Good playschool in Indranagar

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jaya131 2015-08-19 15:51:13


Hi all,
I'm looking for a toddler program for my son near Indranagar area. Can anyone suggest the best preschools in gachibowli area..

Raj131 2015-09-02 12:50:20


Hi Jaya,
Even I agree with Sandy. My daughter used to go to that school. Facilities , staff and especially the center head is very very good. She personally takes care of each child. Even the day care facility is awesome. Its one of the best daycare in gachibowli area. Trust me you can put your child in that school and you can see the result. Next year I am going to put my younger child in that school.


jaanbza 2015-12-25 23:50:00


Hi I have been to OI Gachibowli. I will bet u will get mesmerised with their amazing presentation and ambience. But I would like to suggest u before joining your child, just pick a random date and go through the CCTV footage of 1 complete day and then decide Dont get carried away


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