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eshamr 2015-08-26 15:44:00


My son studying in Ist std dos west it possible to get transfer for hom to this school to Hyderabad dps. As my husband gof transferred.

eshamr 2015-08-26 16:51:21


Dps Bangalore to dps Hyderabad

divinepower 2015-08-30 16:35:01


Chck with DPS hydbd .... which branch r u tryng ? There are 3 branches in hydbd one at secbd ,gachibowli and new one at bachupally ...better to contact the admin and find out as ur shuftng frm DPS .. Bt fr non DPS they dnt consider mid term admission..we tried last yr...

BRana 2015-08-30 22:27:38


Orchid is another good school.I heard good reviews about it and i am also inquiring for it for my Son's school.
I am also moving from Blor to Hydrabad wiht my family so looking for school.
I inquired at manthan  but they take donation of 1lk + fee which is bit expensive for me ( the 1 lk rupee donation ) 

TS 2015-09-01 13:51:12


Hi Everyone,

We are planning to shift to Hyderabad from banglore.

I need few infos abt the schools in Hyderabad.

1.During which months admissions happen in hyd?

2.Please suggest some good schools around Madhapur.

3.Also suggest some schools around medchal.

 At present my kid is in 3rd grade @ DPS whitefield.

Hi Divinepower, Can you please share the contact details of DPS Bachupally.

 Thanks in Advance


divinepower 2015-09-01 15:27:34


@DPS bachupally opened this yr ....n has only til grade 1 i think....try DPS Gachibowli...i think you can email them...or better try thru DPS whitefield if transfer is possible to DPS Gachibowli .srry do not have any contact details..v tried last yr on their landline number mentioned in the site...if i am not remvr correctly Mr.Desai handles admissions. Incase of other schools my child goes to Arbor exp so far is gud...cgck it out....

TS 2015-09-01 16:34:48


Thanks for your response.

Can you please suggest which are other schools in and around madhapur I can check.?
During which months admissions happen in hyd?


Sanshal 2015-09-01 18:46:55


We are from Bangalore too looking for schools in Hyderabad for Mid term admission for KG 2. We enquired in a few schools - Chirec, Oakridge, Ganges Valley, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Gitanjali , Sanghamitra and Silver Oaks in last 4 working days.

Oakridge , Ganges Valley, Chirec have said OK for the midterm admission while the others said that the admissions are closed for the current academic year. We are quite happy with both the Oakridge and Ganges Valley after visiting their campuses and speaking to the co-ordinators there and we are yet to "visit" Chirec. Oakridge is a bit expensive compared to Ganges Valley.
We have also been house hunting simultaneously and our area of preference is a bit away from Madhapur which is why most of the schools I have mentioned above are not around Madhapur. We are also planning to enquire in DPS for mid term admissions but doubt of obtaining it now after reading the comments above. If anybody is checking with DPS Bachupally, kindly let me know..


TS 2015-09-01 19:13:40


Hi  Sanshal,

We are looking for next academic year, so started hunting just now.
Will be visiting hyd by this year end to check the campus.

I checked with DPS Bachupally(Miyapur),they  are having classes till grade 1 this year,@ present the classes are happening in gachibowli campus.
They are planning to move to miyapur by oct.
Since I am looking for 4th grade,i need to chk whether they will be having 4 th grade next year.
All the best

divinepower 2015-09-01 20:07:15


@ TS other schools near Madhapur are 1)Sanskriti ,kondapur 2) CGR ,madhapur - bt no playground 3)Manthan,madhapur - has classes til grade 4 @madhapur..they have other campus at tellapur..u can chck reviews on parentree 4) Phoenix greens ,gachibowli - again big campus at Kokapet bit far i heard. 5)Arbor ,kondapur - my child studies here..gud school ...fees bit high compared to sanskriti 6) meridian,Madhapur - they hav many branches ,expensive..chck reviews heard not good 7 ) oakridge - expensive school 8) chirec ,kondapur - i heard another campus in gachibowli again very expensive school 9)Jain heritage ,kondapur 10)Maharishi vidya mandir,kondapur 11)World one ,kondapur As per my knowledge all above schools are in and around madhapur say within 5 kms with few having campus in outsktits for higher grades. Hope this helps ! All d best :) @ sanshal Hope u know chirec and oakridge are most expensive schools here...just informing incase u are not aware fees cross 3 lakh i heard...

aman01 2015-09-02 12:23:08


Hi divinepower
Would you like to share some more feedback on Arbor. How is the academics and staff, and how about the fee structure?


divinepower 2015-09-02 13:43:59


@aman01 U can find reviews in arbor school thread ...from me n other parents too..pls chck n search this on my name and u can find it...

TS 2015-09-02 14:29:16


Thanks a lot for the detailed list.
It is very useful. I ll start calling up schools u mentioned.
Can you please help me with approx. fees for arbor intl school.


divinepower 2015-09-02 15:49:32


@Arbor is bit expensive as it is only 3+ yr old ... bt they r providing quality education n i liked the infrastructure and this site had gud reviews.. n i do not regret selecting Arbor far exp is gud. Coming to fees last yr we had to pay around 65,000 one time non refundable fees wil come around 1.5 lkh first yr including books,uniform n transport ..this yr u need to chck.. Nxt yr fee structure u need to chck...i m nt sure f this yr non refundable the amt i mentioned is f last yr...u can visit the school n enquire...

BRana 2015-09-02 15:55:28


Do any one has opinion about Orchid ? 

TS 2015-09-02 16:45:10


Hi Divinepower, Thanks will chk in the school abt fees.
Sorry for bothering you with so many questions, can you please suggest good gated community and apartments in and around kondapur/gachibowli/tellapur etc.
I am looking for good place with all the amenities.


