My Long Search ended at Pragnya Montessori

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PriyaDSaini 2014-12-03 12:22:35


My Long Search ended at Pragnya Montessori


I started searching for my son (3 years old) education 2 months back… For conventional corporate like education there are many good schools like Kennedy, Chirec, Meridian etc….. I don’t know in what attributes they are good…. We took decision to look out for alternate education system (Montessori, Waldorf, Gurukul) for him wherein he won’t be a part of RAT RACE and will be developed Holistically…..

We have visited below schools which claims to be based on Montessori Methodology…..

1)      Sloka Kindergarten(Jublee Hills)

2)      Sri ram Montessori (Jublee Hills)

3)      Pebble creek (AS Rao Nagar Secunderabad & Thumkunta)

4)      Taraporevalla Montessori House (Kavuri Hills)

5)      Cremon Montessori(Ayappa Society)

6)      Global India International (MadinaGuda)

7)      Pragyan Montessori (Pragati Nagar)

8)      Voxpop International(Kukatpally)

9)      Little Scholars Montessori(Kukatpally)

10)   Blue Blocks(Gachiboli)

First I would like to put my crisp thought on comparison of Waldorf and Montessori.

In Waldrof teaching is purely is fairy tale based… child will be taught everything by using diverse fairy tale rhythms… It will put child into an imagination world and will try to uncover the potential of imagination power of kid….  Like they will teach one number as “there is only one sunâ€â€¦ Two are parents…. The imagination power in child develops at age of 6 so it looks inappropriate to teach him in an imaginative way… in this method teaching is governed by teacher and kids follows….It is more like an Artistic way of teaching… group activity in Waldorf are at maximum…. Kid will learn sharing in easy ways….

Montessori is purely based on the real practical life… no or very minimum concept of imaginative fairy tale up to age 6… child will be introduced to classical practices to learn everything in a practical manner…. In this method child chooses his own activity as per his likes or dislikes… than teacher need to follow… it will develop tremendous leadership qualities… group activity in Montessori is at minimum….

Now coming to Brief Reviews of schools which we have visited…..

Sloka Kindergarten…. School management is very good…. All certified teachers… good environment for kids… parents who are convinced by Waldorf methodology may opt for this school with closed eyes also…. Their aziz nagar campus is awesome… (I was not convinced by the fact that Sloka uses a lot of stories from Bible… when I asked are they using ramayan stories also.. they clearly said NO….).. Sorry for being rough here….

Sri ram Montessori….. Very very good setup of Montessori materials… Head Mistress is very good in discussions.. she will explain you everything… I felt positive energy in their campus….. Parents who are staying nearby to sriram may opt for this school if they like montessori…. I rejected this school because of only one reason… “There was a big noise of construction going in adjacent vacant plotâ€

Pebble Creek Montessori….. a Big Yes to this school… Specially thumkunta Campus…. Everything is positive… staff.. Montessori material…teachers attitude… the silent campus…. They have playground.. basket ball court… It is very far from kukatpally and we am working in Banjara Hills… so decided not to go for it….


Taraporevalla… Kavuri Hills…. Setup is average…. I find deficiency of light and proper air at the play/study area… I personally didn’t liked it… no grudges to school management… they are cooperative…


Cremon Montessori…. This school doesn’t look even like a school…. No board outside school.. it is hiddn behind big bush….very old kind of building… I didn’t go inside… sorry….

Global India International… Madinaguda… They claim to be a Montessori based school but when you dig out more while discussing with principle you will come to know that it is a pure conventional school which follows same practices as other schools…. I decided to give a visit to classrooms… deficiency of light and air…. Not good setup…. They showed me a Montessori based lab which I checked and found that most of the materials were not as per Montessori…. This school is trying to mix Montessori and conventional education which is not possible at all…. Principle looks very inclined towards typical conventional education method….. Decided not to go for it….

VoxPop International… Kukatpally…. Self Proclaimed Montessori school but using conventional teaching methodologies…. Primary classed runs from a flat with hazy environment…. Classes were completely dark without light…. I just stepped out immediately….

Little Scholars Kukatpally…. They have good setup but seems lacking in extracurricular activities….. Reason for not choosing it “bathrooms were not clean.. They were dirty… and drinking water bottle was placed just outside the bathroomsâ€â€¦.

