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akashikha 2015-08-03 01:39:30


Hello everyone.. I am yet another confused parent like many others in this forum to decide on which school is best suited for your child.. My son is 6 years old.. He did his pre primary schooling from kaushalya global, marredpally.. My husband was keen in enrolling him in hps, Begumpet as it follows icse curriculum, has huge play ground, gives exposure and because he did his inter in this school.. Even I liked the school, so I was okay with his admission there.. In December, 2014 when I approached hps, Begumpet for admission in class 1, we were not given admission form as he was not falling in the admission age criteria ( he was older by 2 months to fall in that age criteria) We were told to come back next year and enrol him in class 2 for academic year 2016-17.. So we made him continue his class 1 in kaushalya global, banjara hills branch ( this is the only branch of kaushalya which provides classes from 1- 10).. Regarding admission for class 2 I am very confused.. My husband wants him to join hps Begumpet and I am giving second thoughts to it.. Things I am looking for in a school:- Icse curriculum, Should gain maximum knowledge, maximum exposure, Child should get confident ( my child is shy), Sports and extra curricular activities, He should love going to school and project work should be for kids not parents.. I need help deciding among abhaya waldorf school, pebble Creek school, kaushalya global and hps, Begumpet.. Please help.. I do not want to waste another year of my child deciding on schools and finally ending up in a wrong school

akashikha 2015-08-03 01:39:53


Sorry for the long post!

selvaganapathi 2015-08-03 08:14:34


hi i am selva from chennai. how abt u?

arnav12 2015-08-03 20:31:45


Hi akashika, any reason you dont want your child to continue in kaushalya global.. my child goes to kaushalya global basheerbagh and so far i am very happy with the school... if u want to change the school then consider suchitra academy in bowenpally. . Its a very nyc school cbse though but u wont regret your child joining there... all the best...

akashikha 2015-08-03 22:23:26


Hi arnav.. I don't have any problem as such with kaushalya global.. Preschool is great there.. But I am not sure about continuing him till class 10.. they don't have a good play ground, and I want more of activities for him.. Generally we have a perception that bigger school means more exposure.. I may be wrong though.. As I said everything is too confusing.. In which class is your son in basheerbagh? Do u wish to continue him further till class 10?

arnav12 2015-08-03 22:34:03


Hi shikha, my son is in nursery.. i am a parentree member from years now and i have read many negative things about these so called big brands which charge lakhs of rupees but does not fullfill there basic responsibilities. .where as in kaushalya we have the most approachable management who are ready to accommodate every sensible request we make and kids are taken care after so well... i understand your concern about a big play ground but the last time i spoke to ramesh sir he told me within a year they are taking a much bigger campus as per cbse requirements. .. anyways if it still does not convince u please have a look at suchitra academy in bowenpally. .. it has a huge campus lots of activities and excellent faculty.. the fees will be around 1.5 to 1.7. If its ok once try seeing the place...

akashikha 2015-08-03 23:25:47


I visited suchitra in Dec.. It has a good campus but fees is too high.. Again it's cbse.. I am looking for icse.. I agree with you regarding easy management approach in kaushalya n friendly faculty.. This year they have taken a new campus near gvk.one.. I am not sure if you have spoken to ramesh sir about next year or current year.. My son is good in academics as of now but I don't know what interests in holds in future.. I wish to give him such an environment where he can explore all the fields ( academic, singing, dancing,Sports, arts, drama etc) n choose what interests him more.. Regarding choosing between cbse n icse, as far in my knowledge cbse focuses more on maths n science and icse also focuses on English literature.. As I said I don't know which field he will opt for..

arnav12 2015-08-04 08:25:04


Hi, with current changes in the education system icse and cbse are mostly similar to each other and we are talking about ten years from now ... by then i feel the complete education system in india would be changed for good.. seeing the current changes... so at the moment i suggest u concentrate on the school more than on the curriculum. .. and shikha if u look for all the above mentioned activities it will be available with the schools but the fees will definitely be on higher side owing to the already high fee structure. .. anyway with all the activities and also the fee structure in mind u can consider dps nacharam... i heard very good reviews about it from my cousin... and can u please tell me how is pp2 in kaushalya. .. nursery i amazing i know but can a pp2 child read and write properly... please reply...

akashikha 2015-08-04 17:46:03


My son did Pp1 and pp2 in kaushalya.. I am very happy and satisfied with the development I saw in him.. In Pp1 itself he started reading bits and in pp2 he could read long paragraphs, newspapers, story books etc.. Being a shy child I have seen lot of changes in him.. In pp2 he even performed in a skit during annual function.. If anybody asks me for a preschool suggestion I would definitely recommend kaushalya

Var3080 2015-09-18 17:01:41


Hi arnav12.. I am new to parentree but spent hours reading the post .my son is currently going to times kids playgroup domalguda which is nearby to me and I m very confused as to which school to join him to.How is kaushalya read in your post ant it. Any suggestions will appreciate 

arnav12 2015-09-18 23:36:41


Hi, kaushalya global is definitely a very good school but as my child studies in nursery i will not be able to tell about the higher classes... you can try chaitanya vidyalaya school, suchitra academy, hps, st andrews , geetanjali balamrai... all the above school are good...

manjuanala 2018-10-20 09:14:25


can anyone give the feedback on suchitra academy.... 

1. how is the school now? 
2. How will be the pressure on kids?
3. Fee structure and admision fee details for grade 2 and PP2 for 2019 - 20 [approximately]
4. How is higher classes there?
5. How is academics and extra curricular activities?
6. How is the food?

TIA manju

nivedita1975 2019-11-20 14:16:10


I have heard all good things about Suchitra ..Fee is definitely on the higher side


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