Any body whose kids are from Ganges valley school

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Raja10 2014-12-25 08:45:57


It will be helpful if u can give some reviews on this

deetyap 2015-04-05 23:06:37


Hi, If you are planning to Join your Kids in Ganges valley School.
Please let me know..


srinivasu 2015-04-17 10:38:57


Hi Deetyap,
I am planing to join my son in Grade 1 . lets go together we will get Group concession . 


kiran1975 2015-06-14 22:11:19


Have you already joined your children in GV? I am also planning. Let me know. We can go together.

Penubaka 2015-06-15 16:26:53


Please share the fee details including transport for class I in ganges valley school 


rad1981 2015-11-19 16:43:11


Hi This is Radhika, planning to join my son in Gange's for Grade I, I would like to here feedback from the parents who already joined their kids in Gange's


ben11 2015-11-20 11:24:50


Radhika. we have heard good reviews about ganges from 2-3 parents..we have visited the school and liked the infrastructure ..we are also planning to join our kids at ganges

durgaraj 2015-11-20 12:18:30


Ganges valley school is very nice and really good school i found.My kid is into second grade now and she is studying since last year. The transportation cost is also minimal not very high like other school and continuous update about the route.
Teaching staff is very co-operative and very understanding.

NarenderPatel 2015-12-11 20:19:40


Fees :- Grade 1 - 1,05,000/-  For the whole year , Lunch is 22,000/-

NarenderPatel 2015-12-11 20:20:59


Just take the admission as fast as possible.
i have compared nearly 10-12 schools this one is the best.
 My Number 9985636551


gneel 2015-12-18 15:48:06


want to know more details of teaching curriculum  in Ganges valley.... want unbiased reviews.


Sar1 2016-01-01 22:38:21


Hello Everyone


Sar1 2016-01-01 22:43:31


I was reading above Reviews . I  just want to share exact and true feedback about  Ganges school. My two kids are going in school . I took admission last Year. Seriously I M not at all happy with school. Reasons:

1. only activities and study wise low

2. Every month they will ask for money some times 300 or 500 for stupid competions

3. Too much home work

4. No revision in school for SA exams.

school is not worth it for so much of high fee structure

Rest is your wish


Narik 2016-01-05 18:01:54


Agree with Sar1. School is not worth for what we pay. only positive is infrastructure but studies are not so good and full of home work for parents to sit with KID to complete.

Teachers are also not so experienced and yes money every time we need to send with kids for competitions.

School really needs improvement and focus on studies. think before you join your kids. Don't look at only infrastructure.

What I observed is that, the care they are taking for their infrastructure is not showing in the kids academics. They don't really bother to reply our mails and teachers shows their attitude to asks us follow to speak with them only in the given timings.


Sar1 2016-01-06 15:03:38


Well said Narik! Last year they took 25000 donation .This year what they are doing increase tuition fee and divide donation fee in total  tuition fee and other school mandatory expenses.  So that parents attract and they never get to know the hidden amount to donation went.Only Infra is there, Rest study point 0f view school is complete zero .Teachers only Read lesions for EVS and English .Rest question Answers is your duty to complete at home . Maths whole soly mother or father duty to clear concepts .Teacher do new topic daily to run syllabus at full speed. Maids are really harsh to kids .But yes while taking admission parents like me fully sweeten by sweet  and cute talks of staff. But Inside story you get to know after taking admission only. So want to conclude in end Don't go for infra . Max time labs are not used. So better see all aspects then decide.



ipkk 2016-01-06 17:12:16


Please let us know review about studies, extra cultural activities and Sports for Grade - I in Ganges valley school.

Sar1 2016-01-07 19:08:35



        Studies wise school is a really bad  . Teachers don't bother that  kids is understanding concept or not . They daily do new topic in maths and don't practice at all and max question given to cover at home. For so many days teachers don't check home work and copies and books remain unchecked . I observe if you take admission here all Labour is yours. All the time kids and teachers passing time .Teachers don't have time to clear concepts of kids .so if you plan to take admission here be ready to sit with kid daily to clear his or her concepts in every subject .Even in English or EVS teachers do only lesion reading .Then at home kid has to wirite Ques ans . And when SA comes too much syllabus to cover for kid like 5 to 6 chapters in every subject and moreover no Revision coz due to too much syllabus teachers are busy in activities and syllabus completion till end of session

sports classes are once in a week  and max time sports teachers are absent. so again disappointment here on sports side too.

These are my views !


Cherrybvs 2016-01-29 17:50:25


I totally agree with Sar1 .This is my kid's Third year in the school.Infra is excellent but academic s and teaching staff zero. Most of the times sports staff are absent. Frequent chages in Class teachers (in the case of my kids teacher changes every 3 months). Too much of Home works. Parent concerns are never adressed. Hindi teachers are really bad.

mom987 2016-02-05 12:00:03


Yes i agree , Infrastructure is good ...but no quality education for the fees we are paying. My kid is studying since three years now in grade 2 but she didn't know the basic concepts of maths, poor communication in english... for .Hindi the worst teacher....have very big grounds but of no use they won't allow children to play ....teachers are not at all trained ....and principal won't address parents concerns at all....don't care attitude....all false promises....for 4 subjects they are unable to teach.....worst school i have ever seen in terms of academics.... they won't ask even if my child is absent for a proper sms for home works....lot many concerns.....
parents be aware of GANGES Valley school.......


Hyderabadkid 2016-03-13 09:11:42


Ganges is loosing its edge...They increased the fee by more than 15%. They made sure that term fee is increased by 8% but they increased the transport and food charges which comes to 15% hike. Teachers are very good and helpful but transport incharge is very arrogant. Transport is the biggest issue with the school. You will pay 30k for transport but will not come till you home and prabhakar blatantly asks u to travel till pick up and drop point 4 KM away or change the school. Even if I am paying so much for my kids, I will have to change school because of transport. This is the story of many parents in Ganges. They need to fix transport issue.


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