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Taurus7009 2015-06-25 00:51:40


I have admitted my child in kalpa school after a long survey of schools in hyderbad. My child's a very accommodating and easily adjustable kid who loves studying and loves going to school. But ever since she's joined kalpa she's least interested in going to school, I am worried when a child of 1st standard starts to complain about the strict methods being taken up and not allowing children to talk to each other in the class, I am giving benifit of doubt to school considering it's too early but found out today that other students too have the same complains.
request the parents in parent tree to advise.

Chai10 2015-12-15 16:17:02


My kid studied in Kalpa for 4 years. I have no complaints as such on school or teachers.
My kid was encouraged to participate in annual social and sports and competitions like drawing etc.
The school does not have big school ground. They do no burden kids much. any kid can complete the homework in max of 1 hr and get off to play.
Kids are allowed to work at their pace. Teachers did give timely feedback on child's conduct which was more or less accurate.


aman01 2015-12-16 15:33:51


Could you give us any idea on how is the school fee like? Was there a donation amount you had to pay?
Are you continuing further grades in same school?


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