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Gowrishiva 2010-04-28 02:20:53



It is appreciated if any one of you please tell me details and reviews regarding International school of Hyderabad.Is this ICSE/CBSE.How will be the studies,fee structure,curriculam,other activities

mickey 2010-04-29 17:02:07


Hi Gowri,

ISH at Patancheru is the oldest International school of Hyd. It used to cater to the children of ICRISAT's foreign employees. But now it also admits Indian Nationals. It is truly an International school as it incorporates the British, American, Australian and European Education Systems. The school does not follow CBSE, ICSE  or SSC with some integrated curriculum like other International schools. 

It is from Nursery to Grade 12. The new academic session starts in August.
You can write all admission related queries to Anja Dargatz  who is the admissions coordinator and write to admissions@ishyd.org and

The school is basically preferred by NRIs who stay at Hyd for 2 to 3 years so that their children don't find it difficult to study here and also they will not find much change when they go back to US/UK/Europe/Australia again.

There are plenty of activities and varied curriculum. You are advised to look at the campus and then decide when u come to India, As such you are seeking admission for next academic year in PP1. So even if you come by June 2011, you have all the chances of getting your child admitted unlike other schools where you have to be present in the month of Dec 2010 or Jan 2011 for your child's interview after taking the forms in Nov/Dec 2010.

ISH has it’s own Early Childhood curriculum for Pre- Primary which is designed to address six areas of development:

At Elementary level ISH has developed a school-based curriculum which incorporates best practices from the American, Australian and European education systems.

The Middle School curriculum is based on British National Curriculum and provides a bridge for transition into the high school.

Grades 9 &10 have IGCSE conducted by CIE (Cambridge International Examinations)

Grades 11&12 have IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate)

You can reach Ms Anja Dargatz  who is the admissions coordinator  at  +91  40 30713872  between 8:30 am  to 1 pm IST. I tried to reach her as I have no idea about it’s fee structure but she had left for the day. 

I have no friends whose children are studying here. Most of them are preferring Oakridge(CBSE) or Sreenidhi(ICSE) which will be useful for their kids in case they want to continue their higher studies in India.

Most of the NRIs are still opting for this school who stay here for short duration.





Gowrishiva 2010-04-29 22:39:31


Thankyou mickey for the information provided.I will give them a call and let yu know so that information will be helpful for some more parents like me who is looking for the same school.

Meanwhile i would like to know your advice about this school if i opt to stay back in india.

Becoz as per yur mail i understand that though they have good curriculam  it is more helpful to only short stay NRI.

i already gone through all the school links that yu have sent in earlier mail.But i am totally got confused to take decision.I feel all are good according to their promising websites.I dont want to make my kid to change schools unnecessarily.

i know i had lot of time.Still i want to finalize early as i need to take other responsibilities with my other months old kid.

I am looking for the school which has good infrastructure,curriculam,a good play ground,discipline and other than a peaceful surroundings.

pls suggest me yur opinion...



mickey 2010-04-29 22:42:48


Hi Gowri,

What's your budget ??


mickey 2010-04-29 22:59:16


Hi Gowri,

I think you can look for a good school following CBSE or ICSE. Your child is only in PP1. If at all you plan to go back to US anytme, you will not have any problem as kids from India do very good in academics overseas but it is not vice versa. Kids from CBSE or ICSE curriculum can cope up very easily  in US than their counterparts in US.  You can also opt for an International school like Oakridge if you are okay with its fee structure which follows CBSE and also IGCSE. You can write to the admission couselor directly of oakridge and get the fee details for PP1. You will get it in its website.

You can keep BVB, JHPS , Future kids(ICSE) , Sentia-The Global and Oakridge in your list.

Fee is high only at the time of donation in BVB and JHPS. Both are equally good in infrastructure and other facilities including Sentia, Future Kids and Oakridge.




movingtoindia123 2010-05-10 12:27:35


Hi all,

I am moving to India from USA in a couple of weeks. I am looking at admitting my kid into 4th grade at Oakridge International School. One of the reasons is close proximity of my residence to the school.

I need some reviews on the school. I am a little wary of schools in India in terms of stress on the kid. I am more interested in schools that provide a holistic stress free education with stress on personality development. In the end I just would like him to be a happy kid with a good positive attitude towards life and fellow human beings.He is currently in a good private school in USA and seems to be a little nervous about the move to India.

Any input into schools in Gachibowli neighbourhood would be welcome.

Thanks .                      Raj


mickey 2010-05-10 15:37:53


Hi Raj,

You can keep all your fears aside about Oakridge (Gachibowli). It is a very good International school and true to its name. There are children of my cousin and friends too in this school who are studying for the past 4 yrs. Your kid will enjoy academics and extra-curricular activities. He will have a stress free education with very good and approachable teachers. CBSE has now introduced CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) in which only grades are assigned and there will be no exams. From this year, CBSE is also doing away with X boards to reduce the stress in children. The added advantage for your kid in Oakridge would be the smooth transition from a US to Indian school. The kids are very smart .

