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sukuv 2015-01-06 15:56:16


I am looking for feedback on Prerana Waldorf School at Gachibowli from parents of students who are currently studying or have studied earlier. We are looking for our kid’s admission into Nursery there

1.      Are they really following Waldorf philosophy?

2.      Feedback on Quality of teachers?

3.      The fee looks very high for the facilities and campus they are offering. Is it really worth paying that much fees?

4.      Let’s say if we want to change to kid into non- Waldorf school after studying couple of years there. Will the child be able to adjust with non- Waldorf school?

5.      The school says (When I met them) they will be able to identify what is kid interested in (I mean what talent kid has). Is it real? Does their teaching methodology support this?

 Any other valuable suggestions are appreciated

MehaJain 2015-01-07 11:59:42


Hi Sukuv,
I also went there for admission of my daughter in nursery class.
I didnt like it much , they were just giving gyan on waldorf philosophy. I asked them one question that as I have a daughter I would like to know about there safety security measures and they had absolutely no answer. There is no Aaya (maid) to acompany young kids in school bus , plus they do not have separate drop facilty for nursery, kg kids. You have to make your own arrangement
Swings were in bad shape,considering the amount of fees they are charging I didnt expect this ,
Construction is also going on so full time labour will also be there

For all above reasons I striked it off from my list.
Hope this is helpful for you.


sukuv 2015-01-07 15:14:43


Thanks for the update MehaJain. Even I felt their fee is very very high for the facilities they are providing.
Regarding drop off: they said they will drop Nursary kids also at 3 PM till then the kid will sleep in the school. 

Have you visited Sloka? The school (For grade classes) is very far way. I am yet to visit the school




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