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aldie 2010-04-13 23:01:32


Hi folks,

We live in U.S.  and are planning to move to India, this June,2010.

With the help of relatives I have been looking for schools in Kukatpally area, Hyderabad.

Finally I selected 3 schools

The Creek Planet school.

Vikas concept school.

Sloka school.


If any of ur kids are studying in these school, can u please give me a feedback about these schools??

Iam desparately waiting for an answer, because for me all seems good thru their web sites.

Anyway I will decide personally when I land in HYderabad.  But even before that a good feedback will help me a lot!!!!

mickey 2010-04-14 16:59:14


Hi Aldie,

All three are good schools. Sloka follows the waldorf system of education. A lot of info has been exchanged in the following discussion.

A parentree member , Kala has admitted her children in this school and is quite satisfied. There are others who feel the system as slow. The transition from this system to the main CBSE curriculum from class 7 onwards puts parents in a dilemma whether to go for this school or not. Pre-primary is in Jubilee Hills whereas the main school(from class 1 to 10) is quite far. It is on the way to  Chilkoor.

The Creek is a new school. I have heard good reviews about it. You can also apply online from its website. It has transport till Miyapur cross roads when i enquired last month. You have to ask them if the bus comes till Kukatpally.

Vikas is also good with nominal fee structure. The fee structure is already in its website. I personally don't know anybody from this school but i have heard that the school gives strong foundation in academics.

By the way, in which classes are u looking for ? If your children are in higher classes, you have to choose a suitable school as the kids will face problem with languages. In CBSE curriculum, 2nd language starts  from grade 1 and 3rd language starts from grade 5. However in some schools , second language can also be changed in grade 7.

You can look at Sentia. One parentree member,rj777(Rashmi) who is coming from US has opted for Sentia-The Global for her son who is now in class1.

You can find reviews about Sentia in the following link

You can also see this link and find my reply to Rashmi

Alternatively , you can look at Kennedy High Global School  at  Bachupally.

You can speak to Mr. Ravi Kumar on 91-9490149231( The Creek Planet)

For admissions u can contact Ms Prassana

040-65288187, 65586827,65586828

9885907261(Ms Prassanna), 9985921801

40K+10K+5Kcaution+addtl transport

Kennedy High Global in Bachupally is also good and preferred by parents from US.

The fees is also not exorbitant unlike International schools.

You can speak to the chairman on 9985188821 and 9985199921.

The new academic year has already started from 25th March. You can speak to him and find out.






aldie 2010-04-14 17:25:18


hello Mickey,


Thank you so much for the information.

Looks like u are very dedicated to this site.  I have see you giving lot of information to many parents.  I really appreciate your patience.

My two sons will be going to 5th grade and 2nd grade.  So I am more linient towards The Creek and The Vikas Concept school.  I will be moving around end of June.  As I spoke to both schools, looks like I can directly walk in at that time and confirm my admissions for both of my kids.  Let me hope I will get admissions in any of these schools.


Bye the way, should I be preparing my kids for the admission test??  If so how should I??  Will they put test in hindi and telugu languages also?? Because my kids dont know any thing in those languages more than alphabets. 

Please let me know.



mickey 2010-04-14 17:48:07


Hi Aldie,

The entrance is based on the previous class syllabus. So it will be from 4th and 1st grade. Usually the schools conduct tests in General Proficiency in English, Maths and Science. Some schools also conduct in second languages. You will have to talk to the Principal. It can be taken care of. You also need to find out if they can give special orientation classes for your elder son who is going to grade 5 for second language.

When I spoke to Vikas last month regarding second language, they told me that a child has to be conversant and no such special classes would be taken for one child even if they are coming from US. So please talk to them clearly so that your son will not face any problem with sudden transition.

Don't be in a hurry to finalise any school as you need to choose a school which can help them to adjust to CBSE curriculum as you don't want to opt for IB. Both Creek and Vikas follow CBSE.




