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FeedbackwithExp 2015-08-25 14:37:50


Hey Parents...

Believe everyone is doing good with definitely head breaking school atmosphere, which is really bothering the culture and manners that we inculcated to our children. Mt.Litera Manikonda, is never been an option to vote for, if really parents are cared about the kids life. 
Its the best place for all the parents who are least bothered and are there for few reasons. (Iam not saying for just the sake, but yes they do exist)
  • Who are really bothered why the kid is going to school
  • what they are studying and what they are learning
  • and if the money is justified for the pay back from school
  • Its a right place for the status quo group who feel its really a great place to have the Kid to have the Z brand.
Its not even suggestable for the pre primary as they dont encourage the little ones for a nap hour, poor kids nag with long sleepy faces on the way back and drop to sleep soon after coming home and loose their regular cycle.
Above pre primary coming to 1st grade till 4th grade, its just a place for kids to go and enjoy, apart from that there is nothing much happening. They treat the first among kids is so great and they hype the parents and kids with nothing than saying they are the best. 
Frankly the students are at zero skills, No inter school participation, no encouragement on thought process and creativity.... This is all because. No investment in the quality hire.
They dont mind pining up with loads of collections but they literally mind in re investing the same for the school development. No infrastructure development.
Someone mentioned earlier saying , they are really impressed that the Head of admin's daughter herself is studying in the same school. Even the principals daughter is studying for that reason and one of the directors kid is also studying there. And to share should also know the Zonal incharge head kids are studying in Sreenidhi instead. 
Its not who is studying there, are you ready to take the risk ??

Note the point most of the teachers mind not to go out of their school as they have privilege of having a concession in the fee and kids will be under eye. They are really good at parent counselling - its literally selling. Not everyone can do, but thats where parents should come out of the gloom and see the facts. Try and interact with co parents, teachers, staff everyone, you get the feel. Its not just the size and one's word, for that reason everyone's words matter.

Remember school with no discipline will never have educational values..... and you can see that instead feel and experience that if you are already there. 

If you are looking for the Z education model its really great, but you should be aware who is handling how is it handling. Its just the business mind people who run this way,and the insecure staff who feel relaxed there for what they get as they just stay around. 
Do ink it with eye and feel before you vote for it. This is written not to drop from anyones views, Z school can do much better, parents are ready to pay but they do expect in return for what they pay, one way show dont run long..... 
The quality you deliver is the standard you make in the market. Its just for those who dont mind and bother about the educational values and manner values and system values.
Its like go come do work and go .... kids dont know what they learn.
Defintiely think more than twice if you are eyeing this..
If iam down voted I shall leave this place ever to come back again.
Thanks for bearing in reading the experiences..... its not just one's its the pooled experiences, of all parents who cant write up here. Its not one writing here. Its WE
and we are writing here, not to put down Z, we are looking out towards the point of realization, and it can be uncountable, we are investing not just money understand parents..... we are investing our hopes......Wish to see parents realize first and make the z team realize.

Good luck All !! Feel good to hear soon !! Take Care !!


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