Confused where to enroll my child Oi Playschool Gachibowli,Jubilee hills,Madhapur,Kondapur

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sarojt 2015-02-28 17:32:16


I was wondering where to enroll my 2 year old for daycare and playschool in hyderabad.I am looking at OI playschools in the following locations - Gachibowli,Madhapur,Kondapur,Jubilee hills.Please help me make the decision by giving your feedback/reviews

manasithakkar 2015-03-13 13:54:59


Oi at jubilee hills is the main one and the rest are the franchise . Even i am looking out for good Montessori / play school for my 2 yr old son.
Have u visited any of the franchise ?
i suggest u should consider klay .. I quiet liked it .

Raksak 2015-05-20 18:04:09



I would recommend OI playschool, Gachibowli. It is in vinayak nagar, near EPTRI. My son had joined the school when he was toddler & we are continuing him for PP1 in same school. I've complete trust in system. They have really nice open space for kids to enjoy, good aunties, good teachers & above all very humble principal, who will answer to all your queries . If you want to know more details, please sent me an email.


ajmama 2015-05-21 22:51:43


Ideally, you should send your kid to the one that is either closer to your house or one on your route to office, of course it needs be good. I haven't visited all the oi's branches, only kondapur's, and it is pathetic. Don't even bother about Oi kondapur. And Klay in hi-tech is very impressive..I loved it. But the fee is on the higher side. Will come up to 1.2 l per annum for all the classes.

Raj131 2015-11-12 11:14:56


Hi all,
I like Oi gachibowli school. My daughter is going to that school  when she was in toddler and still she is continuing in nursery. This is a best playschool in gachibowli that you all are looking for little ones. They provide milk during school hours, extra curriculum activities daily, this school is more famous for assembly.. I am very happy and satisfied as a parent. . 


manasithakkar 2015-11-13 01:12:09


I have put my some in Glendale edufun and I am amazed with the progress he has made . Lovely teachers , clean environment ..


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