Good playschools in Banjara hills

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SGB23 2015-04-03 23:17:41


Hi everyone,
                         Am looking for some advice from this group on the best playschools in banjara hills. How would any of you rate Glendale edufun @old mla colony? any suggestions on good playschools pls?

SGB23 2015-04-03 23:28:12


This would be my child s first exposure to school, as i havent  sent him to any toddler grp school. Also, i want the the playschool to be spacious with dedicated teachers and best facilites,

arnav12 2015-04-04 00:16:26


Try visiting kaushalya global school in banjara hills road number 14. The curriculum is good and the best part management is very cooperative..

aman01 2015-04-08 17:24:43


Hi arnav,
Do you have idea about the fee structure there?

arnav12 2015-04-08 21:50:04


It's 43000 around for the first year.. Transport another 20000... But it's one of the few schools I have seen after my long search which has excellent management.... Very approachable and highly co-operative.. They are upgrading till tenth so u don't have to worry about changing...

aman01 2015-04-09 17:35:42


Thanks arnav for the providing information in detail.
Your positive comments towards the kaushalya is generating me curiosity to know more :)
Would you mind sharing some detail on management/school which you have seen

arnav12 2015-04-09 19:46:17


Hi.. I visited basically play schools in an around secunderabad, abids, himayatnagar, banjara hills. All the schools mostly have the same curriculum even the very expensive kangaroo kids.. I feel they are just banking on there brand name and most of the children in those preschool use slang at this age..there is something called do what your heart says and when I visited kaushalya I felt it to be perfect for my child.. Then I had a meeting with Ramesh Partani who is the chairman of kaushalya... He is an excellent trainer and conducts various workshops for parents, and corporates.. Ramesh sir have visited scientists, physiologists across the world and then they developed this curriculum... One meeting with him and u will be astonished at the knowledge that person has.. In kaushalya every ten minutes the subject changes.. Keeping children on their toes always.. If I schedule a meeting with the chairman or any senior member in management, the coordinator makes sure that the meeting is arranged, even if u don't follow up with them.. It's not a hi Fi school like oakridge or chirec but its a place I can be assured my child will be well taken care of.. They are going to take up a new campus within a year or so and they will extend up till tenth.. Once there new campus is ready I bet it will be at par or even superior to the so called international schools in city... That's my side of a story I can't guarantee whether u would have same thoughts as mine but anyway once before deciding on any school meet Ramesh partani sir then finalise.. All the best.


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