Housemaid/care taker at home for my 3 yr old kid

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LavanyaP 2010-04-03 13:50:42



Iam a working lady currently on sabattical. Wld be getting back to work in a couple of months and would like to have a care taken for my 3 yr old daughter at home. Some one who comes in the morning and goes back late evening. Wld any of you know any agencies that provide reliable maids at hyd. I stay at hyderguda (near  attapar, mehidipatnam)


mickey 2010-04-03 15:51:03


Hi Lavanya,

There is a good Domestic Help agency called Gray Koats at Amberpet. My friend who stays in Erramanzil has engaged a Nanny/baby sitter when her son was 18 months old . The nanny is taking care of him for the past two years. The advantage with this agency is, even if u want to change your maid for some reason, they will replace her. They will also make alternate arrangement  if the present maid goes on leave.  All these maids are police verified and reliable. So they will be expensive too. You will have to deposit some amount with the agency initially which can be negotiated , I think. In fact, today morning I called up the agency for a domestic help for my mother and they told me to send my query in writing.

I will give you the address and the phone numbers.

Mr. Jack manages Gray Coats. I don’t have his cell number. But you can call Madhusudan on 9247373119. He works in the same agency. The other no is 040-65548499 where you can reach Jack. This agency is at Amberpet. You don’t have to go there. Just call on the given numbers and also write to

2-2-1089/A, Golnaka, Amberpet, near Shalem Bible Church, Hyd.




LavanyaP 2010-04-03 20:19:24


hi Mickey

u always come up with details in a jiffy. Thanx a lot . btw any inputs on Esperanza and roots group of school?



LavanyaP 2010-04-03 20:28:35


Hi Mickey

this friend who had used this service, was there anyone to oversee the baby sitter at home? or are they reliable enough to be left alone in the house with the kid?

i wld also be expecting the lady to take the kid to nearby home for classes that i plan to enroll her into. You this this wld be possible?



mickey 2010-04-03 22:11:23


Hi Lavanya,

Initially my friend spent some time with the baby sitter till  her son got accustomed to Nanny. As her office is near, she drops in for lunch. But there were many days, when she could not come home. As such, once the rapport builds up, you will not face any problems. She leaves to office before his son leaves for school. The lady takes him to near by playschool  and brings him from school too. As my friend is blessed with another baby boy, the nanny  takes care of him too. Of course my friend was on 6 months maternity leave. So after that when she joined back, this lady is taking care of both of them. She is planning to shift to Hi-Tech city and may be this lady will not go there. The agency will send somebody else to her. These people are reliable as we know their details very well and we can do a background check ourselves too.

I will talk to my friend tomorrow and check if they have moved to Hi-tech city and let u know about Nanny.

I have read in one of the discussions about playschool that u r staying at Attapur. I will have to find out from my friend if the nanny is willing to come so far. Meanwhile , you can contact this agency and find out. They will send three or four people for interview. You have to pay to the agency only if you want to employ them.

Esperanza is very good. One of my neighbours is leaving her 2yr old daughter here from 9am to 5pm. She is very much satisfied. I don't know about Roots. If possible , I will find out and let u know tomorrow. Are u talking about the one which is in Banjara Hills?

The agency will be closed tomorrow. You can call on Monday. However ,  u can send an email briefing your requirements.






LavanyaP 2010-04-04 01:17:13


Hi Mickey

   I was looking at Gachibowli Esperaranza as thought the travel time wld be less with lesser traffic frm my place. Wanted to know if the children are engaged in activities in the day care post the school session. and if there is enough open/free space for the kids to run around aswell.

Also what is the feedback on the food quality. Is it reliable.



mickey 2010-04-04 13:26:05


Hi  Lavanya,

I just met my neighbour. Her daughter is in Banjara Hills Esperanza. This one is quite spacious and is more preferred than the Gachibowli branch. The premises in Gachibowli is very small. All the facilities are as such available in Gachibowli branch too. The menu is seen online. The parents can also see what their kids are doing from time to time. They have cameras and upload their video. Food is very nutritous. Kids are there from 9 am to 7 pm and they are quite happy and enjoy their stay at day care cum playgroup. Children are engaged in other activities too.

However my friend's colleague who stays in Gachibowli didnot like Esperanza at Gachibowli as the premises is too small and has opted for Kinder care at Gachibowli which is better . She also liked Roots which you mentioned. In Roots the kids are very small. Many of them are below one year. As her daughter is 2 1/2 yrs old, she has opted for Kinder Care  where most of the children are in the same age group.

