PROs and CONs of continuing a child in Montessori system till Grade 10

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kala1 2015-03-31 15:30:09


Hi All ,

Based on the way my schooling went on (not practical oriented / not concept oriented),I always wished to provide  more concept based/practical based education to next generations. By the virtue of being in rat race, although I ended up in a MNC , I don’t want to pass on the same method of going with rat race to my child.

I believe that Montessori education system is good and follows holistic approach with realistic/practical exposure. All the inputs/discussions in these forums are extremely helpful.

However, like many others,  I also have few(many) queries about how children cope up in Montessori system of education . My questions may be somewhat in line with the other threads ones raised by other caring parents . But , I am raising few points again so I didn’t see answers for few topics or some of them might have been deleted or there may be new views/ experiences as well.

Request inputs from the experienced parents here based on their experience/ research . It will be extremely helpful for me in deciding the school for my 2.5 year old kid. 


1)Now that we have more than 1 Montessori schools functioning in Hyd which are offering education till Grade 10, What are the pros and cons of continuing a child in Montessori system after 6-7 years (In other words- what are the pros and cons if a child continues in Montessori system From Grade1  to Grade 10 ) ?

2)How are the children evaluated in higher classes in Montessori system?

How can we track their progress or what they are learning?

3) I understand that , although they are Montessori schools they slowly shift child into ICSE / CBSE by higher classes .Does this mean that from VI Grade onwards, child  will experience almost similar pattern of education/teaching as in traditional ICSE/CBSE schools?


Will they only follow the standard syllabus but teaching methodology varies or stays close to Montessori’s methodology of practical orientation?

4)How well do an older child in Montessori study / understand or perform in core subjects like Physics and Mathematics? (As per my understanding, being practical in subjects like Social,Biology etc is different than bringing practical aspect into subjects like Maths and Physics).

5)As we also talked about how children are evaluated without tests/exams, in this context there are other schools also like chinmaya , vidyaranya , chaitanya vidyalaya which follow stress free education.

How are the children evaluated there when compared to the Montessori schools  like Pragnya, Shriram etc ?

 6) Although better when compared to the international schools, I see that the fee structures are on the higher side (>80k) for the two major Montessori schools in discussion (Pragnya , Shriram etc ) .

After paying the admission fee of 40 k, if we have the urge to change the school in next 1-2 years , it may not be a pocket friendly option.

7)Much prevailed notion about Montessori methodology is it best suits only till pre school (till 6 years of age). I would like to take advise/ experiences from the parents of kids who are with Montessori system and are currently in higher classes .

8) According to standard norms,need to take admission in most of the traditional schools during nursery/LKG itself, I dont think an option of going for Montessori system only for preschool and then opting a traditional school later on is a wise thing to do.

9)I heard that in Montessori system there are no homeworks also. Till which grade is this applicable ?

and what will be the effort from parents side to be put in towards children (when compared to the traditional schools )

10) How is their approach/attitude towards sports / extra curricular activities like music / dance etc ?

My intention is that, if child is free after school time they can spend time to pursue activities of their interest .


I see that parents like Tillu469, Ylpavani , aju123,8885 ,Jitha, Sudhir, gauravinibm also have opted Montessori education for their kids. Can you pls share your thoughts about continuing them in same system till Grade 10 and also help me with the  points mentioned above.

Your earliest responses will be of great help for me in taking next step as this is the time of admission for Nursery/Toddler group for my 2.5 year old.



kala1 2015-04-01 06:49:53


Request inputs / thoughts please....
Thank you for reading such a long post.



arun12 2015-08-17 12:29:59


Did you further get any inputs from anyone about this? If so please share them with me. I also have the same questions that you have and am looking for LKG admissions for my kid for 2016-2017. 


Chandra79 2015-11-12 23:38:53


Did you further get any inputs on Montessori methodology & School from anyone about this? If so please share them with me. 
I also have the same questions that you have and am looking for I Class admissions for my kid for 2016-2017. 
What are the fees ? for Shriram and Taraporewalla's Montessori schools and does both have till 10th Class?


kala1 2015-11-13 10:08:52


Hi Chandra , 

I did not get any further replies. But any inputs from parents whose kids are studying higher classes in schools like pragnya / Taraporewalla's / Shriram  will help a lot. 

While 2.5 to 6.5 age is best spent at a montessori environment, I wanted to further understand about higher classes approach these schools follow. 

Any  montessori school  having till 10th grade need to align with either one of the registered boards like ICSE or CBSE. However, it is mentioned that montessori children are supported.

I didn't get any first hand info or feedbacks about how differently regular school will handlethe classes 2nd till 10th and how a montessori based schools (Like shriram or Taraporewalla's or pragnya) will handle 2nd to 10th class.

Also, if we have to compare these 3 above montessori schools which are offering high school education with "Vidyaranya" or "Chaitanya vidyalaya" , how different or similar they will be ? By comparison, I only mean the approach and system followed (as vidyaranya , chaitanya vidayalya also dont have exams and follows a stress free education method).

Yes, both shriram and Taraporewalla's are offering till 10th (However , their first batches of 10th have not yet passed out. They are increasing the classes year after year). Fee structure is almost same for both shriram and Taraporewalla's . There seems to be a difference of 5-10k Thats it. 


Chandra79 2015-11-13 14:39:26


Thanks for your input Suhasini
For others :
We visited Taraporewala today morning, waiting to meet Ms. Kalapana for evaluation as my kid from regular school i.e. not montessori background. We are likely to visit Shriram next week, as per their website they prefer montessori background kids. May be we are little late in finalising on Montessori education if they do not accept the addmission we have to look for other options.unfortunately we cannot get vidyaranya as they have already finished admissions in August.and coming to chaitanya vidyalaya they asked to call in february to check if there are any dropout kids.
I request other parents who are looking for 1st class admissions for 2016-2017 to share their views on other good schools.We are not looking for fancy international schools where the fees is beyond one lakh.

Thank You in advance


vrada 2015-11-23 16:37:44


Hi  Chandra79,
What is the fee structure for 
Taraporewala and Shriram inlcuding any admission /donation fee etc.?


Chandra79 2015-11-30 10:51:35


Both are almost same
30K admission + 4k per month+ Once 19k per annum
25k Admission+ 4k per month + Once 15k or so per annum

ksree 2016-01-05 11:47:45


Taraporewallas/Jubilee Hills charged 25k for Admission + 15k per annum + 5k monthly for 2015-16. It is tough to explain my observation about the development in my 3yr daughter. When we ask her about anything (vegitables/objects/animals etc.), she refuses to respond. But in a routine, when we neglects to question her, she explains as if she knows them.

Will continue 2016-17 too here.


Bujji11 2017-11-25 11:36:00


Hi kala,did u get any answers for the question pro's and con's of montessorie education upto 10th standard.I have the same doubts if u find answer share it.

Sachin11 2019-01-23 14:17:40


Hi Kala,

I am sailing in the same boat where I am confused between Montessori and traditional education. Did you get your son to admit to any Montessori school, if yes, what's your feedback and if no, may I know the reason for not opting the advanced teaching technique. 

1234asdf 2021-07-16 22:27:49


Any latest information on montessori method till grade 10 12


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