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susasr 2015-07-03 12:10:39


We have moved from pune recently and was looking for a good cambridge / IB schools for 3rd grade. We visited many international schools but was not able to justify the fees vs the quality of education they are providing.

Through internet search found vista school. They have good infrastructure and the curriculum is given by Pearson.

Good Part

* Reasonable fee structure
* 1: 25 teacher student ration (Though my sons 3rd grade C section currently have 29 students)
* Relatively experienced teachers
* Good communication system via. SMS
* Principal has a vision and a plan to execute the same.

Improvement Opportunities

* Last minute communications via sms regarding school activities
* Teachers responsiveness to the parents notes in dairy can be better
* They have only once sports day per week. Kids tend to boil in class room form 9.0 AM to 3.0 PM that is almost six hours. My son says they do not even allow them to go out of class room during lunch time also. I think they need to have at least half hour of physical activity for children in some form so that they get adequate sunlight and fresh air.
* Transport, is the big area they need to improve. Initially they stuffed three children in single seat and were not able to manage at all. However later after many parents complaints they have finally added additional bus.
* There are occasions where it seems teachers are man handling the students, but need to be confirmed. Probably this is to handle the unruly students, but kids are kids they need to be treated with love and hitting the students will damage the school name in long run.

Overall, this school has a good future, provided they manage it properly. I request other parents of vista to communicate their views in this forum so that the voice of parents can be collectively communicated to the school management for the betterment of student and parental experience.

vibgyorma 2015-07-31 22:18:05


Hello Good observation s.. I think its a good idea to put down these points/suggestion s in their website(feedback)

Anish82 2015-08-05 14:27:07


Hello Susasr,
I agree with your assessment of the Vista Schools in Hyderabad. It is a good school with modern new age facilities and a very interesting curricula designed by Pearson. My son is in the 5th Standard. And he really enjoys the in-class activities  that takes place and it has tremendously helped his confidence and his academics. Teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. They use a lot of new technological products which are very helpful if you want your kids to be to at par with the world's progress. Extra curricular activities are well defined and fun for the children. 
My son has really come to like this school and we shifted from Bangalore and had our doubts about the schools in the area but Vista school is a very good modern school. Definitely worth visiting the campus and talking to the Principal/teachers.

goldengoose 2015-08-24 20:39:17



I have a serious concern with the hygiene in the school. The wash rooms are not maintained at all. I have atleast complained 5 times in these few months but the management doesnt seem to bother. I am already in search of other schools for my 2nd grade daughter.

akaa 2015-12-21 16:02:38


Last week I went to check for new admission. They said 1:20 ratio. While during in rounds I noticed all classes have filled with 29/28.check their black boards.

especially lower classes have high strength, may be some demand off late.

Definitely professionalism is lacking. Looks like school strength is picking up and with time, but I don't see that they are prepared for that.

Staff  seems to be catching adamant behavior slowly. Though it is not reached to top end schools, but especially Principal (lady) is on her high !!!. Behaved like we are there for asking for free seat. LoL

Be careful, they say the offered discount are changed and now is less from today! They were least bothered to their word.

Though many people say good infrastructure, I don't see any thing other than small modern benches and projector in each room. I think infrastructure means good books, labs with equipment/art/models to explain the subject is seriously lacking. like a every street crush, they have pasted one or two small posters in each class room. I saw one in 4th class and it seems to be like LKG/UKG standard one. Seems the infrastructure is just to showcase. it is not prepared to serve such high strength students. I see some musical instruments, but learned from student of that school (neighbor kid who goes there) there is their music teacher also does not know that instrument. LOL

Since school is new (few years old) everything seems to appear nice. may be we will fall in trap of that, or really worth stuff ?

though pearson's brand, I felt they must have flooded with good library with all magazines. I see KV has more books from that publisher than this school. May be the school Is just selling place of their products !


Vaide2 2016-01-03 09:51:37


Worst is their management..had to face last year..once your kid is in..they don't care at all...a very interesting truth..if you write in diary anything for class teacher it would be heard immediately (because it all about fear of getting feedback)..but if you write anything to management...gone...even if the class teacher forwards that to management..they dont care..they will make to visit their campus even for small thing and that too with so many follow ups.

If you interact with their management section..the accountant, transport, those who look into arranging dresses, will get the feel like interacting with government clerks...horrible..but you face all this once your kid is in.

Some parents would say... never any complain as no one cares ....its a school with a kind of approach..don't get any wrong everyone focus is to avoid that....that's all....


kireeti 2016-01-08 08:14:09


Dear Vista Management / Vista Parents,
The transportation fee is quite high compared to all other schools
For 5-10 KMs distance it is 
In Vista school ---           Rs. 21700/-
In vikas school -----         Rs. 15300/-
In Samashti School-       Rs. 17000/-
In Narayana School ---    Rs.13500/-

It is my suggestion to the pearson management to review and revise the transportation fee to Rs.13000/- to get more admissions.
My suggestion to parents to insist the management for revising the transport fee, which is highest among all the schools.

kireeti 2016-03-03 07:55:18


For higher grades, there the strength is very less as of now.
They got basketball, tennis courts.
They charge additional 600/- for sports extra.
Skating is there between two blocks open area.
Existing parents feedback is ok..ok compared to others.
There are several apartments in nallgandla affordable to luxury range near by.

goldengoose 2016-03-04 10:30:08


Hi Bhem,

I have my kid going to that School and the worst experience ever. My kid is in 2nd standard now and the English teacher there speaks pathetic English. My daughter comes home and talks to me about her mistakes. if you can, please watch their annual day celebrations on You tube. It talks everything about the standard of the school. Except for the Principal, none spoke decent English. their English teacher hosted that and she was the worst. The guests of honor were no better too.

Sports and other activities are not given its due importance. Skating and music classes are conducted irregularly for name's sake. Kids do not learn anything.

The strength increases as the Tuition fees is less compared to other schools in that area. Other than that, worst school ever....

I do not recommend that school to any other parent. I am having my kid move out of that school this year.


kireeti 2016-03-04 15:40:06


Hi goldengoose,

Which school you are looking to shift to



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