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shams 2010-03-24 22:52:04


Dear Micky,
I will be coming to hyderabad by April end. I know most of the school admissions will be closed but can you give me details of good CBSE schools near Kompally-Alwal area. How is Manthan School?
I need admission for 1st std. How old is the school and how do they teach. My Son is doing really well in UKG now and I want him to keep up the pace.




mickey 2010-03-25 13:29:13


Hi Shams,

DRS International, Sadhuvasvani International , Manthan International are good CBSE schools. Manthan and SVIS seem to be new. There is also Abhaya near DRS in Kompally which follows Waldorf System of teaching and starts CBSE from grade 7.

1.The school is till 8th grade and is extending till 9th and 10th. You can talk to Mr.Narendra who is the Adminstrator on 08008222356 . Admissions will go till Apr end. Tution fee+Mess+transport would be 52K and one time admission fee is 25K.

Admission is not a problem in Abhaya if your son is 6+ for first grade. You can go through a link in parentree where this school and SVIS kompally have been discussed.

2.Manthan Kompally starts from pre-primary to class XII. It follows CIIP (Cambridge International Primary Programme) for classes 1 to 5 . It lays a strong foundation for IGCSE.  From 7th grade , the school curriculum has CBSE+IGCSE curriculum .

Students can opt for IGCSE or CBSE in 9th grade.

There are a few seats available in class 1. I have been told that April end will be too long to apply for class 1 admissions. 

As u said , your son is doing good in UKG, you can talk to them  and block your seat. You will have to  take the form , pay Rs 5000 as admisson fee and10K as caution deposit which is refundable. I don't know much about this school. But  it seems to be good. There should not be problem with admission into first grade.You can speak to Ms. Deola on  4220 6060 / 8088 83223.

Fees of Manthan per annum is 60K (tution fee) +10 K (refundable caution deposit) + Mess 10K + 18 K transport . Caution deposit needs to be paid only once , i think.

The website and its activities and curriculum look very attractive. You can ask one of friends or relatives to have a look and block the seat for you . Before that , u speak to the admision co-ordinator Ms Deola.

3.I know three kids from our apartment  who go to DRS International in Kompally.

The kids(class 6, 7 ,9) and the parents too are quite happy. It follows CBSE curriculum and has many  activities including horse riding . But children use lot of foul language. Anyway ,this should not be the selection criteria .It also depends on our upbringing.

 You can also apply online from its website and download the syllabus for its entrance. You can send a DD of Rs 1000 for the application . Even the fee structure is given in its website. Ms Mary is the admission Co-ordinator. You can also contact on the numbers given in their website. Fees will be around 1 lakh for the first year and after that it would reduce as there will be no admission fee. You can know exactly from its website.

Not much is known about SVIS. But parents who have gone to the school have given a good review in the same discussion thread

I have written about Sadhu Vaswani’s philosophy. The school follows his philosophy and will nuture noble values in children from an early age. U can go through the link.   (International sadhu vaswani school at kompally )

9246292774, 9246392774,9246398346,08418-232440

Admissions are going on.You will have to send some one to collect the form. As it is a new school ,admissons should not be problem.

I feel in all the above schools, u can get admission for ur son easily.






shams 2010-03-25 15:04:24


Hi Mickey,

Thanks a lot for the very useful info and feed back.

Seems that Abhaya school does not have a website!!? Besides Manthan has no school pictures in its website. hmmm I wish I get admission in any of these schools. I have no one who can go and take a look for me:(

What is Waldorf System? Sorry I am really new to all this:)

Thanks and regards



mickey 2010-03-25 18:50:00


Hi Sharmi,

By the way,  what is your approx budget ? How long do you plan to stay in Hyd ?

I have not been to Manthan International anytime. Its pretty far from my place. If u want , I will make it soon after my daughter recovers fully from flu and let u know. Are u interested in IGCSE curriculum in Manthan for ur kid ? Its always better  to see the school personally and talk to the management and the faculty as it is into CIPP at primary level.

Did u talk to Deola ? If u r really interested , let me see if I can help u in getting the form and blocking the seat. But as far as I think admissons will go on till April end as mentioned in its website. They tell  uslike that in order to create a hype. Not many people opt for International schools  owing to its high fees structure. You ask the fee break up exactly when u call up.

 Is it not possible for u or yor Husband to visit Hyd for a day or two and do some survey ?

DRS Int is also good and u can apply online.

Abhaya does not have a website. They will be on the net shortly. Regarding Waldorf System, there is a  lot of info exchanged on this in the following link  by VijayaGowri, Sunitha and others . One of the members, Kala has joined her kids in Sloka school at Jubilee Hills which follows Waldorf System of Education. Its basically a stress free method. Parents will be given orientation in these schools from time to time.

