Admission in Vignan World One school for 2015-16

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parent00 2014-12-12 16:05:03


I need your feedback about World One School in Kondapur so that I can think of putting my child

LKG01 2014-12-29 22:32:35


I visited the school a few days back. It is relatively a new school (Vignan Group), this is their 3rd year. Infrastructure is good and has a big play ground. A lot of greenery can be seen within the campus. They have only one section till class 9. Student ratio would be around 10~15 per class (not sure though), as total children studying could be around 180. Fee is on the higher side, 90k + Admission fee. They are advertising pretty well. I think for lower classes, it could be a good choice, but more students should be there to make it more competitive and visible.

rshera 2014-12-30 18:30:43


unfortunately this school has got no CBSE affiliation . how important is it it's upto the parent to decide ..
please see the link below and search for the place near you,
Please use this link .. it will ensure that school follows CBSE norms. How important is the CBSE affiliation is all about accountability ..
People does know about the Bangalore Episode ..  Norms can be violated if there is no accountability .
Rest upto the parent s personal thoughts. unfortunately India govt has not set any Regulatory body for the Education System and These education institutions are just cashing on that .. Just looking for that day when such things happens.
Affilation is more important in the Boards( Xth and later ) though .. not much in the primary Standards . but that sets Standards and accountability and minimum prescribed things.



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