Sanshal 2015-09-02 17:36:00


@TS Thank you :). All the best to you too!

@divinepower I know Oakridge is very expensive but had no idea about fee structure in Chirec as we are yet to visit them..It has only been email communication with Chirec as of now...I dont know if its 3 lakhs in Oakridge...For us, to get our kid admitted now in midterm, the cost quoted is approximately 1.8 lakhs (inclusive of everything). Other good schools( which are well known but not very expensive) I have heard of aren't open to mid term admissions and that doesn't leave us with many options :( We will check with Arbor too.


divinepower 2015-09-02 18:44:50


@sanshal Ok...better check with chirec n oakridge clearly on fee part...i do not know fee structure exactly but it is on higher end i just wanted u to it is not fr 1 yr but abt evry year ..keeping in mind all schools hike fees evry year..All d best ! @TS i am not aware of gated communties ....there may be near gachibowli..i m nt aware of that area...sorry cant help much on that..i reside at Kondapur ...n its only 1 yr we have shifted...all the best to u too !

TS 2015-09-02 19:44:26


@sanshal,Do post the reviews of the school u would be visting.It will help me to decide based on ur feedback.

@divinepower, Thanks,No problem. Anyways how are u finding Hyderabad. I am still little bit concerned to move out of blore.

TS 2015-09-07 20:44:51


Thanks Shwetha, Iam looking for 3BHK ,I know rent will be high in and around gachibowli.I am looking for good gated community with lot of breathing space and ventilation.
Can u pls suggest some.

Okridge is good but bit expensive so dropped it from my list. Txs for the feedback.   I have  heard good    reviews abt okridge (blr) from neighbor.The infrastructure is very good as well sports/studies.

Sanshal 2015-09-08 13:03:47


Hi TS..We have finalised and going ahead with Ganges Valley School in Nizampet. There are a lot of Independent Villas in Bachupally,Nizampet,kukatpally areas in gated communities and we found the rent reasonable. We were looking for gated communities too and we did find something suitable for us.Do have a look if you are OK with those areas. Good luck :)

BRana 2015-09-08 14:29:18


Hi Sanshal,

Can you please share fee structure for  Ganges Valley? I am looking for 1st Grad Mid term admission for  my Son  and struggling to find good school near to Hi Tech City.  ( Near to Tech Mahindra ) . I will appreciate, if you know any good school near to it.


TS 2015-09-08 16:39:29


Hi Sanshal,
Why have you not tried DPS bachupally? On wht basis have u shortlisted ganges?
Just need your inputs :-).
Are u still blore or shifted?
All the best.


Sanshal 2015-09-08 19:41:49


Hi BRana,

We are taking mid-term admission for my kid for KG 2/PP2..I have no idea about the fee structure for 1st standard. Our fee comes close to 1.25L,inclusive of everything. I am assuming it might be a little higher for 1st Std. I have no idea about other schools near Hi tech city other than the ones mentioned in this thread. Also not all schools offer mid-term admissions..Among the schools
 we enquired, only Chirec, Oakridge and Ganges Valley were open for mid term admissions. We haven't enquired in schools around hitech city as its a bit far to where we plan to stay. Hope you find something good soon! Good luck to you and your child :-)

Sanshal 2015-09-08 19:57:32


@TS ..

We found Bachupally a bit far to where we plan to stay TS. We heard very good reviews about Ganges Valley from those who sent their children there and also when my husband visited their campus, he felt that the management was very transparent and friendly. They have a good campus with good facilities for children and are good on extra-curriculars as well. Comparitively we found this one to be good. Also, the fee is quite reasonable as compared to other International schools in the vicinity. Hence made the decision..
We are yet to shift completely and will do so in couple of weeks :) Keep me posted on  know what you decide to go ahead with..Its kind of hard to make these decisions sitting in a far-off place isnt it? :(


TS 2015-09-08 20:31:12


Thanks Sanshal for your inputs.
Since we are looking for next year,not yet finalized on the school. We are yet to decide the place to stay also.
We are thinking of schools either in and around madhapur as well as bachupally.
Once school is decided,then we will stay in the place near.
Yes it is damn difficult to take decision.:-(
We are so much use to blore,it will be really hard for us to settle in hyd.(Since we would be landing there in Apr,I am dreading the summer).


Sanshal 2015-09-09 11:08:07



True TS. But I have been staying in Chennai for a while so Hyderabad is a welcome change climate wise! ;-) Ganges Valley is close to Bachupally also..Where we have planned to stay now is close to school in Nizampet and Bachupally is just 4-5 kms. you may want to check out Bachupally, area wise, before moving there as the area is considered outskirts and still developing. Hubby did a lot of house hunting and thats what we found out..

divinepower 2015-09-09 12:40:49


@TS ,sanshal Before u finalise house..mak sure abt water summer therz water prblm gets bad smetimes by end f may with tankers too ..if ur society s nt gud or well managed.. @TS Hyderabad is gud....except summer n water prblm in if u gt gud society n area shld nt b much prblm ...we shifted frm pune ...last yr ..although v r frm blore ...hav been out f blore bcoz f hubbys wrk....hydbd s better i felt thn blore n pune except above 2 points...:)

TS 2015-09-09 18:13:21


@ Sanshal,
Just wanted to chk whether u visited DPS Bachupally. We surely chk the area and all the best in shifting process. It is such diff task.
I messaged u to inbox .Pls reply if u don't mind.

@divinepower. Thanks for the info, thats an important aspect.


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