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Loren 2010-04-12 12:23:14


Dear Members,

Can any one help me to choose between Sister Nivedita and Bachpan Ameerpet for LGK. As we are planning to move from Proddatur to our new flat in Janapriya Metropolis (Moti Nagar) in july/Aug.

My son is 3 yrs old,  selected in Bachpan but we have an interview in Sister Nivedita on 21 April. We can stay near to school for 3 to 4 months but after that we have to shift to Moti nagar. Bachpan is near to our flat when compared with Sister Nivedita.

Please give your valuable suggestions and any other good school nearby.

Best Regards,

isramesh 2010-04-21 10:02:42



My son is studying in the school in class V. He joined there in Class I. The school is reasonably good. Teachers are good and they interact well with the parents and they encourage the kids to answer in their own terms rather than just repeating what they teach. Office staff are well mannered and when you go they will talk to you politely (not like some very famous schools like Bharatiya Vidya bhavan, etc). These are the positive aspects.

For KG students there is a special wing - which I do not know but in the annual functions and all the KG students are quite active and the play school principal is a very active person. 

Hope this info is useful



mickey 2010-04-21 10:08:28


Hi Ramesh,

I think you are telling about Sister  Nivedita. Thanks for sharing your views about this school. There were a couple of queries last month from parents who wanted to know about this school from parents whose kids were studying in this school. So your review will surely help them.




isramesh 2010-04-21 10:18:16


 Hi Mickey

Sorry that I did not mention the name. Yes it is about Sister Nivedita School, Ameerpet.



Loren 2010-04-24 14:03:13


Hi Ramesh,

Thanks for the response reg Sister nivedita school, we have admitted my son in LKG. clases will start from June 2nd week. I am happy to see a positive response from you. thanks a lot.

hi Mickey,

thanks for everything, i did not interfere as my wife is interacting with you. It seems the teachers are good and caring, the timings also suitable for kids with 5days week in which fridays are exclusvely  for extracarriculars.




mickey 2010-04-24 14:06:27


Hi Loren,

You are welcome.




rajsanju 2014-12-05 12:01:03


hi micky, i want to join my Kid of 3 yrs 5 months in Sister Nivedita school ameerpet. can you plz tell me the present review of school and fees structure and donations etc... i want to join hime in LKG.i am from Motinagar

jaysaanvi 2014-12-05 20:02:24


Hello Raj Sanju - Admissions are going on in Sister Nivedita, I believe you are looking for LKG admission, then the fee structure is very reasonable (Annual fees: 2500, Term fees: 10500*3, Books, uniform: 5000 (approx.) and transportation: 1600 (max), plus one time admission fees of 25k out of which we need to pay 15k at the time of admission and the remaining 10k after the kid goes to 1st class), application fee & registration is 300, I have interview scheduled for my kids next Wednesday 10th Dec - I checked with few parents and they are happy with the school, would need to discuss with few more parents next Saturday as there is a PTM.

If you can gather any more information about school, do share it so that I can decide whether to go ahead with the admission for my kids.

Hope this helps,



kumarvk 2016-01-07 18:42:57


Hello Jay, 
Have you joind your kid in Sister Nivedita, if so  please let me know your suggestion   i want to join my Kid of 3 yrs 5 months in Sister Nivedita school ameerpet. and  plz tell me the present review of school  would like to join my kid in LKG.
Appreciate your feed back...


Neetha10481 2016-01-11 17:07:16


Anyone plz suggest whether sister nividitha or Bhavans atmakuri branch which is better ,my son got in both

Praneeth21 2016-12-15 21:58:18


Hi Neetha, what is fees in sister niveditha including transportation? finally where did you joined your son? i am waiting for your reply as i will be going to school next week. pls share more information about sister niveditha school.

lynda 2017-04-12 18:10:24



can some pls suggest me good school for my kid. she is holding 4 years. I thinking her to join first standard in Sister niveditha school.
Please help me is this the best school, I can go for it or not? 
And iam looking reasonable fee structure, as i want to continue her till her 10 standard in same school.


tilak 2017-04-20 12:20:27


Dear Mickey,

I would like to take admission at Airforce school for my kids. Please provide me how is the studies and other activities.
Otherwise please suggest Sister nivedita VS Slate school at Ameerpet.


mickey 2017-04-20 13:48:43


Hi Tilak,
Airforce School is preferable over Sister Nivedita and Slate. Getting into Airforce School is a bit tough. If you are from Defence and esp. Airforce, it would be easier for you. You will find a lot of activities and there is a balance between academics and extra-curricular activites too.

Slate follows State syllabus and Sisiter Nivedita CBSE , so select the school accordingly.
Slate-Abids i.e the main branch is better than Ameerpet.



tilak 2017-05-15 16:21:02


Dear Mickey,

My daughter's name  is shortlisted for admission at Airforces school, begumpet. Would they conduct any test. They called and asked us to come on Wednesday fro admission.
What is the admission criteria which would help me to prepare my child. Please let me know.

