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sunshines 2015-01-23 23:15:12



I stay in Attapur . I have a son of 5yr old and planning to join him in DSE for 1st class.
Can anyone share the feedback on DSE and TIME School - Bandlaguda?

Your help would be much appreciated!


Tavva22 2015-02-02 14:00:36


I stay at Gudimalkapur, after lot of search I ended up with DSE Attapur. I joined my girl in grade 1, the school has a very good mouth publicity with the parents. I even spoke to few and they were very happy specially with the teachers who are always there at any point of time.

 I visited TIME also and that too is very good. Main reason I dropped the idea of joining in time is coz of the distance. As I feel traveling that long for a 5yr old child is unnecessary.


Umevcan 2015-02-17 15:15:41


Though, our children are not from the same age group, I still recommend you to join your child in this school. My children (Grade VI and III) are studying in DSE, Attapur. We joined them last year after a thorough study on the nearby schools. I feel that it's a good decision to join them at DSE. Time school was not yet ready last year. Yes, I too found it is too far for us to reach there. DSE is good in all respects. The Principal stands at the exit every end of the day to monitor the kids.I have never seen him missing this activity. We heard that most of the teaching staff are from Meridian school. All the teachers are very good. Specially, our children like their class teachers (Rishika Madam and Omi Asim Madam) alot. They are very attached to the school and love to go daily. 


chsatya 2015-03-19 14:10:05


I stay at gudimalkapur, can u pls share the fee structure of both DSE and TIME as i am looking admission for my son in Grade 1,And what are the timings of DSE


Tavva22 2015-03-26 14:43:30


In DSE donation:50k, annual fee is: 43k miscellaneous:7k which will add up field trips, stationary, text books. U have to bear separately for uniforms, shoes. Transportation will differ according to the distance
i do not have clear picture on Time, even for that school everything comes up to 70k. If distance is not an issue, u can check scholars international at manikonda.


brother 2015-03-30 14:53:59


My Son is studying in Delhi School of Excellence in class III. This school is charging 50k + 7 k for tuition fees and stationary for III class. But in return they are providing unqualified and low quality teachers. They are just thinking, teachers speaks in english with children, this is what they think is sufficient. Total 5 sections in the class, each section will have 34 students, and from Each student, they charge almost 55k but in return they pay 20k maximum to teachers. Totally disappointed with this school after admitting my son. They show you heaven during joining process, after you join your child, they don't address your concerns at all.

My Question to them is why they hiring low quality teachers just to make more and more money, When they are earning so much why can't they hire a high quality teachers even if they come for high salaries say from 30k to 50k ?



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