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twenty 2015-06-08 10:44:17


Hiiii evryone.. I'm a confused parent! My kid studyin in clas 3 last year secured 97% in (ssc) .mashallah she's vry intelligent nd quick learner.. This year thought of her joining CBSE syllabus. But the school i had tried only was havin Ssc nd ICSE.. SSC weren't having seats this academic year .so i had applied for ICSE, she had written entrance nd also got selected.. But u knw the questions, confusions arised in my mind was vry terrible. Plzzzzzz help me ... Hav browsed google,reviews nd got dis blog .. I wanted to join this school coz wanting of communication nd fluency. Genuinely spkin previous school is givin best academics but lackin with communication skills of a student. Nd my whole purpose foe changin school was based on this issue.. Now where i had applied was best in fluency nd also in my budget as was affordable. But evryones suggestions of my family nd frndz for joining icse board stopped in gettin my daughter join. Dears these were the reasons- 1. that in icse she wil hav to take 12-13 papers in 6th 2. She won't cope up with the studies in higher stage thats 8,9,10(as i'm a arts graduate its belief that i can't make her undstand as its gonna b tougher ,as of now i giv her tuitions personally so dat i cover each nd evry aspect in learning to her wich i don't blv in outsiders tutor) 3. If my daughter finds the syllabus tough nd wud lik to change in future my mentors sayin she wont b able to cope u coz the syllabus r totally different(Here i'm Vry vrry vry confused plz help- my thought if ICSE is so tough then she shud easily pass cbse or ssc) nd also confused of second languages (in icse there r more options lik french sanskrit if not telugu but cbse or ssc its telugu, nd i don't knw telugu nd suppose if she joins icse Than it wil b tough for her if she changes to cbse or ssc frm icse..... With a vrrry lot of confusions goin on in my mind concerin abt kids decision its bcoming restless for me. Plzzzz sorry for writing such a big matter buts this the issue... Wil b Grateful for ur helpful suggestions

twenty 2015-06-08 11:15:03


Hii mickey.. Hav gone thru ur genuine suggestions to others. Wud b highly indebted if u throw light on my above askd queries.. Thanx in advance

vibgyorma 2015-06-08 21:18:48


Hi In karnataka gradually they are changing all ssc syllubus to CBSE .what I've heard is throughout India its going to be one syllabus that is CBSE. So in future there will be no ICSE . so don't worry about the board or syllabus.. You are doing the very good job of teaching your child yourself than sending her for tutions which makes them more tiresome.. All the best..

twenty 2015-06-09 07:55:06


Thanxx @ vibgyorma

evelyn 2015-06-09 10:14:19


Hi..s i too heard ICSE syllabus is a bit hard than other boards..But If u have plans to send ur kid abroad then its the right decision to choose ICSE . In which school ur kid is now ? Iam also confused of my 1st class daughter board of education..she is now with integrated syllabus in gowtham model school which follows same till 5th class and afterwards SSC.But iam intrested to opt for CBSE..For us no good schools of CBSE around our bandlaguda area..the Present school has less Efforts on Communication Skills and Iam in big Dialemma..pls help me out with some suggestions.
Thank u.


SriniX 2015-06-09 14:36:06



In my opinion and experience I recommend people to join their kids in good ICSE schools or in top 5 CBSE schools upto 5th class. After 5th class parents need to think about what next. As I said earlier in this same forum there two types of schools.
 1. Competitive Curriculum schools
2. Non -competitive Curriculum schools
Again in both these types of schools General tier schools, Middle tier schools and premium tier schools and super premium school--its all depends on fees, infrastructure, ground, and community similar to our hotels normal to 5star...etc

Competitive schools goal is to drive the students full time into competitive learning and practice----In these schools no time for sports. These schools goal is how many rankers we produced in the top competitive exams. These schools have own integrated curriculum which is more than any board CBSE or ICSE or State

Non Competitive schools generally go with Board curriculums and a bit of sports activities in schools if there is ground or else other activities.
In any school you can find some smart kids who have good IQ levels. These kids are smart enough to understand what the teacher says and they can imagine subject concepts and understands well. If these kids are joined in competitive schools , they can perform much better than being in the non competitive schools. I can say some advanced level teaching and practice will be there in competitive schools.

Another important thing is,  in competitive schools you will find all types of community from the poorest to richest and from non english speaking to posh English speaking. In competitive schools non MPC or non BiPC subjects are very lowest priority, because they spend 90% time with MPC and 10% with Non MPC (Please someone correct me if I am wrong).

