Sadhu Vaswani Internation School , Kompally

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Avaneesh 2014-12-08 18:06:39


Hi All,

I am planning for admission to SVIS - Grade 5. Any general feedback and also any Pros and Cons would be much appreciated.


apkr 2014-12-09 19:31:57


since already admissions are in progress for grade 5 you have to rush up
my daughter has written aptitude test on 08th december and  got selected.
 I got good feedback on this school 
fees structure: 
at the time of admission:(1st term)
13.2K-caution deposit(refundable) 
13.2K- admission fees
12.0K- annual fees ( which  is includes breakfast, uniform, dress)
10.6K- I term fees
Rs.300/- messages
total:Rs.49,450/-+ transportation (depends on distance)+ Lunch(Rs.3600/- per term which is optional)

10.6K- II term fees
10.6K- II term fees



Avaneesh 2014-12-11 14:39:50


Thanks apkr for the information. My son's entrance examination is scheduled on 27-Dec. The examination is going to be on the 4th standard cbse syllabus. Looks like a different procedure as you have mentioned your child had an aptitude test.

apkr 2014-12-11 18:14:23


Dear Avaneesh,
aptitude test is covered 4th grade maths, english grammar,  science & telugu.
if  vacancies are there , i don't think this test would be a big importance...
best of luck for your child..


3256 2015-10-17 11:37:25


Hi....did u join ur daughter in sadhu viswani....I'm planning to join my son in ukg for yr 2016....could u please provide me some feedback ..


NVRamesh 2015-10-19 13:38:37


Hi All,

How are sports facilities in Sadhu Vaswani Schol. Do they give preference to sports activities. ?
Requests Parents having their kids to give me feedback on this.


avis1 2015-10-19 16:54:06


Hello Prabhakar, Are you happy with Sadhu Vaswani. You joined your daughter in Grade V ?

pocoyo 2015-10-25 09:34:09


Hello apkr,
can you please tell me how are studies in SadhuVaswani. are you happy with your childs growth? how are the teaching standards? 


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