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9491118822 2020-01-14 22:11:20


  • imageMy daughter got admission in HPS Begumpet in 1st class. We resides at Ramnagar.  Anybody in surrounding to accompany in transport. 9491118822

sam1921 2020-01-14 23:32:56


admission in grade 1 started in HPS Begumpet?

Khyathi 2020-01-17 15:14:13


Hi.. How did you get admission? We were informed that applications for Class I would start from 20th 

Khyathi 2020-01-17 15:14:58


@  sam1921
No.. they are giving from January 20 for class I .. 

sam1921 2020-01-17 18:57:33


thanks for info

 Former member 2020-01-20 13:46:08


My daughter got selected in draw of lots  for PP1 in HPS Begumpet . We resides at IDPL, Chintal .  Anybody there in surrounding to accompany in transport. 9014844773

Reddypkl 2020-02-17 00:22:17


Any body there from chintal and kompally

kumo 2020-03-08 19:41:44


Please anyobe help me to find transport sharing from jaya nagar, kphb to hps begumpet.

NagaMalli83 2020-03-20 23:20:23


Hi everyone, My daughter got admission in HPS Begumpet. At present, we are staying in habsiguda, but we are planing to shift nearby HPS school area to avoid school transport issue. Can anyone suggest me , which area is good to reside , and please let us know if anyone find to-let houses nearby to your place. Thanks

Ja05 2020-08-06 22:35:09


Hi, my daughter also got admission into 1st class. I'm currently staying in Ram Nagar. Let me know if any transportation is planned/available. Thanks

Madhu4 2020-08-28 13:01:52


Hi friends, As we are trying to join our son in PP1 for 2021-22. Could anyone pl share the details about admission procedure. Please mail me on mygardenheart@gmail.com with ur ph no.too pl pl pl Thank you all Madhvi

Pkr123 2020-12-10 19:13:14


Hi Friends, I am trying to join my son in PP2 for 2020-2021 academic year in HPS Begumpet. Please share the admissions details, can mail to me Kalpanaparvath@yahoo.com. Thank u all for the valuable information in advance.

Rams5 2020-12-10 21:09:45


Hi how did u get the admission for which academic did u get im trying to get in for my daughter in class 1 whats the procedure we stay at Chikkadapally plz reply im unable to contact anyone

Rams5 2020-12-10 23:07:23


Did u get any info abt admissions

Maddyvarsha88 2020-12-15 06:10:49


Can anyone share timetable of your kid class 1 or above? I want to know what all co-curricular activities, sports covered during the week apart from academics.

Maddyvarsha88 2020-12-29 12:21:25


Can anyone share Timetable of HPS pp1 or pp2. what all sports/cocurricular activities are covered.
For higher classes, what are school timings and how many hours of sports/cocurricular activities are covered per week.

Viraaj0711 2021-02-19 17:26:08


Dear parents, my son got selected for pp1, we stay in Gachibowli...I am interested in shared transport... Can anyone pls let me know if anyone interested to club my kid once the school open.

Samirhps 2021-02-22 00:15:21


Hi, My daughter too got admission in PP1 and we are staying in Chandanagar....we may explore options...you may contact on 8008572097...pls share your number

srinu84us 2021-02-25 00:03:34


We also applied for admission for PP2 and 2nd grade for our kids in HPS, yet to hear back. We also reside in Chandanagar, will keep you posted.

Satishjanagama17 2021-02-26 03:43:00


Hello sir, my son also got admission for PP1 we stay @ chinthal Ridge Towers. 9059540062

Satishjanagama17 2021-02-26 03:44:45


pls create a group with 21-22 academic year.

Pkr123 2021-03-01 23:59:15


Any update on PP2 admission?

srinu84us 2021-03-02 00:28:04


no update so far, still waiting

Shyamprasad 2021-03-02 06:36:11


I sent an email last weel asking for PP2 admission result . there is no reply yet . 

shoaibworks 2021-03-02 23:02:49


When is the last date for the fees payment for new admission pp1 or child medical still not finish

Satishjanagama17 2021-03-03 12:18:29


Hello.. they have called off medical tests because of covid..10th March is the last date to pay.

shoaibworks 2021-03-12 12:53:41


If some body not pay the fees other parents comming through back door through mediators by paying 1 year fees as comission


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