hii my son is very hyper active and he doesnot listen any my words even i beat him he doesnt care

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ashwinik 2015-05-16 15:53:24


we are tamilians and we he is understanding only tamil not english or telugu communication problem is very high in schools now and he is 2.7 years old he always watch rhymes videos ion youtube... he throws and break every objects he is too hyper.. what should i do to get him right way

SriniX 2015-05-16 16:23:09


@ashwinik this problem is there  in every home and dont beat him, take him out for some time and change the location, i.e dont show him always the same place. Join in him nearby play school, he will slowly settle. Dont beat him at all, just change his concentration by taking him on to roads and parks. Hope this tip help.

ajmama 2015-05-17 22:38:20


Hi ashwinik, your son is too young. It takes time to grasp languages. Please don't beat him, it will make him even more aggressive. Moreover, with so many languages thrown at kids so young, it gets hard for them to understand. And you just mentioned, he understands Tamil, it's a very good thing. As SriniX suggested, send him to a preschool, teachers will take care of English. Also, he is cranky because, maybe he isn't able to find a way to let out his energy. Children are powerhouses, they need to do things. Sending him to a play school, will occupy him, and let him vent is energy. And I understand the pressure on you, but please don't transfer it to your child. I have a son who is same age as yours, expecting too much at this age, is just expecting too much. Don't worry about language thing at all. About his hyper behaviour, send him to school. He might be getting bored, so arrange play dates for him with other kids his age. Take him to a park in the evening. When he'll be occupied like this, he won't have energy left for breaking and throwing things. Hope it helps. Take care

04081985 2015-05-18 15:33:14


I agree with @ashwin...this can be improved in school environment too.. talk personally to teachers, and let your child plays with your neighbourswho is having other languages.. slowly it improves... beating is not the solution.


vshalu 2015-05-18 19:17:32


Hi ashwinik, This problem is common in family who are outsiders and nuclear. First of all stop beating him, he is too young to understand ur scolds and slaps. Handle him wth love, try to understand his feelings. Dnt allow him to watch so much videos and tv otherwise he will be habitual to that. Take him out every evening to the park aur just a walk. Play with him some indoor games like hide and seek, recognition of colour and shapes etc. It will also improve him brain growth. As far as language is concern, dnt worry about that, kids have a great grasping power. He will learn english as well as telugu when he will start going to school. Always encourage him to talk to same age kids, stay with him so that u can translate to him. Try to speak in english wth him at home so that he will learn some easy and daily use words of communication. Most important, become his friend first rather than his mother. Explain him the effects of his reactions politely. Hope this help.

ashwinik 2015-12-03 20:07:08


hello friends sorry for the late reply thanks for every one for your replies... i really want to share some good thing with you my son changed a lot now.. he is able to speak english and also he started tracing alpherbets ,colors,shapes,etc.. he is very sweet now to say frankly all crfedit goes to one lady..i will tell about her further .. my son will be going to tree house school for nursery in himayatnagar he will be coming back home at 12.... i joined him little others montessory from 2-6 which is above to our house.. where that lady handles him excellently with in two months my son changed alot....


pvenumadhav 2015-12-08 22:26:37


@ashwinik.... My son was exactly 15 months, when we had to move to delhi due to work commitments. Both me and my wife are employed and we had no option than putting him in a day care. We at Hyderabad never spoke in any other language other than Telugu. I was equally worried, how he would cope up. I chose a fantastic daycare cum playschool at Gurgaon, and the first day when I dropped him there, he was asleep. He woke up to find all new faces and Hindi, a language alien to him. He was so petrified and crying inconsolably. After 2 hours I took him back to my home. Second day, he cried too, but I took him back after 4 hours. From third day, he did not cry. Infact, he loved the daycare inspite not knowing the language. Infact it was a blessing in disguise, by the time he started talking, he was speaking 3 languages (Telugu, Hindi and English).
Kids are so adaptable. As parents, we need to experiment, and find what suits them. I know it is easy to say, but i recommend you start experimenting and do things a bit different to what you are doing.
Like @srinix said, try a playschool. It will do a world of good to the young kid.
All the best.


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