Best play school in Gachibowli or Hitec city

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786786 2015-02-28 23:44:04



We recently relocated to Hyderabad and looking for some good play-school for my daughter in Gachibowli or HiTec area..

Can someone please give some pointers for the same.

Thanks a lot !!!!

ajmama 2015-03-03 20:37:40


Following is my review of few playschools I have checked. Klay in Hitech city - is absolutely beautiful. Spic and span premises, neat and clean toys, loads of activities for kids. Bright and well lit. Outdoor area is not very big...but they have outdoor toys in the indoors. But I found it too expensive. Around 98490 for nursery + 30000 admission fee + transport + food(optional). If you can afford it, go for it. I checked a lots of other playschools. Oi kondapur - horrible school, ugly, dark...rooms were suffocating, kids huddled up in rooms...just idling around. Total no no. Fee- 42k for nursery. Bachpan kondapur - Quite an old building, but the lady who manages it appeared knowledgeable. It was more of a school than playschool. Nothing wrong with it. Some people i know are happy with it. Fee is quite less. I dont remember it though. Little elly madhapur - Better than Oi Kondapur, but not impressive. Dark rooms..i dont understand if you can't switch on the lights, at least open the windows!! Kids hitting each had turned black and icky with dirt. .they will be changing premises this april. May be, it is better. Fee, same as Oi. KinderKare gachibowli- clean premises, outdoor play area was good, not exceptional. Classrooms looked okay. But the fee they are charging is too much considering the school. Fees is 52k for 6 months, which the lady said, will be increased in next academic year. There was nothing exceptional about the school. If you are ready to pay such an amount, you'd rather go for Klay. Kangaroo kids madhapur- premises was clean. But it was unusually silent for a playschool. Not at all cheerful. They have outdoor space. But it had just a wooden slide and a seesaw. School wasn't bad, but somehow I didn't feel comfortable. Fees around, 60k. My kid is 2.3 yes old and is partially potty trained. None of the above school (except Klay) agreed to help him potty train. All they have to do is take them to loo every hour. When I asked them if they do ...they were surprised with a big No...and said..they are big kids and they let let them know if they want to go to loo. I agree, some kids kid doesn't. Nobody except Klay voluntarily offered to potty train. Anyways. This was one thing that pissed me off most of the times. I have settled for Eurokids Madhpur- Good outdoor playing area. It is a company owned and operated branch, not a franchisee owned. Meghna Sen, who manages this center is a good natured, practical lady. Classes were well lit, ventilated. Spacious. Even the nannies looked clean and tidy. Fee- 52k. My kid was comfortable with the school...and looked happy. Even I was satisfied with the school. My first choice would be Klay (if we could afford it), next would be Eurokids Madhapur. Hope this helped.

Tarshiya 2015-03-15 17:22:36


I also recommend you to check out Gaudium. I liked the concept / facilities / interaction with principal/staff & many more thing. Got my son admitted to PP2


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