Epistemo Global, Vikas The Concept School - Hyderabad

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12sai 2015-06-20 19:46:07


Working Parent's life wouldn't be smooth if decided to put their kids in Epistemo Global. The management is very unstable. Everything is announced in a very short notice. Our kid has been going there for 3 years. We are facing many issues from the day 1. As we paid 100% fee we were helpless. They promised us our kid would be dropped to day care, when the school was about to commence in a week, they informed they could not make it. We managed somehow to arrange our parents to care of my kid, again they came back with a mail saying bus cannot come to our apartment. Our kid stays till 4pm in school. This year they had changed working hours for primary students. We requested them to extend their help for a week so that we can arrange someone at home to take care, they simply refused. We are not at all happy with the management.

vrada 2015-06-22 11:25:59


So unfortunate!..Glad that you shared so others can think twice before joining their wards..

manide 2016-04-26 13:38:13


thanks for ur valuable answer.we are planning o take admission in epistemo this will help me to think .


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