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kala1 2015-10-13 11:19:59


Hi All,

For Nursery (June 2016), chaitanya vidyalaya admissions are open now.
My child is currently going to Taraporewalla's Primary environment since 6 months.Initially we did not have any thoughts of moving the kid out of the Montessori environment till 6 - 6.5 years until when the Montessori program completes.
However, Chaitanya Vidyalaya being one of the few schools following the stress free methodology, and as the admissions are only open during Nursery stage , we are planning to attempt for a admission for our child for Nursery 2016 . 
We are planning to go for first round of discussion(interview) tomorrow morning 9 AM .I have read through other threads about chaitanya vidyalaya. However , I still have some more questions /doubts which I am looking forward to get help from all of you.
Request experienced parents here to guide me on below :
i) Is it true that chaitanya vidyalaya does not offer any admissions after Nursery?(i.e if we want to consider this school for 2nd standard after my child completes Montessori, is it not a choice at all?)
ii)As the child is already going to Montessori, our attempt to seek admission in Chaitanya vidyalaya will be viewed as negative aspect (By school management) ?

iii) I understand that school follows ICSE . So, how will they handle Nursery, PP1 , PP2 ? In ICSE method only or Montessori methodology is followed in these early years ?
iv) Any other inputs about the 1st round of discussion will also be helpful. 
(like what all factors they will take into consideration etc)


Ashareddy2212 2015-10-15 12:15:13


How was ur interview experience

harsha528 2015-10-20 12:56:41


Hi Kala,
Ya admissions for nursery are going on.
Yes , it is true that their will not be any admission for other classes. But in any exceptional case like any transfer/ shifting of the child vacancy is created. It is just a luck to get an admission into school like that.
Yes, it is play way method of teaching and students enjoy that.
harsha sri


kala1 2015-10-22 08:57:12


Thank you for the update, Harsha Sri.
You mean, they follow play way method right from nursery till higher standards too? 
When we visited school , we observed that many higher classes students are performing some activities outside ( probably some practical experiments sort of). All of them in complete casuals like shorts ,T shirts etc.

Hi AshaReddy2212,
It was not like a formal interview but they seem to be collecting and noting down basic information about child(DOB , current school etc) and parents ( Profession , company , why we are opting for their school , Till which class we are okay without exams - as many parents are raising concern in higher classes, Are we aware that school does not provide transport  etc) ...


harsha528 2015-10-24 11:01:53


Hi Kala,
Ya it has play way method of teaching, there are no exams till 5th/6th standard. But there is regular assessment of the child. 
School has no uniform, its color dress throughout, and no transport. There are some autos and some vans which pick up the kids from few particular areas. you need to find out with the auto/van drivers if they cover ur area. 
Feel free to ask any more doubts.
Harsha Sri


bkumar88 2015-10-27 19:35:46


Hi Kala,
Did you get any confirmation regarding your child's admission?. 
We also want to have admission for my daughter and planned to visit the school on Friday. Can you please let me know if you have any inputs for us?.


kala1 2015-10-27 21:03:15


Hi Bkumar,

They are collecting basic info about child like DOB, parents profession, why we want to consider that school  , contact number ,whether we know that school does not have any exams, no transport etc and noting them in a register.

If our child gets selected , we will receive a call during November month itseems. 
Once you visit the school and have discussion in the office room, pls share your experience and the kind of questions they asked...


Vishu9 2015-10-28 00:27:24


Greetings, Can anyone help me with small information about school. 1. How many rounds of interview will be there for get admissions for nursery child? 2. Can only mother attend the interview if father is out of station? 3. Heard that this is not that easy to an admission is it true, I mean is it that difficult? 4. Can anyone let me know exactly about exams upto what standard exams will not be there? 5. I heard is from 7th to 10th there would be exams is it true?

Prad1209 2015-10-31 15:11:17


Hi kala and others My daughter's dob is 30 Jul 2013 Is she eligible for nursary administration in Chaitanya. Please help me with this information

Kumar01 2015-11-12 13:36:38


Hi Everyone ,
did anyone hear back from School regarding Nursery Admission.


