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riyanu 2010-04-21 13:13:36


Hi All, Can you pls. guide me on how to go about in getting admission in UKG std. in Chinmaya Vidyalaya,Begumpet and i also wanted when they would give application forms with the admission charges and the term fees also.My daughter is now studying in "Hyderabad Talent School".I am not at all happy with this school. Your help is geatly appreciated. Thank you!

mickey 2010-04-21 13:53:55


Hi Riyanu,

Admissions to Pre-primary are already closed in Chinmaya. Forms were given in the  first week of Dec'09 . I saw the notice in the school. It is better you try for grade 1 next year. For class 1, forms are availbale in the month of April/May .

As such the school takes children in LKG only. A few seats are there in class 1. Last year I heard the fee for LKG in all was 15K. You  need to verify. You can call on 040-23418012 to find out. You can find my detailed review about this school in the following link written to RSV and Anki.

At this point, you will find difficult to get in Chinmaya as it is very strict with its admission process and rules. But you can always call them up and try your luck on the above number and verify.




riyanu 2010-04-21 14:06:56


i called them up they say dat admissions still not started for UKG and it would start next month ,they are also asking me to get the recommendation letter.....but iam not aware of the fee the way thanxs a lot for ur quick response


mickey 2010-04-21 14:10:52


Fee is very less in Chinmaya. Hence it is highly in demand. I will try to find out and let u know soon. I don't think , you need recommendation letter when you go for LKG admission. My friend had no recommendation. May be for UKG , they are asking.

If you know any mission members, that would be great and will work out




riyanu 2010-04-21 14:16:47


k thanx a lot mickey


keerthu 2011-06-06 13:33:35



How to get admission into chinmaya vidyala hyderabad(Begumpet) ,for LKG

 Now my kid is in nursary.Is there any test for kids/parents.

on what basis they will select.

Your help is geatly appreciated. Thank you!





jupkp 2011-06-07 15:14:00


 Hi Keerthu,


Chinamya Vidyalaya will issue admission forms again in the month of Dec'11. Please check the news papers for the ad from last week of Nov'11. There will be interview for parents and for kids observation, based on which they would offer admission. 

Interview is also has very basic questions, no need to worry abt it.

All the best..





keerthu 2011-06-08 11:10:19


thanx a lot JUPK



nehab 2011-06-08 12:54:16


During the time of interview of parents,only moher can b there,or both is compulsory. As in my case,my husband wont b there,so is it ok if i n my son goes for interview.


keerthu 2011-06-08 16:21:26


hi nehab,

Thanks a lot .

what type of questions they are asking in the interview for kids/parents.

you got admission into chinamya school???

which class u r kid is now??

all are telling that getting admission into chinamya is very difficult.

what is your openion on that.






npawan23 2011-12-13 00:16:00


Hi MIckey,

I'm new to this site. I've gone through various reviews regarding school admissions & pleased to have such useful greatful platform for parents like me.

I've recently shifted to Hy-bad & planning to shift my family too. Searching for good CBSC school arround 8-10Km area from Madhapur/Hitec City. My son will be going for 7th std next yr (2012-13).

On the basis of various reviews in this site, I've visited some of the schools & got the feedbacks as mentioned below. Need your advise, how to go ahead, would appreciate if you can give me some additional options matching to my requirements. My budget is Rs. 50-60 K PA.

1] Sanghmitra - No vacancy

2] Vignan Kukatpalli - No confirmation, Asked to contact during Jan 1st wk.

3] DAV-Vivekanad Nagar - No confirmation, asked to contact during Jan 2nd wk.

4] BVB-Film Nagar - No confirmation, asked to contact during Jan 1st wk

5] Chirec-Kondapur- No confirmation, on line for submitted, wtg for reply. (Fee structure is high).

6] Chinmaya-Begumpet- No confirmation, asked to contact during Mar/Apr.

7] Vikas - Ready to gv admission provided passing their enterance test. (little outscirt of city area).

It seems you are very +ve abt Chinmaya, recently had a -ve remarks through other site. If yo are still +ve abt this school, Chinmaya would be the 1st choice for me. But it seems to get admission their would be difficult task, can you suggest any suitable option?

