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niv 2010-03-28 18:05:17


Would like to know the time Vidyaranya School takes new admissions as interested to join my kids; would also like to know the admission procedure


mickey 2010-03-29 17:36:45


Hi Niv,

The school issues the forms in the last week of Oct or first week of Nov. You have got to check out by visiting personally.

Vidyaranya is very well known ICSE school with its unique ideology. The school does not have uniforms. No Homework or stress for kids at home. The  books are also kept in the school. Exams start from grade VIII. The school doesnot encourage competitions as it feels this will inhibit a child's growth. My friend however shifted her two daughters after class 5 bcoz she wasn't able to keep a tab on her children's progress and the kids were also discouraged to participate in competitons inspite of being talented and getting selected at State level.

Meeta Verma , a parent tree member has joined her child last year  in the same school and is very happy about it. The fee structure remains confidential and is not disclosed on phone. Fees was around 40-50K three years back. It would not be very high even now. But admission in this school is a bit dificult. You can approach them in the month of October / Nov.

Pl go through this link to know more about this school from meeta

Its better to go and visit the school personally and get the details about fees .




tanco 2010-09-20 17:40:17


hi mickey this is

actually my son is doing nursery at bachpan..i want to change the school from lkg..can you please sugest me which school shall i aproch..very much confused..cbse is best or icse is best please tell me..can you please tell me wat is the difference between cbse and icse?awaiting for your reply..thank you..


mickey 2010-09-21 18:49:25


Hi Tanco ,
CBSE vs ICSE is a never ending debate. Very exhaustive discussions have taken place in the following links too in this forum

ICSE is very vast compared to CBSE and stresses more on languages. Science is very good in ICSE. Your child will have good command in English too  in ICSE. There are many projects which ur child has to handle in higher classes.

If the child is studying right from class 1 in ICSE, he/she will not have problem in higher classes . From class 7 , the syllabus becomes very vast. As such ICSE is good for all around development. On the other hand , CBSE curriculum in higher classes helps to score more and is useful for entrance exams. Now CBSE has come up with new grading system (CCE) and optional class X  board exam. It is still not clear and has yet to evolve. However , the new system aims at stress free education .

I feel its better to look for schools that offer all around development of a child . CBSE or ICSE should not be  the only criteria. It is important to direct all energy to identify such a  school which offers encouraging environment and stresses on co-curricular activities and  value based education .

I have also replied in your other discussion thread where u mentioned about Gitanjali. Just check out. 



kiranvissa 2010-11-15 16:53:08


 We have a 3-year old and live in Tarnaka. We are looking for a school which doesn't stress much on competition, testing and marks but encourages children to explore and develop their personality. VIdyaranya sounds like an excellent option from whatever I have read, but it does seem that the admission is difficult. Here are some questions from me. Will greatly appreciate responses from you all!

(1) Ideally, we dont want to admit him into LKG right away before he turns 4. He turned 3 a week ago (Nov 4). I am curious about the age related restrictions on admissions in Hyderabad. In particular, do schools have qualms admitting children older than the norm?

(2) Can you suggest any schools in this part of the city (Tarnaka/Secunderabad/Begumpet/Vidyanagar) that are child-friendly and not stressful?

(2) Are there other schools like Vidyaranya based on Jiddu Krishnamurthy approach? There is a school called Tejasvi Vidyaranya in Habsiguda - is that also based on JK approach?

(3) Mickey, you mentioned an Aurobindo-inspired school in Tarnaka. Can you give me more details?

(4) Can anyone whose child is admitted to Vidyaranya give some details about the admission procedure?

Thanks very much.



mickey 2010-11-16 11:51:40


Hi Kiran,

It is ideal to admit your son into PP1/LKG at 4.  You need to think about the age only if you are trying to admit him into PP1 at 5yrs. Some established schools may have some restrictions but not all.

You can have a look at Chaitanya Vidyalaya at Lower Tank Bund  which is very similar to Vidyaranya and follows the same ideology.
+91 40 27631105, 040- 65502579  

Sorry , no idea about Tejasvi Vidyaranya.  

Vidyaranya 's admissions are open for Nursery and class 1. The school had given its forms for Nursery last month.  For PP1 next year, i think it is difficult.  You can get in touch with avi25ge through parentree inbox. He has applied for Nursery in Vidyaranya recently.

Go through below link to know the details

Aurobindo International in Vidyanagar is very good and not stressful. Please call up the school immly to know the details. Oct/Nov/Dec is the admission season for pre-primary.

Aurobindo International  (follows ICSE)
#2-2-4/2 O.U. Road, Vidya Nagar, Andhra Mahila Sabha Nallakunta Hyderabad -500044 Ph : 040-27071012    Email:





sreenix 2011-03-28 22:37:06


hi mickey. is vidyaranya  boarding school or day school? have you heard about isha home school at coimbatore?is it in line of rishi valley?



KSP09 2012-12-12 14:13:36



   I wanted to check if anyone has attended the interviews in Vidyaranya for Nursery. How did it go? Also please do let us know the fee structure currently in Vidyaranya. Does it have school bus?

Thanks in advance


confusedparent 2014-01-25 21:02:39



Did you finally send your child to Vidyaranya??


confusedparent 2014-01-25 21:10:20



Did you finally send your child to Vidyaranya??


muralipaithara 2015-08-24 13:23:37


Hi Mickey

Can you share your number please?


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