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Ann1 2010-04-26 19:49:24



I am getting relocated from Bangalore to Hyderabad and my workplace will be Raheja IT Park. I am looking for a good school for my 2 daughters studying in class I and class II, ICSE syllabus. I am fine with both ICSE or CBSE syllabus. Along with academics the school should also provide excellent world class infrastructure and grooming for other activities like sports, music, dance etc. In sports, I am especially interested in Lawn Tennis since my kids are already getting formally coached and there are not many schools which have Lawn Tennis.

I would appreciate if you can provide me some pointers on good schools. Also, given that I am a little late in the admission process for the year 2010-11, please let me know which schools may be open for admission at this point of time.

Hi Mickey, I've been reading your advice. I would appreciate your thoughts too.

mickey 2010-04-26 23:14:34


Hi Ann1,

There are not many ICSE schools in and around ( Raheja Park) Hi-Tech city.You will find Future kids, Nasr Boys and Sreenidhi International at Jubilee Hills.

Sreenidhi is very good and you can read it’s detailed  review by Shrini in

The only drawback is that it will be very far for your kids.

 Future kids which  follows ICSE is considered to be very good. I am not sure if the school formally trains Lawn Tennis. I will ask my daughter's friend tomorrow and let u know. She is studying in the same school.

Puppal Guda, Rajendranagar Mandal, R.R. Dist., Hyderabad
Tel   : +91 040   32519742 ,   9959555342
email :

You can also find excellent infrastructure and grooming for other activities in Sentia - the Global at Miyapur. Vamshi has written a very good review in this forum on 23-mar-10 and 28-mar-10 in the following link. His children who have come from US have participated in Gymnastics & Marshall arts in many inter-school events, have won medals & certificates.

You can call and find out from the school if it offers exclusive coaching for Lawn Tennis too. .  The school however follows CBSE. Admissions are going on from Nursery to class IX. It is a bit expensive but value for money for many parents. My friend's daughters are studying here.  Fee will be around 80k to 1 lakh at the time of admission. It will be less subsequently.

You can also try Manthan International at Madhapur as suggested by Renu. Though it is a new school, it seems to be quite promising.

Manthan is in the process of affiliating with Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). It will offer this with CBSE at primary level (class 1 to 5).

 In middle school ,it is a combination of CBSE and IGCSE.  In class IX, students can opt for either CBSE or IGCSE.

You can also try Oakridge International School (CBSE) which has world class infrastructure, facilities and other activities. Of course Oakridge and Sreenidhi are quite expensive. It will be more than 1.5 lakh. 

Chirec at Kondapur  is equally good. You may get admission in CIE  stream but I doubt if you can get in the CBSE stream now. 

You can also try Meridian(CBSE) at Banjara Hills.  It may not have a very big playground as compared to Sentia , Oakridge and Sreenidhi but is quite well known.

Even if you like some school which is in your budget and where there is no coaching for Lawn Tennis,   you can always provide it externally after the school hours. However first preference should be given to the schools where the coaching is provided.

Please go through the links which I have given. You will know about the parents reviews whose kids are studying in these schools and will help you deciding the schools.



















Ann1 2010-04-28 18:24:21


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a ton for such a quick and detailed response.

We've finalized our destination to Secunderabad. Also, we would prefer a Christian institution or convent. There are quite a few such schools in Secunderabad. Do you have any feedback on St. Ann's , St. Patricks and surrounding schools for girls?

Thanks once again for your help.



mickey 2010-04-28 21:55:58


Hi Ann1,

St Ann's is the best school for girls in Sec'bad. It follows ICSE. It may not have world class infrastructure and facilities that you are looking for but is very well known for its smart, bold and confident girls who pass out from this institution who are equally good in academics.

Most of the Christian Missionary schools in Sec'bad are affiliated to SSC(State Board)

St Andrews is equally good. But it follows CBSE and SSC.

St Patricks is affiliated to SSC.