Prad1209 2015-11-12 15:53:39


I am also waiting to hear back from them... Pls post here if any one has any update on this..

kala1 2015-11-12 17:06:45


Yeah, haven't heard back from school yet. Please post here if any one gets call from school 

Prad1209  ,  School management informed that the child should have completed 3 years by June 2016. That is the first criteria. 

Vishu , I am not very sure but based on what I read on other threads, there may be 1-2 rounds of discussion with management . Either parent can attend although they prefer to have both ( Thats what they mentioned over telephonic conversation when I asked if only one parent can come).
Yeah, I heard that they have limited admission seats ( school doesnot have numerous sections of each class like other schools) due to which the probability of getting picked up gets tough.



kala1 2015-11-12 17:14:51


Hi Harsha Sri

Do you have first hand experience with the school academics ? 
In play way  method, how are kids evaluated in subjects like maths, physics, Biology etc ?

Also, After school time, are the children expected to spend time in home work or revisions or other works at home ? or will they have enough time to spend for any extra curricular activities ?

And  because school does not have exams officially till 6th or 7th class , should either parent or parents pay more focus and attention on child's learning  , development, academics ( I wanted to understand if more focus will be required from parents when compared to other schools?)



harsha528 2015-11-13 11:05:27


Hi Kala,
Ya , my daughter is in PP2 and am very much satisfied with the progress she had  shown after joining in that school. There is a over all progress in child development. 
There shud be lot of involvement of the parent in the child HW/ revisions.
They do revise the sylabus thought every week. but there is hw for parents also :).
Any school requires parents attention but here its little more thats all as they dont have exams till 6th we need to make them practice writing skills at home thats all.
other than that am quite satisfied with the school approach toward childs overall development.
If u have any more queries feel free to ask.
Am trying for my son aslo this year but there is no response from the school till now after the first round of interview.
harsha sri


msuri 2015-11-15 19:05:29


Hello Everyone,
   Did any one got the call yet ? I went to school on Friday to find the status of my daughter's admission, but there was some school program going on so the guard did not allow inside, but in notice board it was displayed that admission are closed.


saguda 2015-11-15 22:56:31


Hi Suri,

Iam also waiting for the call. I think we should have got the call by this time. Since there is no call, assume that we didnt get the admission. Are you trying in any other schools for your kid?


harsha528 2015-11-16 10:27:12


Hello all,
Recently my husband visited the school and asked for nursary results, so in office they have told that results will be out after the diwali holidays. Actually school was closed from 11th- 15th.May be this week or next surely result will be out. Even am waiting for my sons result.
harsha sri


msuri 2015-11-16 11:58:15


Hi Saguda,

I went to school again today, they said they are still conducting the interviews for the admissions and currently they are interviewing for boys and once that is done .. they will start interviews for girls. So those who have already registered should expect a call this or next week most likely 

I am also trying in Sri Aurobindo International School ( Admission application online from - 3rd Dec to 6th Dec) , and Johnson Grammar ( Already started - online registration ), Hubsiguda. 



kala1 2015-11-16 14:21:51


Hi Harsha Sri  ,  

Thank you so much for sharing the experience with your daughter.
Like many other parents who are opting for this school,  I  too don't believe much in the trend of elite international schools and would like to go with schools focusing on over all development and practical approach. 

Waiting for further call from chaitanya vidyalya about my daughter's admission.

In General , can you also share some more inputs based on your experience :

1) Currently my daughter is going to a good Montessori environment. Chosen montessori environment considering the practical orientation it offers.  I would like to know if the system followed in chaitanya vidyalya also emphasises on practical approach ? 
In regular schools also, we keep hearing about all age kids doing project work (now a days right from pp1 ) . 
In regular schools , As they have to spend more effort around exam preparation , I am not sure if they get enough emphasis on practical concepts on top of theoretical understanding ( of subjects like physics,maths etc).

Can you pls share your views,experience from chaitanya on this. 