Blue Blocks Gachiboli….. Most hyped Montessori School in Hyderabad….. They conduct orientation session… parents need to attend two orientation sessions.. is it ok…. I thought of taking the feedback from parents whose kids are studying in this school… I went in morning and took feedback from many parents…. 80% of them said… it runs like a corporate house….. once you give the fees they will not listen you…..


Pragyan Montessori….pragathi nagar…. Reviews about principle of this school is very negative….. I found that all negative reviews about principle is from a single parents who posted them everywhere on internet…. So I decided to give it a chance thinking that there might be some personal clashed between those parents and principle….. I called Principle.. his name is Siva Kumar… he told me to come at Sharp 10AM… I said OK… we went there Sharp at 10AM…. It really looks like a school… a small playground in front… organized building structure…. Non polluted environment… it was airy and full of bright natural light which was inducing positive energy into environment….


There were 4 more parents… he started asking what do you know about your child? What you want from school? How do you behave with him? I answered all…. For me… these are natural questions…. We actually liked the way principle talked to us….. he was focusing more on behavior area of a child which is good to know…..We visited activity area and found that Montessori Material were very good and staff response was also very good…. There are two environments of Primary Montessori… This is the only Montessori school in India who is taking up children up to class XII…







tom1202 2014-12-03 12:44:21


Hello Priya,

Thanks for detailed feedback on many schools. Does sloka (jubliee hills) have admissions open for PP1? when i called them they said they already closed the admissions. Not sure when they opened since i read some where they will start admission from Dec 1st.. any idea??


PriyaDSaini 2014-12-03 12:47:16


Hi Tom,
Montessori or Waldorf based systems dont have concept of PP1, Nursery or KG. They have Age Group Concepts like 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 years.....
They have conducted the orientation session last week... there were approx 30 parents...Sloka is taking 20 students in one environment and there are two environment... Please check with them once again... I think they can accomodate..


tom1202 2014-12-03 13:28:46


Thanks Priya. We gave our details and told that we will be called for next orientation session.... but they telling they already got 20 students for the batch and no more seats.. may be i will check with them when we visit for orientation....

Any review on  WORLD ONE (vignan) school, kondapur...???


PriyaDSaini 2014-12-03 13:32:22


Hi Tom, Sorry i didn't evaluated or went to any conventional school except Sanghamitra.
Sloka is organizing orientation session again because if somebody already registered called-back then that seat can be filled up. By the way, Do you understand Waldorf completely or you are just carrying by brand name?


vrada 2014-12-03 15:33:44


Hi Priya,

Thanks for the detailed and helpful review. 

However I didn't understand this on Pragnya montessori - "This is the only Montessori school in India who is taking up children up to class XII"

Do they have high/secondary school also? where is it located ? It it affiliated to any board - if so what- how are the class X / XII students doing- could you get a review/ feedback from any of the existing parents from higher classes?

As far as I know their website speaks of elementary education. Please point me to so that I can think on deciding for my kid. I stay in kukatpally and searching for LKG admission to my kid. Had no luck at Sangamithra and looking out for better alternatives. Bit skeptic on sending the kid to far away schools as they need to commute every day for at-least next 12 years.

Thank you.


PriyaDSaini 2014-12-03 16:10:05


Hi Vrada, I didnt met any of parents of a class X/XII students but they have study environment for them. Class X/XII is by CBSE syllabus. Some Montessori school teaches CBSE or ICSE Syllabus from First Standard but they have different methodology which mixes montessori way with cbse..... the other schools doesnt take CBSE syllabus and continues to teach them by montissori methods....
Pragyan follows is in same campus in Pragathi Nagar.... 
Also, if you are looking to go with Montessori school then you shall kick off PP1, LKG terminologies from your mind.... I agree it is not good to send small kid too far from home.... I also stays in Kukatpally and this school is 7 KMS from my home.... We are planning to shift nearby to school.....


diwatharv 2015-01-27 14:55:41


Hi, My husband visited the school and currently they dont have Class X/XII . They have kids upto 10-11 years of age.

diwatharv 2015-02-04 18:02:35


Does anyone know which curriculum Pragyan school follows?


