Nasr Pre-Primary Boys and Girls School - Hyderabad

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prav7401 2016-12-18 15:12:13


Really Appreciate your Detailed Response . I spoke to Few Parents who's kids study in ICSE board and agree completely that its better to keep one class lower so they learn more mature and will be less stressed as per Nasr Age Cut off . 
Nasr Admin Office told that parents Interaction would be around 8th - 12th Jan . They told they normally get around 500 to 600 applications they will shortlist around 140 kids . I mentioned Jubliee hills Nasr Pre-Primary( 40 vacancies)  as I stay at madinaguda 

I heard Nasr Board of Directors will do parents interactions . Let me know on what parameters they access the kids , I mean like what kind of questions they would ask the 3 yrs old kid . As selection  ratio would like 5 or 6 :1 , Keeping fingers crossed . Could plz share your email Id as I don't have any existing Nasr Parents contact
thanks & Regards
Praveen N




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