When first kid  is studying in the school , will management give priority to 2nd child of same family to give admission ( As it is always preferable option for any family to have both kids in same school) .



luckypatra 2015-11-17 13:00:42


Can you please let me know when admission will start for LKG in Chaitanaya Vidlaya for 2016-17 if you have any idea


harsha528 2015-11-17 15:29:15


Hi Kala,
i dint get the meaning of good practical approach. daughter has project work only during vacation, else there is no much projects.
Every Friday they give drawing book with some themes
for example last week they gave:
 How do u treat ur servants/ ayammas etc
Steps to conserve wild life etc etc.
Daily they give limited homework which child really like to do.......this is not like other schools giving loads of loads of hw.
Coming to 2 nd child admission, when we spoke to the committee,  they said, even if ur child is there in higher classes we cannot guarantee the admission to sibling as the competition is tooo high. This is what they told me.

harsha sri



nishanth81 2015-11-19 14:54:56


Has anyone receive the call for the 2nd round of interview. 
I beleive they have started the 2nd of interviews.

kala1 2015-11-19 23:01:54


No call yet.
If any one has received calls , please keep us updated. 


kala1 2015-11-23 10:13:01


Hi HarshaSri / Other experienced parents ,

Sorry for such a long post. Hope you can take out some time and help me with my doubts.

Thank you very much for  your earlier inputs . 
I am also interested in over all development of child and hence your posts are really helpful to me. 

If you don't mind, can you pls help me understand better about below aspects too (We got call from CV for my kid. That's why I want to understand further as we need to plan/change many other things based on the admission selection).

i) I know your daughter is only in PP2 so may not be yet into these activities but, if you know of any students of higher classes, can you please share your views or what you heard about the kind of importance school gives to various kind of sports ?
When We visited school, after parking we walked through a small /medium ground. Is that the ground used for kids till tenth grade or 
Do they have any other ground as well ?

ii) In similar lines of above question, can you pls share inputs about the kind of emphasis school gives to extra  curricular  activities ( like arts, dance, music ,instruments etc).

iii)Sorry for not being clear about the term "practical approach" in my previous post. 
By "stress free " education, my understanding/assumption is that focus will be more on "practical approach" i.e  concept based understanding / experiments  / exploration etc.
But, I want to know if my assumption is correct or not.

To be simple, I realized much later in life that although I always scored high in physics, maths (or all subjects for that matter), I never understood the actual concepts of physics or maths. 
I have seen people who actually understood and could use the principles of physics, maths for further exploring or analysis which was possible because of the more practical orientation they were doing quite since schooling.
Hence, I wanted to understand the teaching methodology in CV : If child is taught of a concept like Newton laws or for that matter any other concept/theorem , is it taught in a way that child actually gets the concepts of it and will children be encouraged to do more practical experiments / exploring etc .
Not specific about one kid but, in general based on the approach of chaitanya vidyalaya  , will kids have time (& energy) left in the weekdays in the evening time for play ? Because generally I see many children of many schools say that they don't have time(& energy) to play as they have to catch up with homework or they are already tired with school. Not sure if it is a right expectation but, I am looking at some decent time left out for kids in the evenings. 



saguda 2015-11-23 13:02:17


Congratulations Kala for receiving call from CV. May I know that when did you get call from CV?


nishanth81 2015-11-23 13:53:00


Hello kala,
congratulations on getting the call. When is your interview schedule . And any idea how long are the interviews are going to take place.

Prad1209 2015-11-23 19:56:12


Congrats kala.. May I know when did u get the call and wht is ur kids DOB...

kala1 2015-11-24 19:11:48


We received call yesterday from CV to bring our daughter to the school along with both parents.
For nursery admissions, I heard that interviews for boys were over last week itself and interviews for girls are going on this week.


msuri 2015-11-24 20:24:46


Hello Kala,  

How was the interview ? do they confirm immediately or we have to wait for the result?



kala1 2015-11-24 22:03:45


It was more like a general discussion where they emphasized the need of reading books, listening skills in these days.No specific target questions and all.
I guess results will be out in December last week. 

Lower classes are fine. But,  I wanted to know from any one whose child or known kid is studying in higher classes (higher than 6th grade) in CV about their feedback and opinions  . 


nishanth81 2015-11-24 23:17:44


Nice to hear about your interview. 
Sorry to bother you with repeated questions. What did they look for in the child and did they pose any questions to the child.
Was the interview only for the girls or did you see any boys coming for the interview.
Thanks in advance.


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