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kala1 2015-11-25 10:06:44


Hi Harsha Sri

Sorry to trouble you.....But, Awaiting your responses / views about Extra curricular activities ,sports , any practical problems in higher classes (if you know any higher classes students) based on your experience ....


nishanth81 2015-11-25 11:12:27


Thanks kala for the response and all the best 

radred 2015-12-01 15:56:47



I just called school, one lady responded rude way and said admissions only in Feb 2016!!

can i know when admissions take place for 1st class for my daughter and LKG for my son.
Thank you.


radred 2015-12-01 16:18:51



i just called  Chaintya Vidyalaya school (040- 65502579)  for admission into 1st and LKG, one lady ( sorry to mention dint bother to intro herself) I intro myself how ever she has no patience to listen to me just said " CALL IN FEB" banged phone on my face!!

here, i read posting that admissions are on way!! can any one help me out plz!


kala1 2015-12-01 17:38:48


Hi Radred

Not very happy to hear the kind of response you got...
BTW, regarding admissions - Only for Nursery batch of 2016 , they opened admissions in Nov 2015 . Still final Nursery results are yet to come.
I am not quite sure about LKG and first class. But, I guess if you call in Feb 2016, they may consider giving admissions if there are any drop outs.


mark2015 2015-12-01 23:42:11



I was also informed by staff to check in Feb for admissions for class I. @Radred have u applied any other schools yet. If so, do share.


radred 2015-12-02 08:10:13


yeah i did HPS for my daughter, she dint get lucky, try other source to get admission,

secondly, i tried fo NASR girls too, they say only nursery entry!

Presently my both kids are in Niraj Kindergarten, uma Nagar, I m not even satisfied with quality of teaching!!

my son earlier like for play group i sent him to KIDZEE, in comparison to NIraj its far good school.

i want my son and daughter together, with stress free studies, kindly suggest me.

Thank you

harsha28 2015-12-30 14:32:06


I am happy to inform you all that I got a mail from school that my son got selected for nursery.
harsha sri


saguda 2015-12-31 08:38:39


@ Harsha Sri...Congratulations!!

harsha28 2015-12-31 10:04:55


@ saguda.....thanks a lot....
@kala.....sorry for the late reply.... higher studies are also good with the avaerage pass percentage of the school is 85%....and also the overall development of the child....

Harizz72 2016-01-07 21:02:30


Hi is the education,extracurricular s in Chaitanya vidyalaya..

harsha28 2016-01-08 16:50:52


Hi Hari,
both education and extracurricular are good. My daughter is studying and i find her performance satisfactory.


sravs7 2016-01-20 10:47:22


Hello all, We have received a confirmation mail from CV that my daughter has got admission for nursery starting from March 2016. The criteria for selection is unknown to everybody. They just conducted the 1st round of interview with parents asking general questions about qualification, job etc. 2nd round they asked to come with thr kid but didn't ask anything to the kid. They had just kept a peg board on the table which my daughter without being asked played with it. It was a 1-10 numbers board. We got a mail on December 28th. We have to pay the fees by 22nd Jan. Thanx, Sravanthi.

harsha528 2016-01-20 16:03:17


Hi Sravs,
ya it was same in our case also...
We are done with all formalities.


sravs7 2016-01-22 15:49:15


Hi harsha528, Congratulations to u too! Do u have a daughter or a son? My daughter is alloted section 'V'. We also have completed our formalities. Hoping to meet u in our PTM!

harsha528 2016-01-27 14:25:33


HI Sravs,
Ya my son also in Nur 'v'. Do we have any PTM now, we dont have any info regarding this. I met principal on the day of fees payment.
Please inform me .They just told me that school is going to start on March 1st at 8.00 Am sharp.
Thanx in advance.


sravs7 2016-01-27 17:02:31


Hi Harsha, The principal was saying that she would probably call for a meet up before school starts on March 1st highlighting certain issues like discipline, food & dressing etc. I don't know now whether she will really call for 1 or no. Regards, Sravanthi

harsha528 2016-01-28 11:53:39


HI Sravanthi....
I met principal the other day , she briefed me about the timing and punctuality.
Dress code and lunch. She briefed me all these on the day of fee s payment.
And wer do you stay??? etc etc....
As already my daughter is in PP2 C, i dont have much problem for transport i said.
we shall meet on March 1st sharp 7:55 Am she said.



sravs7 2016-02-05 18:43:43


Hi Harsha Yes she spoke highlighting on the same issues as u mentioned too. I live in himayath nagar. What about u? Is there any way v can share our contact details without it appearing here?

NishIri 2016-02-06 13:52:52


Hi all,
Thanks for all the info u folks share - really appreciate that ! 
I went to CV to enquire for adm to lkg (I was late in the league :) ), the minimum age they said shud b 4 yrs for entry into lkg in Mar-2016, pretty different from other schools where they say minimum 3.6 yrs by Jun.

so, Harsha/sravs - can u share ur kids age now that u got admission in CV plz, and is there any option still ?

Congrates and Rgds

harsha528 2016-02-08 12:51:58


hi Nishiri,
Nice to c u in group. Yeah ther is a difference on age in these two schools. viz CV and Vidyaranya. For Nursary they told us like kid shud be 3 Years +/-1 month. So as u said for LKG it will be 4.
My daughter completed her UKG in Bachpan but still i made her repeat UKG here to meet the age limits.
These are ISCE standards and they abide to the rules .
My daughter was 5 wen she joined UKG and Son will be 2.9 for NUrsary.


harsha528 2016-02-08 12:53:35


u can mail me to, den v can share our phone number ther

 Former member 2016-11-20 16:34:34


Is that TRUE?last week When I inquired about nursery admission, they said they don't have nursery class.

battu82 2017-07-27 15:30:23


Hi kala1
what is the fee structure in Chaitanya vidyalaya for nursery 


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