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Omarammarma 2015-09-27 03:03:52


Hi Parents, Would really appreciate if we could get some reviews about the Waldorf schools in Hyderabad.Looking to move our sons aged 5 and 12 to the Waldorf system of education. We are looking at Waldorf schools close to Manikonda as we will soon move to Prashanti Hills ,Khajaguda (abt 10 minutes away from Delhi Public School).We would not like the children to spend too much time travelling. The main reason for changing the school is the level of stress that our children are under currently .My elder one who is in HPS (ICSE) starts from home at 7am reaches home ard 5:30pm and coz of the demanding nature of the curriculum and also as there is no individual attention given in the school,he needs to takes tution for an hour and half to two hours.This leaves him no time to pursue a hobby or a sport or to do anything else.Reading which was a ritual at place and which he thoroughly enjoyed has almost ceased.After spending close to two hours with the tution teacher which is mostly spent on Maths,he is still always under stress as there is no time to finish the school notes.It's heart wrenching to see a 12 year old go through so much stress at such a young age.He has put on weight in the last two years.We are really worried about his well being and his future.This sort of a routine is sure to make children develop an aversion towards studies and lead to many other stress related issues. Any information about your experiences with the Waldorf schools,fee structure,curriculum, admission process or anyone we could get in touch with and especially reviews from parents who have kids who joined any of these school in or after 6th grade and how were they able to integrate in the Waldorf environment will be much appreciated. Mariam

abhayaparent 2015-09-27 07:09:47


For your younger one Waldorf will work fine however for your older child adjusting to the Waldorf methods at this age would be a bit difficult. For the older one, you will have to continue with the non-waldorf schools but choose one that is close by and does most of the learning in school. You can choose one of the international curriculum schools if ability to pay high fee is not a constraint else you can look for one of the better cbse/icse schools nearby. The kind of stress you are talking about is definitely not good for children.

Omarammarma 2015-09-28 00:14:17


Thank you for responding.I spoke to Mr Simon who is in charge of the admissions at Abhaya I guess.He just asked us to visit the school first and then we could take it up from there however Abhaya will be far from Prashanti Hills.According to him my elder should be in Grade 6 and not 7 acc to the age criteria which is followed at the Waldorf schools which I thought is even better coz it will give my son abt a year to settle down.From Grade 7 is when I think they start exams and evaluation and my son is already used to that bit.Do you think even then he will find it difficult to settle down?What can be more difficult than what he is being put to at the moment ?Unless you mean a situation where he is not able to blend in the Waldorf system and has to go back to conservative system of education .Pls feel free to share your thoughts coz we are a bit confused and as a parents one tends to get a little emotional which clouds one's judgement.

TS 2015-09-28 18:24:50



Even I am looking at abhaya school for my 8 yrs old son. But not able to find website for the school.
Can you please help with phone no and  the contact person. Also when they would be starting the admission process for the nxt year.
During which months admissions happens in most of the schools in hyd.


sidhan 2016-02-18 13:16:44


My child is studying in a CBSE school in class 3. We do not want to give much stress in studies so we tried in abhaya  in class 4. But they have no vacancy. I have tried in diksha as well but the distance worries us as he will travel nearly 13 kms daily whereas abhaya is very close to our house. For his age abhaya recommends class 4 and diksha recommends class 3 for next academic year. So we are confused. Any positive reviews about diksha will be helpful to choose it.


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