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arun12 2015-08-13 15:17:40


Anyone has their kid studying in Nature waldorf school. My kid will turn 3, next month and am looking for admissions next year. So started researching on waldorf school. Any pointers and reviews about this school?

atharv2011 2015-08-13 16:56:30


Can you please ley us know y are you choosing a waldorf school?


arun12 2015-08-13 18:14:45


I don't want to give my kid the *normal* branded school education. I want her to learn a stress free but at the same time enjoyable one by gaining more knowledge. Also one of my cousin who is in US has put her kid in a waldorf school and she is seeing good improvement in the kid. Through her i came to know about Waldorf system and read through about it. I personally liked it very much. Initially i thought that we don't have such education system here in India.But I was glad to know that there are many schools here as well. I recently came to know about nature waldorf school.  I am avoiding the other waldorf schools because of the distance from my home. We are in sringar colony.Sloka is an option but for the higher class again it is there in Aziz nagar only.

Ramu1234 2016-06-20 13:53:52


WORST SCHOOL. Till last year this school�was atleast some what ok�but now this year,�They recently merged school with some other school (Sivaji Vidyapeeth etc). The worst rude management and they dont care about students and parents and they care about only Money.If you try to give them any feedback or raise your concern the only answer you get from them is you can change the school if you dont like.


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