So Roots and Kinder care are better than Esperanza at Gachibowli.

My neighbour who has her daughter in Esperanza, BJ Hills has opted for a 12 hour package. If you are working for NASSCOM, you will get 50% concession. Esperanza will cost you 8K to 10K depending upon the package you opt for. Esperanza, BJ Hills is till class 3.

So its better you visit all these day care cum play schools at Gachibowli and then decide whether you want to put your daughter in day care or employ a baby sitter at home.

My friend who has employed a Nanny is planning to shift after one year or so to Hi-Tech city. So you need to talk to the agency and tell them to send some care takers if you like their terms and conditions. You don’t need anybody to supervise them a such. But it is better if you stay at home for 4-5 days with the care taker at home till your daughter gets adjusted.






LavanyaP 2010-04-05 13:09:24


Hi  Mickey

Spoke to Jack from Graykoats. Enquired on the verification process. Apparently they donot have a police verification check and in their terms and conditions to be accepted by us this is what is quoted by the agency.

"All the candidates who enroll with us are screened and we do our best to verify the credentials they provide us, however we request you to thoroughly satisfy yourself and take full responsibility before retaining them".

This above term bothers me.

Also any idea on the salary that your friend is giving and the time aswell? for 11 to 7 pm service the agency quoted 4500K +. Is that the regular rates? Any idea?





mickey 2010-04-05 13:58:05


Hi Lavanya,

My friends pays Rs 5000 pm for 9am to 6pm. She told her husband to verify her baby sitter's address. He went to her house and met other residents too mentioned in her address  before engaging her. As these people are a bit educated and give authentic address as they are registered  with the agency, they will not dare to do anything which can put them in trouble.

Yes, these are the regular  charges. Do visit Roots and Kinder care too at Gachibowli before you take any decision.

Actually when I spoke to the nanny  last year when i went to visit my friend, she told me that her details were cross checked with Police too and hence I mentioned about the police verification. But that should not be much of a concern as long as they are sent from the agency and u personally check  her credentials. They will have a fear factor as their details are with us and will be  in their limits. If u feel fishy any time, the agency will send you another maid. 

You should however keep all your valuables , documents  in a locker and out of reach from these people.




LavanyaP 2010-04-05 15:28:47



i wld anyways need to go for a nanny next year as i plan to put her in a regular school frm LKG. and send her to classes in the evening nearby my apts.

so was thinking it wld be preferable to hire one right this year....but frankly very confused on the next steps.

what are the typical work that these nannies do at home? do they also cook for the kids if required? and help in some house hold work?



mickey 2010-04-06 12:33:45


Hi Lavanya,

Yes , they take care of kids totally including cooking for them and pressing their clothes too.

In addition , if u want to get some household work done, u have to talk to them before. That should not be a problem.

Usually these people don't get into sweeping/mopping. They will keep the house clean, tidy up kids room, keep their things in order, play with them and engage them in different activities. The one at my friend's place reads small stories for him and keeps him engaged. She has completed her Intermediate  and can converse in English too.






LavanyaP 2010-04-06 18:50:09



one nore Qn. are they availabe all 7 days or 5 days over the week?



mickey 2010-04-06 19:38:44


Hi Lavanya,

They take off on Sundays. So they work for 6 days a week.  If really required, u can tell them to come for some time.

In case of any emegency ,if they are required to stay a bit longer, they will co-operate. All depends upon the   rapport  you share with them.

You need to talk to them clearly before employing them.

Usually they take off on sundays or some week day  to attend to their personal chores.




LavanyaP 2010-04-13 23:12:31


Hi Mickey

heard recently about Dr. Reddy's Home manager program where they apparently have house maids service. Though i am yet to speak to them for more details, wonder if you have any feedback on this service by Dr. Reddy's




mickey 2010-04-14 18:32:51


Hi Lavanya,

No idea about Dr.Reddy's. Hearing it for the first time. I will see , if i can find out.