Loren 2010-04-14 18:43:27


Hi Mickey,

Your information and response is invaluable. You are big boon to this site. Actually we are living in Abu Dhabi and planning to shift.  Based on your reviews only I have suggested my wife to look for different schools. But I need further info.

We are actually looking for LKG admission to my son. He will become 3yrs 1month by June. So we are left with few schools only. On 21 April we have interview slot in Sister Nivedita.   Mickey I need your feedback regarding Sister Nivedita School. Bachpan Ameerpet teacher reviewed my son and agreed to give seat in LKG.   Eventually I have to settle in Moti Nagar (Janapriya Metropolis) after 6 months or so. I am confused which one to choose, if seats are not available in Sister Nivedita, which one to choose. Is there any other good school around ameerpet   Please give your suggestion.   Regards, Loren

mickey 2010-04-14 19:09:14


Hi Loren,

Your  son is too young for LKG. The child should be 3.3 yrs by June for CBSE schools and 4 Yrs for ICSE schools. However State schools which follow SSC curriculum take kids who complete 3yrs in LKG. A few CBSE schools prefer 3.5yrs. Preferance is given to 4 yr old kids during admission into LKG. Kids learn to write in LKG/PP1. So it is better not to hurry. The syllabus is also very vast and there is no point putting them under pressure/stress at 3.1yrs.

You can join him in Nursery in a nearby playschool and try for good schools in next academic year like Chinmaya Vidyalaya Begumpet, BVB ,JHPS , DPS etc or some good ICSE schools. Forms will be available in NOV/Dec.

Sister Nivedita is good. It is not a very big school. But if you want admission into this school, you can try as the school is till X and you don't have to worry in which school your son has to go after PP2/UKG.

I would rather suggest you to put him into a playschool (Nursery) near by  with nominal fee structure and try for LKG for next academic year where you will have many options to choose from.

Chinmaya(CBSE), Gitanjali&HPS begumpet (ICSE),Kalpa in Banjara Hills (ICSE) ,BVB,JHPS , P Obul Reddy Public school , Meridian and Sister Nivedita. These schools are not very far from Ameerpet.

My daughter will be 3 months 47 days by 1st June. I have joined in Nursery. She was not eligible for LKG in  any good school as she has not completed 3.3 yrs by June. I  did not want to try other options to put her into LKG and strain her. I am going as per the Board norms. So think twice before joining your son in LKG.




mickey 2010-04-14 19:15:30


Hi Loren,

If you are really interested in Sister Nivedita, I can speak to somebody who is in this school and try to get  ur child admitted.  Admission should not be a problem. But think it over (age).




Loren 2010-04-14 19:40:25


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a lot,

I will agree with you completely.     My son went to playschool here in UAE and he is responding very well. We never put stress on him; my wife is a doctor and she didn’t go to practice till now to better care of my son. He will get bored if we admit him again in play school.     As you suggested if he fails to impress Sister Nivedita faculty I will admit him in any good nursery. In Bachpan also he answered what ever they asked. I have plans for next year and your reviews added perfection to it.     I am unable to choose between Sister Nivedita and Bachpan ameerpet. Please suggest , if you know somebody in Nivedita I will take your help.   Loren

mickey 2010-04-14 20:03:11


Hi Loren,

Playschool is different from Nursery. They will have everything oral. No writing.

I have joined my elder daughter very early and she tops  in all the sections in academics and other activities too and is the youngest of all her clasmates. But at times, i feel i should not have done so , seeing the vast syllabus in higher classes. So I have not put my younger one in LKG eventhough she is very active.

I am adding you to my friend's list in parentree. I will let you the details about Sister Nivedita in your inbox of parentree.






mili1 2010-04-14 20:55:08


hello Loren,

My son went to BACHPAN last year for nursery.....and one of my friend is a teacher there.So i can tell you about the syllabus there.In nursery they teach capital letter, numbers oral 1to 50,writing1to 15 along with other things like g.k.,rhymes etc.I checked with other play schools like sstrawberry fields and smart kidz and i feel that bachpan's nursery syllabus is very well organised.But inLKG they teach small letter,writing 1 to 100,two letters and three letters s words,1 to 10 spelling writing and hindi letters writing.I feel that syllabus is very vast for lkg  and changed  the school.Their activity is very less for lkg and most of the time(9 A.M.---2P.M.)they have to sit in the class of my friend's daughter studied lkg there and though she was 3.6 years old when she joind lkg,finds it quite tough to cope.