You definitely have to keep a tab/watch on your kid so that he is  in the proper company. Though it is expensive, it is value for money. Sreenidhi International is also equally good. But it will be far for you as it is near Chiikur.




tanmayi 2010-12-06 21:12:56


Hi Mickey,

At present we are in GErmany...We may relocate to hyd in next academic yr....my son would be 3 yrs 4 months by june 1st 2011....i think he will go to Lkg...could you please guide me with some schools near kukatpally/miapur area....i have gone through ur older posts... but bit confused abt the schools.....

fee structure up to one lakh is ok with us..but oakridge is comming around 1.5ac

could you please tell me abt GIIS school in patancheruruvu...how is that school and how abt fee structure....


Thanks in advance


mickey 2010-12-07 19:35:10


Hi Tamayi,
GIIS , Patancheru is pretty new. I will have to ask one parent  who was looking for this school sometime back. I will surely let u know if i get any update about this school.
You can try in Sentia--The Global  in Miyapur or Mathan International at Madhapur ,
DPS or Chirec.  Iam not aware of fees of Manthan. But you can get in touch with Harsha in the below link. He has given his contact no. too.


You can also read Seema and Atul's review of Manthan


The fee structure of DPS is given  in its website. www.dpshyderabad.com

If you are staying in Miyapur, Sentia would be the nearest out of all the schools and is quite good too.  My friend's son is studying in LKG in Sentia and she is quite happy with the school and its activities. The fees is around 65K including transport this year.



tanmayi 2010-12-07 20:00:52


Thanks for ur quick response Mickey..i will add Sentia is in my list....i would like to know the schools which follow icse syllabus.....i have applied for oakridge....but still having a second thought .....fee for cipp programme for lkg is around 1.25k and IB is 1.80k.....still wandering how much an LKG kid will learn.....your input regarding this matter would be a great help

Thanks in advance


mickey 2010-12-07 20:27:33


Hi Tanmayi,

If you are looking for IB, PYP  or CIPP , Manthan International is equally good. You can look for its reviews in the below link and contact Harsha too on phone if u want to know its fee structure. He has given his contact number too.

Review by Harsha 

Review by Seema and Atul

Review by Vjmrhyd  Oct 26,2010



Niraj International is also good which is at Kompally. It has cut down its fees from this year.  This school too follows IB, PYP methodology along with CBSE.

Oakridge's fees is definitely on the higher side. When you can get the same curriculum and good amenities in other schools with low fee structure, why not opt for it ? Well, you can decide after u  visit the schools and talk to parents personally.




MehMou 2014-02-03 10:15:04


Hello Mickey,

MY 5 yr old kid is currently studying in CHIREC in the Cambridge curriculum. I am not unhappy with the school though but have concerns on how the overall development particularly leadership qualities, communication, open mind as compared to Indus, Oakridge or International School of Hyderabad. I am particularly interested in knowing how good is ISH. I aso give emphasis to quality & depth of knowledge that the school provides. A good well balanced school. Sometimes I feel CHIREC is overhyped and if I compare kids from Oakridge/ ISH, they are more confident and smart.

Will appreciate your inputs !!




MehMou 2014-03-18 23:19:45


Hello Mickey,
would appreciate your attention and response. Recently Indus also opened a new branch for juniors somewhere in seri lingampally. Please let me know your thoughts! 

Lakshmiy1 2014-04-15 12:39:33



Can anyone whose kids study in ISH school please provide information on the school.
My kid is 3 year old and we are relocating to India for good. I see that the fees is pretty high, but is he school good?
thanks in advance!

whitepanda 2014-05-03 13:00:54


Even I would like to know the Fee structure of ISH and have all above same doubts mentioned by MehMou and Lakshmiy1.

Lakshmiy1 2015-07-01 21:42:07


Hi whitepanda,

have you joined ur kids at ISH?
appreciate any feedback.


jainkrishna 2017-01-22 14:06:56


Hello folks,

Looking for a good school here in Hyderabad (Miyapur) for my 12 years old son (US born/citizen) who is currently studying in 7th standard (mid school ) @ USA.
Earlier he studied here in Hyderabad (CBSE) but we sent him to US for mid school as we had plans to relocate. 
Plans changed and we are planning to bring him back to continue his studies and may relocate later - not sure when.
How is ISH ?
I visited their site seems pretty decent except the fee is too high - anyone has their kids in there if it's worth the price they are offering ?


Mclean12 2017-05-18 07:32:27


Appreciate any latest feedback on ISH.. Thanks a lot for your time


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