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Sara9 2014-12-25 19:04:56


I am parent of high school student studying in vikas bachupally. We started to look for reviews initially and honestly didnt find any bad remarks or reviews for this school, and we opted. But this is the biggest mistake i ever did. The school management, principal, teachers all believe in controlling students with beating, scolding. The only way to make child to read or excel is by beating them. I personally asked before putting my child with management for corporate punishments, they told we/teachers will not do that. next time when you go dont surprise to see principal/PT teachers roaming with stick. students were scare of teachers. This is true representation of how they are behaving with them. Interestingly teachers uses bad words ( one such common words is pasuvulu class, means bunch of animals). You can always see teachers with frustation, because they are really overloaded. they dont even give holiday for second saturday too. Some buses wont start , so students have to push the bus
Dear principal, do you aware what will happen to children if bus comes back, who will take the responsibility ???
Positives is only location and fee , but think about your younger ones where they are going.... I found most of teachers lack communication skills and they are forced to take minimum 40 classes per week, every section with 40 students....

apkr 2014-12-26 12:17:18


 in fact i thought to put my son in this school for 9th grade because of  iit foundation  and he wrote their formal entrance test and we were given  time till dec 25th to pay the fees. 
he wrote format test even for  KKR Goutham's , Gudavalli(vijayawada) too , but after went thru your mail KKR is the best option. 

basava1 2014-12-27 00:14:29


Hi Sir,
I am planning for my kid for 6th class admission for 2015 and 16.but after read you comments ,now I am not in a position to take a decision.please advise.

apkr 2014-12-27 10:19:29


area is important


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