Looking for Good School near Kukatpally, Madhapur, Jubliee Hills and Miyapur

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ShilpaJ 2015-03-25 19:23:18


Hi All,
I am relocating for Bangalore to HYD and had several doubts running in my mind... My son is studying in Sindhi School (Bang) in UKG.. it is quite a moderate school .. established and gud in academics.
I checked Global Edge, Kukatpally, Orchids International and Jubliee Hills Public School... Here are few concerns
1. Global Edge Kukatpally... It is a new branch... though v kind of liked the enviornment but i am confused since it is new they would not be having experienced teachers. Also it is only till 6th Std... I dont hav any clue when r they going to expand... Considering all the facts... i m thinking whether to join or not.. but ,y husband liked the enviornment ..since it is student centric and playful with academics... But since i believe more in academics part... i dont knw ..they might be gud with co-ciricular but how is the academics is still a mystery
2. Orchids International School... When v took a tour of this school it was a nic xperience but when i saw some reviews.. it states only till 5th this luks gud... they dont have a ground so.. always they have to travel.. .also i didnt like the assembly thing.. .which is taken underground in the base... it luks well equipped nd teacher student  ratio ratio is 1:15...so totally only 250 students in the entire building... so much of risk involved. Hope they have  a proper affilliation. I spoke to one of the student passed out last year.. she said it is gud till 5th.. after that it becomes worst. May experienced teachers have already left the school... which leaves me in a dilemmma,,,,, whether i shud really put my son in Orchids
3. Jubliee Hills Public School... v spoke to one of the admission guy.. he considered our application since it is transfer case.. i liked the school since it is quite repurted, established and has well equipped infra. but v have to keep meeting the Admission guy and donot know what amount he is going to quote.. my husband is already feeling humiliated when he was made to wait for long hours jus for application... i believe since v r at receving ennd v have to face all this.,,.,, no call v have got yet.. the other cordinator said to get our kid for the interview... my husabnd says till v get a confirmation call lets not go to schooll... now i m in a fix... Do u have any review on how dis school is
From a worried mother .. who is looking for an establised ..non prIcey school WHICH HAS A GUD INFRA... but also aware that admission r close by this time... plz help me


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