Please add your coments on above. It will help me to come out from panic situation. I want to be little selective on this, but I think situation is out of control. Please help.

Warm regards,

Pawan Nirban





mickey 2011-12-15 13:29:54


 Hi Pawan,

If you are put up near Madhapur, Chinmaya would be very far.
Ofcourse, every  school will have pros n cons. As your son will be in class 7, you need to look for schools which have good Class X results. Chinmaya 's results have been excellent and the school is value for money. I would be glad if you could  mention the negative points which u have come across.

The school however does not give admission to kids who stay very far. So you need to shift to nearby place if u are keen on Chinmaya.

BVB  ( road no 71, Jubilee Hills ) would be an ideal choice if you are located at Madhapur. There are some private school vans too from Madhapur/Kondapur.

Chirec &DPS  though good would not fit your budget. 

The entrance in Vikas wouldn't be tough and i am sure your son would be able to get through. He can revise class 6 syallbus before the entrance.
Pl check out the class X results in Vikas. The results look good from their website.

You could as such try  MVM in Kondapur. The school is good and would fall in your budget.



npawan23 2011-12-15 22:01:17


 Hi MIckey,

Thanks for reply.

My residence is not yet decided, will be decided near & around d school (once finalised). Yes, as u rightly suggested, I'm very keen about Chinmaya & BVB. Can u gv me some hint on - how to get admission there. Presently both d schools are informing to contact in Mar/Apr. But simply waiting till Apr would be risky job for me. I'm really in tense now. By the way, how is the DAV-Kukatpally & Miyapur?  

I'll surely check with MVM.

Secondly, ur reply didn't appeared in my inbox. Kindly guide me how to track this thread.

Warm regards.







RSV 2011-12-15 22:33:55


Hi Mickey

Your contribution to this forum is most praiseworthy!

Please keep up this yeoman's service!!





mickey 2011-12-16 11:06:54


 Hi Pawan,
Unfortunately, in most of the leading and established schools, we will come to know about the vacancies during feb/mar/april.  You will have to wait. You could however try in Vikas, Sentia n Sister Nivedita (in Ameerpet) as a backup  as of now and apply for Chinmaya/ BVB/ JHPS /P Obul Reddy depending on vacancy.

Thank you RSV.... You are the first person to whom i have written a detailed post in this forum on 20th Jan, 2010 and since then, i have been in this forum.........It's been almost two years now !!!



Arondhatee 2011-12-16 15:08:38


hi Mickey and OLNrao,

I want to thank you for the useful information you share on this forum. The phone numbers, admission details, fee structure, reviews; are all welcome and help ignorant parents like me a lot.

Your posts helped me to identify schools from Hyderabad which can be pursued for my kids.

I stumled upon this site a year ago. And have been regularly checking it. This year I was able to get and submit forms for many schools due to info on this site. So thanks to all who contributed here.

Thanking you.



npawan23 2011-12-16 21:22:09


 Thanks MIckey,

will do as suggested by you.

One last question-

BVB & DAV have their various branches in Hyderabad, please let me know, which one is THE BEST among each of them.?







mickey 2011-12-17 12:43:19


 Hi Pawan,
I haven't sent any mail to your inbox.  You can find the inbox on the top right corner under 'Actions'. You can send personal messages to any member through PT inbox. You will have to keep track of this thread to check out the replies. You will be getting an initimation of all the replies of various discussion threads where u have posted. 

BVB , Vidyashram which is on Road no. 71 is the best among all BVBs.
DAV in Kukatpally or Safilguda is good and well established. Both schools are almost the same.




npawan23 2011-12-17 20:06:44


Many Thanks MIckey for your valuable time & advises. Will act upon. 


poseidon 2014-03-15 12:36:09


Hi Mickey, I want my son who is in St.josephs public school,King koti.He is 10 th class n gets around 82-83%in his internals. I intend to make him join chinmaya for 11th std(MPC) can he get the admission?? Thank you, Poseidon

Srixlnc 2014-11-14 12:11:16


Hi Mickey,
can u give an updated feedback on chinmaya. I beleive ur kids study there.


Athota1 2015-01-02 19:42:01


Hi Micky. If you can provide all the good schools fee structure, admission schedule and their facilities . That would help for us. Regards. Anil


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