St Mary's (SSC) in Sec'bad

St Pauls is also very good. But it is in Hyderguda. 40 min drive from Sec'bad.

St Joseph's is also very well known school in the heart of city (Abids) and follows ICSE. It would be 40 -45 min drive from Sec'bad.

Rosary Convent is equally good. It follows SSC and is  in Abids.

This is right time for you to approach the schools for admission. Getting into St Anns, St Andrews , St Pauls, St Josephs and Rosary is not that easy. It all depends on the vacancy followed by entrance test. You can see the websites and call on the numbers to get the details. I am listing few of them. You can also google for the details.  












hl 2010-10-21 00:42:40


Hi Mickey,

Am new to the group

we will be shifting base from Kolkata to Hyderabad by March 2011.We intend to identify our residence 8 -10 km radius from Hitec city.  

Would like to know about the good Icse/cbse schools   in and around Madhapur for admissions to Class 6 for my daughter who is studying in a leading Icse school in Kolkata

During which month does admissions for academic year 2011-12 commence?

Any idea about the nature of admission test.?oral or written?Objective or subjective?

Is Telugu a compulsory subject for Class 6?

How pocket friendly are the schools?

Are there good centres near Madhapur which offers training in Carnatic Music?

Please help me out!!!!

Mickey, I have read through the reviews posted by you and was greatly impressed!!!

Is there some way you can help????

Thanks in advance



mickey 2010-10-21 09:36:13


Hello  hl,

You will not have many ICSE schools as such in Hyd  and that too in and around Hi-Tech City.  I have already mentioned about Future Kids in Nanakramguda in the above post which follows ICSE.  You will also find International School at Shaikpet which follows ICSE. Both these schools will be in 8-10 km radius.

This school is pocket friendly. Kindly check out.

You can also try in Kalpa on Rd no 8 ,Banjara Hills which follows ICSE.  Though you will not find a huge playground , it is a very good ICSE school and easy on pocket too compared to DPS and Chirec.

You will also find CBSE schools like DPS in Madhapur , Chirec in Kondapur, BVB and JHPS in Jubilee Hills. DPS and Chirec are expensive.

In all these schools, admission to class 6 depends on the vacancy followed by the entrance test. The entrance for class 6 would be subjective as well as objective. It will be a written test. The test will be based on class 5 syllabus. You can as such ask the subjects at the time of taking admission forms. Subjects  include Maths, English , Science , second language (mostly Hindi ) and General Proficiency.

Telugu is not compulsory. It is a must only in State schools (SSC board).

Iam sure your daughter must be knowing Hindi . Its a second language in most of the CBSE schools which can be changed in class 8. Third language varies from school to school. Most of the schools have  sanskrit, french ,telugu,urdu or some foreign language. The choice is between telugu/sanskrit/french mostly.

You will have to enquire in the month of Feb/March/Apr  2011 for class 6 admissions. The entrance will be in May '11 for most of the schools. It is better you call up the interested schools in the month of Dec once.

Regarding Carnatic Vocal, I am sure you will find somebody here for home tuitions too. I am not aware of any such centres in Hi-Tech city.  You can always find out from your neighbours when you come down.  There are many children in Hyd who learn carnatic vocal. I know about one good cultural centre called Saptaparni near Kalpa School  in Banjara Hills. But that will be a bit far for you.  If you opt for Kalpa School , you can choose Saptaparni too for cultural activities.







hl 2010-10-21 11:21:02


Hi Mickey

A million thanx for your prompt and' to the point 'response.You have lightened a good part of my uncertainity.Our daughter is an above average student who has  Sanskrit as her third language .In addition to that she is also a student of German Language(extra curricular).I hope she will be able to resume it in the school that she gets admitted.Will do the groundwork and get her prepared for admission test.Out here in Kolkata,they don't have exams till Class 5.So,the admn process makes me nervous!!

