St. Ann's / DRS international or Sherwood ??

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Ansh2311 2010-04-17 17:32:59


Would be shifting in from A'bad to H'bad in May. Planning to stay at Kompally/ petbashirabad area. Can someone guide me with the best possibility amongst St. Ann's, DRS or Sherwood school for my 4 yrs od son ?


mickey 2010-04-18 12:11:35


Hi Rachna,

St. Ann's is best among all. It was suggested by Irrinkisom  on Apr 15th 2010 in the following link

But I think it is a girl's school. Sherwood is also good. Both are ICSE schools.

But DRS International is offering CBSE and IGCSE curriculum. The fee also would be high compared to St Anns and Sherwood.

Manthan International has also good reviews by Renu in this forum which follows CBSE and IGCSE. The primary classes follow IB PYP teaching methodology. The fee is also not so high as told by Renu in the following link

SVIS (Sadhu Vaswani International )is also a good CBSE school with not so high fee structure. G Sarvan has given his review about this school in

He has admitted his children in SVIS and says

" SVIS campus is a new one. This school has started in 2008 at Hyd. It has got a nice Play ground and   a place  for expansion in near future. It is a parent friendly school and has affordable fee for middle class family

For LKG Total fee is 44000 Rs per annum  excluding Lunch charges (optional 2500 Rs per term)  and transportation charges depending on km.

For Class III it is 52K.  ( It is same for grade 1 to 5) "

You can also find Abhaya which follows Waldorf system at Kompally, the details of which are mentioned in the first link

Tejaprasad has suggested Diksha waldorf school and has expressed his views on this school in the discussion ' Schools near Alwal/ Kompally '

There are many schools to choose from. It is better you visit these schools and take the right decision.




Ansh2311 2010-04-20 13:00:53


Dear Mickey !!

Thanks a lot for your message. It's pretty informative and would really help.

Also, is St. Ann's near Petbashirabad a girl's school ? I had an idea this one was co-ed !!!??!!


Ansh2311 2010-04-20 13:05:39


I am also looking for a good day care (+ activity center to keep the kids busy) in Kompally/ petbashirabad. Any good places that you would know ? 


mickey 2010-04-20 16:15:59


Hi Rachna,

St Anns at Kompally is a co-ed school. It has started last year and  starts from Playschool/Nursery . It has presently PP1 ,PP2 and class 1. The school plans to extend with the present batch to higher classes and follows  ICSE.

You will have to enquire regarding admissions. I got this number from the main school at Sec'bad.  08418 20322.

You will find Harshita Playschool cum Daycare in Petbashirabad very near to St. Anns school. There are many children from St. Anns School who come to Harshita Daycare and be here till 5pm or 6pm. The Daycare charges 1000 pm from noon to 5pm or so. It charges Rs1250 with snacks and lunch.

You can drop in and have a look  at Harshita. You can also reach Mr. Somesh from Harshita Playschool and talk to him in detail. It was known as Abhyasa Playschool before.      +91 9849487429




Ansh2311 2010-04-21 07:32:23


Dear Mickey,

Thanks a lot. I really really appreciate your efforts to get me all these details. I am in touch with Mrs. Nagalaxmi from Harshita. I also think that St. Ann's and Harshita may workout a good option. Would drop in as soon as I reach there.

Thanks a lot.




mickey 2010-04-21 09:39:09


Hi Rachna,

You are welcome. But I was told yesterday by the main school in Secbad that the admissions in St Anns is almost  over.  Do call them up immy and complete the admission formalities before you relocate to Hyd with family.  There is some problem with the phones in that area hence I  have requested Mr Somesh to let me know if the vacancies are there for PP1 for your son as he is 4yrs old as he is in touch with the school.





mickey 2010-04-21 10:52:29


Hi Rachna,

Admissions are open for PP1 and grade 1. Very few seats are available. So please approach the school immly.  If you have any relatives , send them to collect the application form. Admission fee is 20K +15 K ( term fee ). You can pay initially 15K and 20K in two instalments. There  will be formal interaction with the child and parents. Your son is eligible for PP1 as he is 4yrs old.




Ansh2311 2010-04-21 12:50:51


Thanks Mickey.

I have asked a friend to do the same for me. I hope I can manage as the issue is we may not be able to attend the interaction before 15th May. I hope they consider. Keeping my fingers crossed.






mickey 2010-04-21 19:17:47


Hi Rachna,

I think that should not be a problem. Talk to the Principal on phone and express your inability to come before 15th May.




kalyani4kids 2010-06-17 21:03:45


 Hi Mickey,

Does St.Anns has any bus facility, bcos we will we staying in alwal.




mickey 2010-06-18 12:48:15


Hi Kalyani,

The school does not have a bus facility. Timings are from 8:45 am to 3:30pm .

The school is till class 1. But right now, admission are closed. Your child needs to be 6+ to join class 1 as it is an ICSE school. Just drop in and see if u can get  admission. It will not work out on phone.





SwanS 2012-11-29 12:23:21


Hi Rachana,

I am also looking for the schools in the same area for my 3.5yr girl. Please let me know which is the best school in that area. I am also considering Sadhu Vasvani International school.

Please let me know soon, as I think I am already late for the admission process.



JVG 2018-12-19 21:21:30


Hi , I am looking for admission of my child.
Which school you have joined your kid. Any input on Sherwood and st anns.
Thank you



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