n there. That moment made me to decide good bye to this school. What Kind of school is that, which can't understand n differentiate the kids behavior pattern....Even special child also deserve all exposure... God only should help this kind of people..

Sne123 2016-03-14 14:21:42


Yes, The school is Very Good. My Daughter is studying her from 1st Grade.SHow she is in 5th.
The Staff, Students and Campus is Very nice. My Daughter enjoys her studies.
Im happy with the school performance. Its good when compared to other schools.


Akhileshp 2017-11-14 11:53:35


Hi Sne123, I will recently visited this school,for grade 1 admission for my daughter, I liked it but I know no one who has there kids in Walford school. Since you are existing parent I request your kind input please. Regards Akhilesh


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