 Do let me know if u need any further help.





shams 2010-03-25 22:30:53


Dear Mickey,

Let me give you a little background about myself. We recently moved from US just for the sake of my Son's education. He is a very intelligent kid with very high memory and grasping power. He is also hyperactive and needs to be kept busy. We used to get silly complaints from his pre-school teacher in US saying he is mving from his place, does not stay put etc.. We had to go through lot of pain and struggle as the teacher kept picking on him saying, take him to the doctor, councillors, psycologists etc.. I thought enough was enough and came back to India. My hubby is still there and I live with my Mom in Ooty. I Joined him in Ooty at the year end that is, in the month of Feb 2010. Luckly the school agreed and took him in.  You would not believe, it has been just a month he is in school and has completed the whole year's syllabus along with improved handwriting and Hindi is new to him but he has learnt that too. He also has got a very loving and caring teacher who does not want to supress him by scolding him for not staying in place for long. The school has a ICSE syllabus and uses traditional method. The teacher is very supportive so he could learn and explore. I am very happy with his improvement which brought all my prayers true. But My husband will come in June to Hyderabad and we have our house at Alwal. So I want to put him in such a school which has 2 teachers in a class and an attendent where one teacher can give good attention to him. Also it should be like he is learning new things everyday.

I not sure which teaching method is right for him of are International schools right for him. I am ready to  shift my house for him to any place in hyderabad.

If you suggest me the correct school and locality, I will work on it asap. Also suggest which syllabus will be good.

Hope I am not asking for too much from you. Just felt like sharing it all with you.

Hope you daughter feels better soon. I have a blog where I have my email.

Thanks and regards



mickey 2010-03-26 11:31:28


Hi Shams,

Thats great to know about your son.

I want to know ,how long do u plan to stay here in Hyd ? If its for a short span, we can explore the international curriculum like IB -PYP or CIPP .It will be easier for u in case  u go back to US. As such your son will not have any problem with any kind of transitions.

You don't have to worry about his schooling so much, as he is a very fast learner. You can channelise  all his abilitites with the help of a good teacher  and a child counsellor. There is nothing wrong in doing so. I will redirect ur query to Aanchal too (a parentree member). She will be very helpful in letting us decide his curriculum.

 Waldorf system is a play way method and he may enjoy that too. Let me also check out with some members who are having their children in waldrof school.






mickey 2010-03-26 11:33:13


Hi Sharmi,

Do let me know your budget too ....mickey


shams 2010-03-26 11:55:06


Dear Mickey,

Since all the good schools have almost same cost. I don't mind the cost. Till 1lakh is ok for me. I read the Waldrof method. It seemed a little slow for my kid. He wants to learn a new thing every day like in the traditional methods.

Besides, I will not be going back to US, so I will prefer a good CBSE or ICSE syllabus. What do you say? I think in these syllabus there is a lot to learn.

One of my relative's kids are studying in creek. They said it is good but I may not get admissions by the time I reach there. I don't know!! I am very confused. Till my hubby comes I have to stay alone with my kids and do all the running around in a place where I don't know anything:(

Pls help





mickey 2010-03-26 12:15:46


Hey Sharmi,

Getting admission in Creek will not be difficult at all. Its a new CBSE school.  I called up around 10 days back. They told me to fill the form online and send the details.

As it is near to Madhapur/Miyapur/Kondapur/Hi-tech city , will it be feasible for you  as  want to stay put at Alwal.  It would be too far for ur son . If your hubby is from IT backgound, I am sure u would like to settle down in Madhapur area.  Are u having your own house at Alwal ?

Even I was thinking the same about Waldorf System . It would be very slow for him. You will have to decide between ICSE / CBSE.  ICSE is vast compared to CBSE. Stresses more on Projects in higher classes and as such very good for overall development. Lays more stress on languages and social stdies in higher grades.

After tenth, generally CBSE is opted in order to excel in various entrance exams. There is a long way to go.  As of now ,   u can opt for ICSE as u already joined him in a ICSE school at Ooty. But there are a very few ICSE schools around Madhapur.

You will have NASR- Boys which follows ICSE in Gachibowli. In one of the discussions , i read that Sherwood  near Kompally is also a very good ICSE school.

You have Johnson's Grammar ICSE school in Sec'bad . In city ,  u will have many but admissions to most of them must have closed by now. However  there are seats vacant in Nasr-boys. I came to know through one of the discussions.

You can have the list of some ICSE school from this

So lets decide between CBSE and ICSE and go for the schools accordingly.





shams 2010-03-26 12:38:51



I am planning to buy or rent a house in the Miyapur--Kondapur--Madhapur-and-Kukatpally area. I am planning to get a house there as my Husband's office will be TCS. I know I have a lot of work to do in a small span of time. If I get admission in one of the good schools then if the school reopens by June end or so by the time I will look for a house hopefully.

Let me research a little on sherwood too. thanks a lot for all this info Mickey. else I don't know what would have happened.




mickey 2010-03-26 13:47:19


Hi Sharmi,

Looking for a house in around Miyapur would be a better choice unless your hubby is willing to commute from Sec'bad to Hi-Tech city facing all the traffic woes.

Do decide about the place of stay and the Board too. Accordingly we can narrow down some schools for your son.

If you have time , pl go through  this link

Btw , your blog is excellent with beautiful pictures. A treat for the eyes !!




shams 2010-03-26 15:03:54


Dear Mickey,

If you can tell me which will be the best schools as per your views in the hi-tech city area I will try to make a quick visit to Hybd besides the admissions should be open. Btw where is your daughter studying?