yummymummy 2010-08-06 00:14:12


Hi Guys,

Couldn't resist so decided to butt in.I did use services of Graykoats abt 3 years back .I was asked to deposit one salary with them & was promised that if i had any problem with the maid either i could take that 75% of the deposite back or they could also replace the maid within the first month.The catch in here is if the maid sticks ard for the first month and decides to quit aft that then what.Something like that happened in our case.She didn't quit however went away on leave aft 2 mths for abt a month for her daughter's wedding .She took all gifts from us & finally we had to keep calling her to get back to work

They say they'll replace the  maid however my son had got used to her and I'd spent abt 15 days with her to be sure of her and could not take off again from work to get to know another new person.So we had to get one of my aunt's to stay with us.This lady got back  & again decided to go on leave aft abt 6 mths for her daughter's delivery .Went away again with goodies from us for the baby & promising to come back to never return.So in total she worked with us for abt 8 mths.And when I spoke to Mr Jack all he had to say was I can get back the stuff from her.Well it wasn't stolen..She fooled us saying that she'll get back soon & we took good care coz of my baby.The similar story happend with my collegue at work.So be careful with Graykoats & it pinches as they are very expensive.

Any other agency from where I can get good domestic help..nanny + cook.Desperately in need of one as I have another baby & need to get back to work this month.


yummymummy 2010-08-06 00:23:00


Yeah ..also they wanted me to pay the deposit again when i wanted her to be replaced..Not my fault that they sent a lady who wanted to go on leave again & again.They should have checked that b4 sending her to me.


mickey 2010-08-06 09:44:58


Thats pretty bad Mariam. The agency  has taken you for a ride. You in turn should have insisted to give back your deposit  instead of they asking you to pay more. I remember my friend paying 10K as deposit amount 3 yrs back. Luckily ,she has not faced such problem from the agency. She is in US now and plans to employ  another lady after she returns. In your case, Mr.Jack should have given a stern warning to your nanny  when she left for the first time. We can't get into all this bcoz of the kid.

You need to be tough with such people who tend to take you for a ride. I know, with a small kid who already got used to one nanny, its difficult to change. After all, children get affected by all these and we give in to the maid's  demands. The maids as well as the agency know these facts pretty well and play with our sentiments.

Better go for a daycare in case your aunt leaves. Thats the best option i feel.

Take care,



LavanyaP 2010-08-11 22:10:00


thanx mariam for your inputs. shall check out.




Sur10 2010-09-21 10:16:14


Hi Mickey,

Thanks for the information on Graykoats! I also stay in Hyderabad and am planing to hire a nanny for my children. I have spoken with them. Only concern is that their commitment is for one month only. Are you aware of their replacement clause? Have you been able to hire someone through them. What if the nanny/maid leaves after a they provide free replacement?

Request help and advice.

Best regards,



avi25ge 2010-10-22 19:37:05


Hi Mickey, do you have any such agency for drivers as well?



mickey 2010-10-23 12:00:26


Hi Avineet,  I don't run any agency. 

I don't know any agency for drivers though i keep seeing many of them written on walls.

Never made a note of it. Please don't go by such agencies as we can't rely on them. I am struggling hard to find a good driver for the past 11 months and have given up now. I prefer to drive on my own now.

You can however look in Sulekha pages for the agencies. But prefer to engage somebody from a known source.




avi25ge 2010-10-23 17:20:30


 Thanks Mickey. Absolutely am aware you don't run an agency ;-). Just a figure of speech, to know if you knew one, as your suggestion seem to be quite reliable. :)  Thanks a lot for all your help uptill now. Wish you get more wisdom and info to help out people like us.



 Former member 2010-10-26 10:55:34


hi avi25ge !!

for drivers, you can talk to your nearby reputed driving schools, they will arrange one.


KarSwap 2011-09-28 16:03:38


Hi Mickey

Could you get to know some additional information on the Dr Reddy's foundation that trains personnel as maids? Or any other agency other than Grey Koats in Hyd?

Also in some of the discussions I had learnt that your kid is in Nasr Primary. My kid is also in the same... would like to discuss about the same. Would be great if you can share with me your contact details.




mickey 2011-09-29 11:11:42


 Hi KarSwap,

I have no idea about Dr. Reddy's foundation. My daughter is in Pre-primary.
Check your inbox for my contact details.



mahathiramya 2013-07-18 17:05:20


 hi Mickey,

Iam joining my 2.5 yrs kid to Esperanza, Kondapur. No reviews are there yet. Please let me know any information that you have on this branch. Iam joining him for nursey+day care.. most propably 10 to 7 PM






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