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Oldruff 2015-03-27 12:24:24


Dear All,
Meridian is increasing fees every year without intimation and that too in the last term. They are increasing by almost 30%.

Is there something that we can do about this. Is there a parents association active for Meridian School?

RKSM1234 2015-03-27 17:00:31


i think, parents should remove children from such kind of schools. Schools are just doing business. Give it to news channels and give written complaint to DEO. These schools are really making huge amount by collecting from parents pockets without any shy. And also, everyday morning and afternoon, whole traffic gets jammed and nobody is even taking care of that. 

mvkrish 2015-03-28 14:42:40


First , we should not agree for pay the proposed un ethical fee hike and still insist every parent has to come forward and demand to retain the last year fees only . even in coming years also ,they should not increase the fee.
Now it is better not to pay the school fee still we get confirmation from the school management.

arnav12 2015-03-28 20:11:03


Seriously remove your children from such schools.. It's really not worth it with meridian studies... The head of the school has lost lots of money while fighting for elections.. Which they are making us pay...

mohankrishna 2015-03-30 22:29:40


The problem with this school is that they see the school as an business, not an institution. Most of the teachers are not trained and join there just because their kids will get discounts on the fee. From the above (arnav12) if you take out the kids, they get more business as the slots will be opened for new admissions. There by new students will join by paying Admission fee/Donation whatever. Coming to the transportation they are charging 38,000 per kid for distances below 10KM. They initially tell you that the buses are AC and 9 out of ten times I observed the AC's were not turned on. Even with the class rooms, they dont even run fans as they get tight instructions from the management. I have fought many times but all in vain. The food is pathetic and students are afraid to ask for second round. I have personally seen this. 

The fee includes extra curriculum activities. But no sports are being conducted as promised. Only a few that too once in a while. For a III grade section the class teacher was changed 3 times in four months. When questioned why the class teacher was frequently changed, they come out with some non-sense reasons. Can you imagine for a VIII grade the class teacher was merely 25 years old with no knowledge on the subject. Most of the teachers are qualified with no teaching experience. They recruit teachers that are parents of their own school, they look for english speaking ability and boom, they enter into the teaching world experimenting on our kids. In the entire history of this branch, there was not even one suggestion that they have implemented proposed by the parents. There are no security cameras. 
They increase the school fee exorbitantly to the tune of 20 to 30 % or more without any intimation. If you ask why, then they simply tell you to take your kids out to a different school.
Kindly do not believe this school and the management. It worth nothing, please look for a school where atleast some ethics are followed. Thanks and a NO NO to Meridian schools. You can inquire with other parents also. I personally have nothing but a serious parents where my kids used to study. 


arnav12 2015-03-31 00:36:37


Hi, I don't think people now a days would think many times before paying such a huge amount on low quality of studies.. So bout what will happen later pls don't worry.. At the moment just think bout an option of an other school where u will find good quality studies and u can atleast not waste the rest of money on that school... I know many ppl from colony who have removed there children from meridian and are very happy now...

arnav12 2015-03-31 00:40:24


Oh.. Oh.. Sorry I didn't read the previous post properly.. That's good u removed your children from that school... Where have u joined them now..

asus123 2015-03-31 17:05:06


Everything about the school is pathetic. To start with, it is constructed in a disputed land. Fees is incredibly high for a CBSE School. Add to it, they increase the fees to their whims and fancies every year. They call the school air conditioned, and rarely you can find the ACs switched on. Infact, some classes don't even have permanent roof. Imagine the plight of kids in Summers. Food comes from Banjara Hills Meridian school, so by the time kids are served, it is cold and dry. Sports and extra curricular activities is a joke in the school.   Teachers avail the bus facility, but rarely teachers care about the behaviour of the kids in the bus. Even if the kids tear the bus seats or fight or abuse, the teachers are busy with their cellphones. Infact, most buses does not even have a female security guard. 
School never likes suggestions. Simply your suggestions are ignored. 


neenad 2015-04-01 07:24:00


Thanks asus123 for your detailed feedback about Meridian. Seriously, I was almost fainted by looking at their fee structure! 1,25,000 is the admission/donation fees. My Goodness! Such a hi-fi school, sorry that I stepped in there!

hydsc 2015-04-01 10:18:51


Thanks to all who have started this thread
  The reason for me writing here is to aware any prospective parents about the school. We have a group of almost 100 parents who were resenting this fee hike for the year 2014-15 , no concrete out come but here are my honest feedback about the school
1. Yes, the fee is not justified - this time i have paid 2.7 for my children who are still in primary wing. I would have been happy if the returns are same. The only good part is their primary teachers who are very open and flexible, But with growing grades, we expect more trained and experienced teachers which they surely lack.