By the way ,in miyapur BACHPAN they take 3.6 years+ child for lkg.




mickey 2010-04-14 21:31:51


Hi Mili,

The syllabus seems to be too vast for their age and  that too without any activities...

So where did you join your son ?





mili1 2010-04-14 23:39:05


Hi Mickey,

I also feel the syllabus is too vast so i din't join my son for lkg though all his friends are joining.If yoy remember some time back i asked you about the age criteria for lkg....i thought it is 4+ so didn't trythis time for bvb and jhps.Actally in Bangalore for most of the schools(c.b.s.e. &i.c.s.e.) child should be4+ to join lkg.So as of now i joined him in a play school named LILY.I like their approach....activity based and syllabus is also very less.....also heard good reviews about the school.Next year i will try for the above mentioned schools and some other schools also.

thanks for your elaborate informations about the school in i have a clear picture of the schools here.






aldie 2010-04-15 01:29:11


Hi Mickey,


Do you know any information about Meridian school in Kukatpally??

About the education system there and fee structure etc.??





mickey 2010-04-15 14:33:55


Hi Aldie,

Meridian in Kukatpally is very new and has started last year. The school is till 6th Std and plans to extend it till X very soon. Meridian is quite an expensive school and increases it's fees every year. It would be around 1 lakh or so. My cousin teaches in Meridian , Banjara Hills. The school is good. But there are mixed reviews about Meridian school, Banjara Hills in this forum. I have no idea about Kukatpally. It should be good as it is the branch of Meridian.





ksharma 2010-04-15 22:43:05


Hi Mickey,

Any feedback about Rishi Public School (Basheerbagh), please share.

Thks & rgds.


mickey 2010-04-15 23:10:50


Hi KSharma,

No idea about Rishi Public School. I will try to find out from my friends at Himayat Nagar tomorrow.




some14u 2010-04-16 13:02:00


hi aldie,

This is the information i had which may help u . but this was for std .2 so not sure for other class. one of my frd who visted there n has taken admission there had given this information while i was looking for my kid. hope it helps u .

They have big plans of renovating the school and making it more state of art.i have got a positive review about the school, tho no doubt its expensive.

for after school hour activity, they charge 1500/- per hour, and the registration is 2000/-   the fee is a lil high, and u know the 60K that they take as admission fee, you have to either give cash of self cheque...they wont give u receipt for it. thats like donation, which really pinched us. so 75K is admission the fee details are as below - Admission: 60k Cau-deposit: 15k   Annual 7650   Sports/lab: 3900 3000 3000  Tution:       10970   10970   10970  Mess:         4250   4250   4250   (optional)   Total 63,330   Transportation:   19800   regdrs    

aldie 2010-04-16 19:03:12


Hi some14u,

Thank you for the information.

But are u talking about Meridian School??

I think u are talking about it.  So thank you verymuch for the information.


I did speak to the school from here (U.S.A.) and said that admissions are still going on but didnot reveal fee structure thru phone.  I got that info from u.  Thank you so much.


ksharma 2010-04-16 21:05:44


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for the efforts you are making to provide info to all here. Eagerly look forward to your feedback reg RPS.


some14u 2010-04-17 17:45:08


HI Aldie,

                  ya i m sorry i forgot to mention the name of the school its of Meridian only . actually my son just came down from school . the school n atmosphere n all is new for him . so was eger to talk to me n i was about to answer u so in hury i just missed the name. n its ok no need to say thanks . we r here to help each other. where we have gr8 helpers like Mickey .

so dont worry n Welcome to HYderabad .



mickey 2010-04-19 11:00:53


Hi KSharma,

Rishi Public School is near the Police Commissioner's office at Basheerbagh. You have expressed some doubt about this school's address in another discussion post where u also mentioned about Sri Vidya High School. RSP is in the lane beside Doshi Chambers and IDBI bank and very much affiliated to CBSE. It is from class 1 to X.