T Tilakkumar

mickey 2017-05-19 21:25:05


Hi Tilak,
May I know for which grade ? I don't think, entrance would be conducted for lower grades. Even if it is there, it would be quite simple and based more  on previous Academic year's performance, Parents' and your daughter's interview. The questions for a lower grade child would be personal like Mother's name, Father's name, place where you stay,  previous School's name , her hobbies , favourite sport/game, question related to simple  maths  etc..I am not sure about Air Force School though.  Kendriya Vidyalayas do not conduct entrance tests for classes II to VIII.  Preference will be given to Air Force Personnel's kids for admission followed by other Central Govt, State Govt employees and then civilians. 
Make your child confident for the interview (and test if any).
All The Best !


tilak 2017-05-20 10:43:12


Dear Mickey,

My daughter got admission for Class -6.On Wednesday morning, they gave us time for admission, we met principal. As indicated it was based on Academic year's performance of last year. As my daughter was performed well (when I checked witht hem they have indicated that they shortlisted candidates on basis of previous school report card and after that  lottery system).

On Wednesday morning, we went to school. It's only interaction with the child to know about them. It was nice interaction with Principal. As suggested by you, we are going a head with this Airforce School for my daughter and completed admissions formalities on Wednesday itself. Dropped Sister Nivedita.

Thanks for your feedback.


mickey 2017-05-29 15:48:49


Hi Tilak,
Congrats ! It is difficult to get in Air Force school. 
I am sure your daughter will like the school. 
All the Very Best to you and your daughter !


RaviVK 2017-08-29 12:11:12


Dear Mickey,

We stay in madhuranagar, yousufguda. My daughter is 2 years 4 months old. We are planning to join my daughter in NURSERY in one among the following schools in the next academic year 2018-19:
  • Obul Reddy School (Hopefully the admissions will start in Nov/Dec 2017 and they follow the lottery system)
  • Chinmaya Vidayalaya, Begumpet (Hopefully the admissions will start in Dec 2017)
  • Sister Niveditha School (Hopefully the admissions will start in Dec 2017)
We can afford only economic schools and not willing to join in any international/stressing study schools.
Can you please tell us if the above schools are good enough or do we have any other CBSE schools which are good near to ameerpet.

Heard about DAV, Banjara hills school also.
Our first preference is for OBUL REDDY SCHOOL kind of schools which have good play ground, discipline and affordable schools
Please let me know your feedback and pls correct if any of my preferences is wrong

Kalaravi V


tilak 2017-11-08 15:49:44


Thank You Mickey for your feed back.

Yes, I heard from some of my frineds and relatives, It would be is difficult to get admission in Air Force school. But luckily my daughter got admission for Class -6. Academic and acitives are Good. Now a days it's very difficult to get the school like this.
School atmosphere is good, it's almost like gurukul of olden days with big area with Greenerary and playground and with lots of trees of hundered years old.  Class strenth is 30. Teachers are very caring. Security is more inside and outside the campus. My daughter liked this school very much in terms of academic and activities. CBSE School with Fee for civilians would be 35k. We have to arrnage our own transport. But there are so many cabs and vans from all areas.


Raghav11 2017-11-14 22:22:20


Hi Tilak,
Can you please let me know, when exactly admissions are going to start for the next academic year (2018-19) in Air Force school? What is the process that we need to follow as a civilian (or) with any recommendation from central govt employee? I'm looking for admission into class 2 for my daughter. Any insight would be greatful. Thanks in advance.

tilak 2017-12-02 16:33:48


Hi Raghav,

Even I am also civilian, the admission strats in Mar/Apr. Please check http://www.airforceschoolbegumpet.edu.in/. It's a simple process. Based on previous school report, they would filter and shortlist, after that they conduct lottery and publish the names  on website. Next would be orientation and interaction with Principal, timings would be informed by them after shortlisting. The school is concentrating on overall development of the child, more activities, very displined. It's a nice school with big playground and more sports. Class strength is limited to 30 which would help teacher to concentrate on each and every child. I have attened PTM recently, it was nice and teachers are very caring and no stress. My daugher liked the school very much and she is happy. Fee for last year was 35k. they don;t have transport. We have to arrange Private transport but so many vehicles are available to almost all areas within 10 kms.

Thank you Mickey for your valuable input as my child is Happy with the School environment and teachers.


Raghav11 2017-12-07 17:50:28


Hi Tilak,

Thank you so much for your valuable inputs.

One last thing I would like to know about the communication part, as I'm very particular about this.

Can you please confirm, how is communication among the children. Would they make English speaking mandatory among children in school? Thanks in advance.

tilak 2017-12-30 17:39:42


Hi Raghav,

It is mandatory to speak in English as the school has kids from different locations and culture and they are very strict in that case.

Recently we have attened Annual Sports day and Annual Day, we are very much impressed by the speaking skills of students. 
Events  performed by kids are nice when compared to other corporate schools we attended earlier. We are impressed with their theme to conduct Annual Day. It is not similar high culture corporate schools but overll development of kids. We are Happy with our Daughter's performance.


tilak 2018-04-17 12:27:29


Hi Mickey,

My daughter is in Airfoce school, I am in dilemma to join my son in Airforce school or St. Peters or St. Anns kompally.

Airfoce school is good, lot of acivities but there are no admissions in this year. Please suggest alternate option around bowenpally.


Madhu2586 2019-01-16 19:58:47


Hi RaviVK, I am also a resident of madhura nagar, yousufguda. I am looking for class 1 Admission for my son.. Can I know which school you have joined your kid?

kcmudigonda 2019-12-20 10:39:11


I think the thread got deviated. Can anyone tell me how is Sister Nivedita school, ameerpet for primary classes? Today i went and saw the school, the only draw back i found is lack of ground. Interested to know about other things. 


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