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rachna1981 2015-02-10 12:06:55


Hi my kid is in UKG in Fosters Billabong,saket at present. I am quiet happy with the study pattern they follow though they are little slow in written part. However, the conceptual learning is too good.
I received the fees structure for next year today which says 65000/annum which is almost 15k more than the last year fees.
My husband wants to look for KV Picket as an option from 1st but few of my known sources that it will be good if I put him in KV after 5th and not now.
I am very confused. I reside in Sainikpuri and Bhavan's is walking distance but not too good reviews about the school have come from parents. Please suggest what to do as I feel the fee structure is way too high for Fosters.

swathiramesh 2015-02-10 18:42:07


Dear Rachna,
I took admission in Foster Billabong to my daughter for grade 4, now she is at Bhavans.
As you mentioned, we are not happy with the school(Bhavans). Coming to fee at FBHIS, it it about 90k for 
grade 4. 
I feel that fee is not too high when compared to reqelford Internatinal and others. If we continue in KVs, Bhavans, DAV, we have to rely on tuitions, which will be stress for both parents and kids and mostly these schools have class size of nothing less than 45.My son also at Bhavans in grade 6, we are changing him to FIITJEE world school, West Maredpally. Paying and travelling to various places, better to put all at one place. This is the reason I opted FBHIS for my daughter.
Hope, the information may help you to take right decision.


arnav12 2015-02-10 18:56:53


Hi rachna, As rightly said by swati these days every school is comming upto the same fee structure.. Atleast at foster u will be sure your kid is happy and teachers will be cooperative rather than at any other traditional school where teachers will not be ready to take any feedback from u.. And the fee u quoted for first is the same In almost all schools these days.. But then again if it really not feasible then u would have to think of other options....

rachna1981 2015-02-11 11:00:23


Thanks Swati and Anrav.As you both have mentioned, the feedback even I got is the same that schools like DAV, Bhavans and KV, kids need extra tutions and since this is my son's second year with Fosters, Iamreally happy with his development as compared to those of his friends who hail from these schools.
Arnav its not about affordability here, its about education is really becoming very expensive and with other liabilities and planning another kid, we really have to plan well. As I mentioned I am very happy with the format Fosters have and so do the teachers.

arnav12 2015-02-11 11:16:48


Hi rachna, I completely understand your point but just assume if u join him in schools like bhavans or dav then first thing u would have to spend on tutions then on certain extracurricular activities like swimming skating western dance etc but with foster all these activities would be covered in the fees itself without the child having to spend extra time after school.. So all in all I feel the price would come up to same in any school if v want all round development for our child... Even I had same problem when I was searching for a school for my child but when you consider all these factors I feel the fees is justified... I appreciate your thoughts on it...

saswati2012 2015-02-11 11:37:06


hi swathiramesh,
I am also looking for my daughter's admission to class IV (CBSE) and not able to decide on dps nacharam .I am shifting near nacharam next month.I saw your post and thought about asking your feedback on foster you know the class strength and the attention given by teachers to students? I heard that dps nacharam charges fees but does not conduct extracurricular activities regularly.Is that same with FBHIS ?



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