It belongs to the Rishi group. Presently there is some problem with the website . You can try it later. I spoke to Mr. Kulaal  on 040-30280157 who is the  Office -Incharge and he says the school is 18 years old. I have tried to find out from my friend circle but nobody seems to  know about this school in detail. They  told about St. Pauls which is at Hyderguda and very near to Basheerbagh. In fact you can try this school too. .

Tel-+91-40-23222092. It is a very well known and much sought after institution which is 50 yrs old now .

Admissions depend on the availability which will be told in the month of May as mentioned in its website. You can as such approach the school now. Keep this as your first choice and then prefer RSP.

The fee of RSP is around 24K without transport. Admission fee is separate and is not being disclosed. You can have the prospectus and application by paying Rs 300.  Admissions are going on and you can approach them anytime this month.

There will be oral interview for lower classes and written test for higher classes.

I would suggest you to please visit the school personally in the mornings and get a first hand review/feedback from parents whose kids are studying in RSP as nothing much is known about this school.






ksharma 2010-04-19 14:34:39


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for the detailed reply.

I was preferring RPS as St.Paul's follows SSC board & my kids will have problems learning new language at this grade. Have already taken prospectus from here & few other schools too. Most have entrance tests in June first week. Right now, schools have exams going on or are already closed for summer vacations, so finding it difficult to talk to other parents outside school. And we have to decide before schools reopen, hence requesting info on this forum.

Thanks again Mickey. As someone posted earlier, you are really a boon to this forum.

Any other Hyd parents with info on this school, please share.



mSandhya 2011-03-01 01:02:32


Hi All,

  Please help me to decide good cbse school near jublee hills, madhapur,gachibowli areas.

we got admission into atmakuri ramarao school (new bvb in RdNo45) for my kid in ukg.I paid the fees as i don't have any other option at that time.Currently my kid is going to a preschool very nearer to our home and class strength is very less, so attention from teaches is high. But this new bvb is having 40:1 student , teacher ratio and also school is going to start in April month itself. Also heared mixed reviews about the school. Not sure my kid can adjust there or not.

Please suggest whether should I continue with this school or try in another one. I have seen Manthan international, but there are very few students in higher classes.

Could not decide to continue with this school or choose Manthan or try in any other school.

Any suggestions will help me a lot.

Thanks in advance.



mSandhya 2011-03-03 22:44:13


Hi All,

  Please share any ideas on the schools that i mentioned or anyother info.

I have very less time to decide, any feedback will really help me a lot to take right decision.

Thanks in advance.


Lifeagain 2011-03-07 19:16:27


Since Sloka is being considered,I would reccomend the other Waldorf school and they are extremely


mickey 2011-03-08 20:49:02


 Hi Sandhya, As you have already paid the fees for UKG, I think it is better to join BVB-Atmakuri. You can always change in class 1 if u r not satisfied. 

By the time, your daughter reaches class 5 or 6, Manthan's strength would have definitely increased by then.





mSandhya 2011-03-17 18:52:56


Thankyou mickey,

I will join bvb this year and see how she adjusts there, then try next year for any other school.

If i have option of meridian banjara hills, euro school and Manthan. which one you suggest. Basically am looking for personal attention ,some extra circular activities and consideration to childs interests.

Thanks for your time.


pranav8 2011-12-08 00:56:49


Dear All


We are planning to shift from Abu Dhabi to Chennai.  Do you suggest which school should i choose in india.  also, can you share your experience from moving from abroad to india.


thanks for feedback, cheers,  Ram


pnujella 2011-12-09 23:17:31


 Dear Mickey,

My son is 2.5 years old. I am planning to seek your assistance in finding a good school in Hyderabad for him in CBSE or CBSE + International format. We stay in Srinagar Colony, please suggest me some good schools so that I can plan for his for the admissions in the next academic fiscal. 




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