Competitive schools generally starts their core curriculum from 6th class (Eg. Narayana e techno, Narayana IIT olympiad and Sri Chaitanya IPL, KKR Gowtham..etc)

If the kid is smart enough, better IQ , good motivation and have big goals like IIT or Medicine and needs more practice---go for Competitive schools (non premium or premium schools)

ELSE go for the rest of schools depends on your community requirement and financial ability and preferably nearby your home

* some parents tell me that their kids will be back to USA after writing SATexam...etc--In my opinion SAT is also a competitive exam

* some parents tells me their kids will go back to USA for studies but we need our people in at least 2 sports activities to get an admission to better school in USA. ( I dont know about it)

Finally in my observation from AP  ,
Most Kids from ICSE Board schools are strong in English Communication, Writing and debating and strong in Science and social studies
Most Kids from CBSE schools are strong in Maths and Science subjects but not as good in English compared to ICSE kids
Most Kids from State boards are Very strong in MPC/BiPC subjects but very less in English communication and unable to compete debating in English with ICSE or CBSE kids

I may be wrong too, If so please correct me



twenty 2015-06-09 16:21:02


Hiii evelyn.. Nice thought i say to join ICSE til 5th for ensuring gud communication nd fluency..u r suggestions r quite thought provoking..she's in St.Francis girls high school (SEC-Bad) its a convent school but its standard doesn't remain the same as my elders studied(due 2 some reason i cudnt get seat there ;-)).. I don't mind at all if the poors or parents with small earnings join their kids as they too can bcome responsible citizen nd support their family. Wats matterin most is yes school shudnt forget their responsibility abt maintaining all the wanted matter among students nd environment nd that is wat gonna b produced... I say more than home its school they r spending their hours, only if its possible to make the situation better than worse

SriniX 2015-06-09 16:55:20


 I heard from other people and also unconfirmed information that SSC board, telangana govt. has totally exempted  2nd language for students who came from other states and joined in telangana in (some 6th or below 6th) class. Please check with your principal or DEO office in Hyderabad. thx

evelyn 2015-06-09 17:09:03


@SriniX...Thank u for ur Immediete and valuble is very helpful..I feel communication skills are very important as subject definetly i consider nd accept ur opinion of joining my kid in good CBSE school till 5th..


evelyn 2015-06-09 17:12:48


Thanx @ twenty ..I was in trials for st anns Vijaynagar Colony for this academic year..but ther was no vacancy.. :(( 

evelyn 2015-06-09 17:29:18


And @all ..Wat I actually thought is Convent schools more stress on english language nd communications skills (Pls coorect me if i am wrong..
) i thought of trying to join atleast till 6th in those nd decide later i was tryng for st anns admission..But wat confusing is its not CBSE ..its SSC board..there are no nearby good CBSE schools around our area..Help with some more suggestions.
Thanxx in advance.


twenty 2015-06-09 19:01:03


Thanx a lott @srinix, cudn't makeout that joining til CBSE is ur opinion, was in a hurry so cudn't make out top left wid names..nd once againn thanx 4 giving relevant information abt 2nd lang.. @evelyn. That is st.Ann's (maredpally) in ICSE dat my daughter got seat upon entrance test. As ssc wasn't havin vacancies dis following year.(as heard- dats being ssc they nag students to study nd jst study ,no extra curricular activities it seems"appreciatin students is far left behind

twenty 2015-06-09 19:16:32


Evelyn, As i said academic wise its too good nd besides usual english as a subject they stress on grammar as well nd conduct separate classes as English in time-table(that i like) .. But students teacher ratio its 50/55 : 1 thats really bothersome.. And communication lacking. I think students shud b given task that involves talkin or expressing anything like telling wat had happened yesterday in tuitions or home. Nor students communicatin with each other in English. Its vry upsetting for parents

twenty 2015-06-09 21:36:35


Can anyone plz giv reviews abt st.Andrews (marepally ) or St.Andrews (bowenpally) branches. .I knw its CBSE, Co-ed, fee structure for new admission 62k+ nd regulars 42+.. But abt studies, internal management nd students interaction. Students growth! Any suggestions,comments ??? Plz Welcome

evelyn 2015-06-10 08:43:30


Hi..Twenty..once u get a clear pic of st ann's Pls give some feedback .. 

evelyn 2015-07-03 16:41:12


Hi twenty..can u pls give some feedback abt st anns school secunderabad ??
and also fee details.. ICSE beter or SSC Which is beter from dat school ? Planing to join my daughter next year in LKG..
Help me plzzz
thank u in advance.


Vidur2909 2015-08-15 17:38:05


Hi Twenty, Can you pl tell me what's the feedback you've heard about St Andrews.. I heard there is going to be a written test for UKG too... Can anyone tell me what would they ask a kid who is applying for UKG to write? How much importance is given to the written test alone? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Veena


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