If the teacher - student ratio is good then I will go ahead and get the admission.




mickey 2010-03-26 16:09:45


Hi Sharmi,

You should look for a school where there are good and understanding teachers and  who are similar to the ones who are in  Ooty. Its not that you will get such teachers in hi-fi schools only. More than me ,its more important for you to  visit the school and find out what kind of professionals are there to offer the required service.  Do they have qualified child psychologist to address therapeutic needs of kids or someone with long experience in teaching is doing the job?

I have also written to Aanchal in this forum and you can read her reply too in


Considering the teachers student ratio and the activities, Sentia -The global school would be better. Its a new school but has mixed reviews ..A lot has been discussed about this school in . But weigh the positive ones.

 You can talk to my friend too who is a Doctor and has her daughters in Sentia. I will send her number in your inbox.

You can reach the Chairman of Sentia on 9985188821. The other number is 9985199921 and its website is

My friend's daughters are also in the same school and they are very happy

The schools which can be suitable for your son would be  Chirec (CBSE) , Silver oaks (follows IB-pyp from 1 to 5 and then CBSE for higher classes), Kennedy High Global , The Creek ,DPS , Future Kids (ICSE), Nasr-Bors (ICSE)

There are no vacancies for grade 1 in Chirec and Silver oaks. You can try in Kennedy High Global, The Creek ,Nasr Boys. U can check out Creek bcoz ur friend's children are studying there.

If you can invest around 2 lakhs , Oakridge International and Sreenidhi International will be really good with plenty of activities.

In Meridian too, admissions are going on . But its in Banjara Hills and would be 30 min drive from Hi-Tech city. Its a bit expensive . My cousin is teaching in this school. Fees will be around 1 lakh  inclusive of all. You can contact Ms Bharati, Admissions Co-ordinator on 23420561, 23420562 , 9948222791.

Below are the websites of  the school i have mentioned.

Orchids International at Jubilee Hills and Jain International  at Kondapur ,Euroschool at Madhapur  don't have playgrounds.

Hope this will be help u to narrow down to some schools.








shams 2010-03-27 08:42:06


Thanks a lot Mickey!

Really appreciated. Will let you know soon on the happenings.

btw I called up Creek and they say you have to come and get admission, only few seats left etc. The typical answer you know:)




mickey 2010-03-27 08:51:14


Hi Shams,

Yesterday I called up Creek for some other member. Admisson till May end would not be a problem. But its transport is till Miyapur X roads and Malaysian Township and not till Madhapur. I found out for Rashmi(rj777) and spoke to Mr. Ravi .You can go to that discussion and check out yesterday's reply




TejaPrasad 2010-04-15 13:37:07


Diksha Waldorf school is very convenient to Alwal. It is on Karimnagar hwy, 13 kms from secbad jubilee busstand.

Please fill in the blank.

You are trying to enhance  -<blank>- part of your son's life with his schooling.

What's the use making a learning machine out of a humane human.

Does this world lacks one more hard working worker-ant-human?

So puzzling that even after watching first hand, how the world-order works,

you are still carving a worker-bee out of your son.

I guess, I gave enough hints, for any considerate catcher.

bye, Prasad.


Jasper 2010-06-14 18:19:11


Hi Sharmi,

I wonder if you could help, I am planning to move to Ooty soon, and would like to know the name of the school you son is studying or if you know any schools in Ooty who cater to speacial children/children with learning disabilites, my son is seven he was diagonised with Mild ADHD. He developemental milestones were a a lil too slow too. as he started to speak only at the age of four, However he now rattle non stop and is seven now, and has just started to learn alphabets and numbers. this year I amtrying to introduce him to phonetics. Your help in this regards would be much apprecited.





mickey 2010-06-14 19:30:12


Hi Jasper,

Do write to her directly through the parentree inbox. I have also written to her. I am sure you will get your reply soon.



mickey 2010-06-15 11:33:53


Hi Jasper,

Sharmi's son is in Crescent school which is one of the best schools in Ooty. It follows ICSE and is more into academics than other activities. The teachers are very good. She has suggested that you could try in the same school for your son too.

You need to mention to the teachers that the kid is slow and that he needs more attention instead of labeling the kid with   ADHD. I hope you got me. Naming the situation gives a different impression. The teachers are very good and patient.

There are other International schools with high fees structure  which are good.

I suggest you to first visit Crescent , talk to the Principal and teachers , see their response and then decide about other schools.

Sharmi has already written to u about Crescent School. Just check out.




saikiranm 2016-06-23 07:37:01


Hi Mickey,
Can you suggest best inclusive schools near Alwal. Budget upto 40k.

mickey 2016-06-23 12:21:10


Hi Sai,
You could consider Unicent-Kompally, a bit far though..( around 14km)

Pallavi Model School and St Andrews in Bowenpally. St. Andrews is in news for water scarcity and parents complaining about the pick up timings these days. So pl check out. 

Kotwal's school in West Marredpally. 

Army Public School in Bolarum but admission would be difficult if you are not a defence personnel and 
KV- Bolarum. 



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