TO Parents of kids styudying in Shriram Montessori School Jubilee hills

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Tillu469 2015-02-12 17:23:44


Hello Everyone,

I visited the Shriram Montessori school after reading the feedback in this site. I am very impressed with the way kids were learning at the school, very keen to join my kid in the school.  But I have few queries that I want to get clarified before I go ahead. can anyone of you please share your email id or contact number so that I can contact you.

kala1 2015-03-31 12:56:39


Hi All / Tillu ,
Yes, I am also interested in a constructive discussion on this topic.  Which Mont school are you opting for your child ?

Like many others ,  I also have few(many) queries about how children cope up in Mont system of education .Request inputs from the experienced parents here based on their experience/ research . It will help me a lot in deciding further: 
i)What are the pros and cons of continuing a child in Mont  system after 6-7 years ?ii)How are the children evaluated in higher classes ? How can we track their progress or what they are learning.iii)How well do a older child in montessory study / understand or perform in core subjects like Physics and Maths?(As per my understanding,  being practical in subjects like Social,Biology etc is different than bringing practical aspectinto subjects like Maths and Physics)iv)As we also talked about how children are evaluated without tests/exams, in this context there are other schools also like chinmaya , vidyaranya , chaitanya vidyalaya which follow stress free education.How are the children evaluated there when compared to the  montessori schools  like Pragnya, Shriram etc ?

sudhirrd 2015-04-05 01:59:21


I have messaged you my email ID. Please, for any queries, mail me.


indu1501 2018-01-22 17:49:22


hi sudhir,

can u share ur email id please? i have some queries on shrirams montessori

indu1501 2018-01-23 11:22:37



I am looking for admission for class1 for my daughter. While i really like the montessori method and particularly shrirams montessori, I am skeptical about how children from montessori will cope with real world and classroom, competitiveness from other schools and students when they reach class 8 or after class 10.

Can someone help me decide between shrirams montessori and future kids? I had earlier read posts by mr.sudhir who has kid children in shrirams.

indu1501 2018-01-23 11:25:18


Also, is FKS taking any admission fee or donation or corpus fund as a one-time fee during admission?

Mady1309 2018-12-07 19:26:27


Hi Kala, I was so curious to hear about your research end.. if so could you pls share me your valuable information. I am also so confused ... Montessori method


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