Very nice of you to have given the info of even the Carnatic centre.Will try to track it down.She has been a student of it for the last 4 years

I found this site extremely useful especially with resourceful persons like you in the loop.I happened to read a few of your valuable inputs and decided to check out my queries directly addressed to you.Thanx a ton once again!!!!


mickey 2010-10-21 20:11:35


Hi hl,

You don't have to worry for entrance tests. ICSE students generally do very well in these  tests. Just revise her class 5 syllabus before appearing for test in May.

You can get in touch with me through parentree when u come down to Hyd. I will be glad to help u out . You can also write to me through parentree inbox.  I will try to find out about  Carnatic Vocal Music classes too in the meantime.




vjmrhyd 2010-10-26 09:59:24


 Manthan International is a good school and it will defiitely fit your needs.

If you are looking to get your child a balanced education and extra curricular act.

This is their first year and building a new campus in Tellapur in 5 acres. 

Worth to evaluate fee is not high though you child gets very good education.



 Former member 2012-11-26 21:34:49


 Hello Micky,

I am moving from Bangalore to Hyderabad. My son is studying in Baldwin Boys High School, Bangalore (U.K.G.) and will be 6 years 7 months on 31-May-2013. He will be joining Class 1 in coming session.

Can you suggest few good schools which are within 10 to 15 km range from Gachibowli?

I am looking for few good old convent schools (similar to Baldwin Boys, Bangalore) which are not very expensive but have very good reputation (Fee should not be more than 1 Lakhs/ year)

Thanks a lot for all the help which you can provide!




Krish2 2012-12-11 20:48:33


Hi Mickey,

It's gr8 to see your prompt responses that are seriously helping people at the right time for planning their kid's education.

Can you please let me know your office address in Hyd. to meet you or your contact number if possible.

I'm planning to join my kids into 6th Class in a school, which focuses on good communication & extra-curricular activities.

Can you suggest a good one please..i was thinking of Missionary schools, but was told that they're very good in Communication & Discipline but not for kids who wanted to prepare for Competitive exams etc..Is this true?

Regarding SSC, CBSE, ICSC, which syllabus is better & why? Are each of them  targetted for any specific prupose?

Please post your reply, which is very valuable to us.

Apprecaite your help.



mickey 2012-12-12 11:56:10


 Hi Rahul,

You could try Future Kids (in Nanakramguda)  and Nasr-Boys in Gachibowli. Both are ICSE schools.
DPS and Chirec are good CBSE schools and a bit expensive though.

You could also have a look at Phoenox Greens in Gachibowli.



mickey 2012-12-12 12:15:36


 Hi Krish,
 I am available in Parentree and you could write to me through inbox.
Presently I am pursuing my higher studies and not working.
You could write to me anytime through inbox.

There is nothing wrong in making your kids study in missionary schools. Kids will be equally competitive. 

CBSE or ICSE , both are good. SSC is good too but lacks in developing strong language skills which again depends on school. A few SSC schools like Little Flower, Rosary convent , OXford Grammar, St Pauls etc are excellent. Telugu is compulsary so it becomes difficult for non-locals. SSC provides strong foundation in Maths n Science too. Infact it is better to follow SSC maths from class 6 onwards along with CBSE & ICSE maths.

Techno & Olympiad schools in Hyd follow an integrated syllabus of CBSE, ICSE and SSC from class 6 to 10 and the certificate is from SSC as such along with Telugu as a second language.

There are many discussions abt CBSE Vs ICSE. Pl go through below links. You may browse for more using search engine found above.

If  your kids are in ICSE , prefer this board else  go for CBSE. It is a stress free board.

You can focus on entrance exams coaching from 9 th/10th onwards...Infact 11th and 12th would be sufficient if the kids have sound Science and Maths knowledge.

It would be too early to decide from class 6 about your child's interest.

Schools like Techno /E-Techno /Olympiad are evry stressful and lack extra curricular activites like other schools.  So pl visit the interested schools and decide accordingly.









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