BLOSSOMS Masjidbanda Play School is very impressive and their Day Care is soo reasonable

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mrinu1234 2015-02-09 13:23:29


I live in Sudarshan Nagar near HCU Depot and Serra Internation was just a hype - honestly it was way too commercial. I sent my daughter there for 4 months. So, was looking for alternatives, and Kidzee in Masjidbanda was looking like a Poultry farm with 20 Kids in each class, cleanliness and hygiene gone out of the window, kids not attended to in time…Strict No No…I was pleasantly surprised to see quite neat, appealing and much less noisy with more than caring staff right next door…took admission there…also learnt Don’t go with the hearsay….even after 6 months I like Blossoms International play school..

sweta2016 2016-11-01 15:21:04


My son has been going to Blossoms Play school for last 3 years and i am quite happy with the school,especially with the staff/Teachers/Admin etc.He has improved a lot in terms of Communicating in English with others and their teaching techniques are very impressive.My son really enjoys the art & craft classes.I am really happy with the school.


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