2. Their iteration rate is so high, last year they even hired frsh college graduates for primary class teachers who don't even have any masters or b.ed

3. The premises is still under construction, lot of dust when buses come in the morning , no proper roads and parting is a hige issue for own transport parents

4. This time they have reduced the mess fee saying that they have more automation in making rotis now but overall quality of food is not great atll, usually i feed my kids after school which is apparent that they are not happy eating there

5. Acadmic is something i am not happy at all , i put in double the effort at home as i don't see concept clarity and heard that even higher grades, very few teachers are good

6. Extra circular activities are just OK, sometimes very silly competitions which don't match the growing kids caliber and kids get frustrated

7. No focus or extra effort on preparing kids for inter or intra school events like Olympiads which couple of other schools do

8. They are not able to strike good balanace between overall development and academics

9. More focus on show off like celebration of events including some b'days ... don't want to be controversial here

10. Useless initiatives which they are not utilizing fully - they have tata edge but very few classes are digital and no Audio Visual aids in teaching , collaboration from British Council was supposed to help but didn't see great benefit

The only reason of having kids here is
1. Location advantage - very accessible

2. Flexibility of own transport

3. Friendly and approachable staff , not the management

4. Open to feedback

Recently we met the management for fee concern and was turned down by their arrogant attitude, they plainly refused financial audit and did not recongnize that fee hike has to be consulted with parent association. They don't entertain any parent associations, and plainly copmmented that governemnet or cbsc has no rules for regulation the fee hike

At the rate at which they are hiking the fee, i would end up paying 20 lacs/child for just completing grade 10. Not to mention i have two. Rather i enroll my kids to normal school, send them oputside for extra ciricular activities and have a full time home tutor, i would save more

Also their infrastucture is way low than reputed schools in Delhi and Chennai who are charging much less.. I am wondering if there are any government departments of eduaction who looks and cares for such issues ?


Oldruff 2015-04-01 11:44:11


Please contact the DEO( District Education Officer) of Hyderabad. The school is run by a MP- and mind you if you have 100 parents protesting it the DEO has to take representation. Let me know how we can join this parents association.


asus123 2015-04-01 11:47:54


Appreciate the detailed write up by hydsc.
Add to more, for the 1,25,000 you cannot even get a proper receipt. One cannot pay through card or cheque, as the money is not accounted for. All they give you is a letter of receipt. Truly shows the state of affairs.
What is more bizarre is that this school accepts admissions even in the month of February, for that acedemic year. 


hydsc 2015-04-01 12:43:23


Thanks everyone, the current group which is protesting is communicating through wots app , we are suggesting to have a facebook page or a formal group where lot of parents can join

hydsc 2015-04-01 13:22:03


Found this link, not sure if complaining there would be of any help


reddy124 2015-04-01 23:05:30


Meridian is doing a very good business .its definitely not worth at all...poor infrastructure ,no extra curricular activities.only once in a while for name sake without any result ..I have decided to remove my child from here ...They fleece money from parents ..worst school ..I suggest a big NO for parents who are considering this school.ðŸ˜'

reddy124 2015-04-01 23:15:17


Adding to this ,they shuffle teachers twice or thrice a year whenever they want without even intimating ...they don't even celebrate annual day .After paying the fee in lakhs ,we have to buy the class photograph for Rs 50.shame on their part.

arnav12 2015-04-02 00:29:31


Hi, Can you please tell where have u shifted your children to? And how is the new school...

hydsc 2015-04-07 09:31:02


There is a survey which we can fill and representnt parents concern

Tej7 2015-08-08 20:08:25


Hi all.. Shocking reviews about meridian.. Where have u joined ur kids.. We r moving to kphb and thinking of nearer schools ..

thought of meridian and global edge.. Plz suggest as i am totally new to high end schools 
any other schools.. Plz tel me

my kids are now from JGS nacharam. 

deepz123 2016-03-14 19:29:16


The strongest ever reaction would evoke if the 100 parents would join their children in other schools.
which offer good education. I know they are lot of good schools in hyderabad. but the clamour for international schools has led to the schools chaeging exorbitant fees in the guise of providing quality education.I am not a parent. But if the parents Vow not to go after the hype of international then i am sure all the schools would come down and run after parents for want of admissions,as the students have gone down.You can make a change.

pranavi67 2017-06-29 21:21:32


Yes!! That's true! My daughter used to come home sweating every day! But now we moved and are very happy! 

pranavi67 2017-06-29 21:22:16



afnshad 2018-12-03 20:40:13


What is the fees for Grade 1 , 2019-2020 at Meridian Madhapur?


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