 Former member 2015-02-04 22:05:48


Wt abt taraporewale at redhills n samangna montessory schools..

PriyaDSaini 2015-02-05 14:36:22


Hi diwatharv, Montessori schools follow their own methodology which is different from CBSE/ICSE. 

diwatharv 2015-02-06 18:42:35


I understand methodology is different but surely they would be following some sort of curriculum , may be curriculum is different from CBSC but something must be there. Would appreciate if anyone is aware about it..

diwatharv 2015-02-06 18:52:04


Lets take 3-6 years of age group, I want to know once he comes out of this, whether my kid would be able to read small sentences, he would be able to addition/subtraction, little bit of writing ...  .. so in this scenario for example take addition, methodology could be different to teach but kid will surely understand what is meant by addition..  Montessori must be following something where they defines the subjects/topics which they would be covering for a particular age group...

juvi2015 2015-02-06 19:01:00


Ya i.also want to knw abt the cirriculam

1234akanksha 2015-02-08 06:06:29


Hi Priya

Thanks for a detailed information on montessori schools. My son is 5years and we will be moving from US. Currently he is a montessori school here. Do u think instead of going for intl school, montessori would be a good choice in India, at least for initial 1/2 years?


PriyaDSaini 2015-02-17 14:00:13


Hi Tom1202, Regret for delayed response. I believe all seats have been filled up in Sloka already. I went in a orientation session in December 2014 and i called them after 7 days. They said there is no vacant seats now. But still you can contact them

atat 2015-07-25 18:45:53


Thanks for detailed information. I am looking for a montessori school for my kid near madinaguda area. Little Scholars has moved to Miyapur now and this is the only school near to our home. Any feedbacks on this school? There are many other schools nearby but i m looking for a pure montessori school, so please help.

sil07 2016-10-16 12:55:11


Hi priya,
Firstly, thanks for review on the schools. It is very helpful.We are in germany and planning to shift to hyderabad and join my 4.5 yr old to school.
I would like to know if your son is already going to pragnya montessori.If yes, please can you share u & ur son's experience in the school.
It will also be great if you can share the fee structure.
It will be of great help to me, because we would stay in miyapur and pragnya montessori is near to us.

thanks in advance


brightfuture 2016-10-24 22:59:54


Hi All,
Thank you for the details. I am working in gachibowli and a searching for montissori near DLF. I found ABODE and BLUE BLOCKs. Can you please let me know your experiences with ABODE if you have any negative ones.
Thanks in advance.


vidhyaramesh 2017-02-18 16:45:38


hi all,
Are they any montessori school near madinaguda? I am looking for my 3 year old son

Ankur2112 2017-06-03 18:50:41


Hi Priya,

I have recently moved to Hyderabad (Kukatpally) and i was looking for Montessori based school, i read your thoughts very helpful, can you share more details about Pragnya Montessori, how is the environment, culture, medium of language.  Can you share more experience with us.

Profound regards,

PraveenSwathi 2018-11-10 09:30:51


Thank you very much Priya for detailed suggestions. For every parent, Deciding a right school is highly difficult with these options of schools.Ÿ˜Š So, i will go ahead and check for admission in Pragnya Montessori school for my 3 yrs son.

PraveenSwathi 2018-11-10 09:44:10


My son didn't get a seat as he falls 3.4 yrs old.. Hence , Mr.Sivakumar Principal advised me to join at Lower Elementary course at 6 yrs of age. Keep this in mind, if you are looking for admission. Age of admission:The child should be around 2 and half years of age. Time of Admission:Admissions are taken thrice a year. Course duration: Primary - 2 and half to 6 years Lower - elementary 6 to 9 years Upper elementary - 9 to 12 years Erdkinder - 12 to 15 years

jonal 2018-11-18 19:56:08


Hi All,

We're looking for good montessori schools anywhere between Miyapur and Gachibowli.  To clarify, these are the areas in and around Miyapur, Gachibowli, Kondapur, Madhapur, Kothaguda, Chandanagar etc.
Please share your references, preferably by own experience or with very close knowledge of the school. Request you to add me to any whatsapp parents group in the above mentioned areas. My number is 9966940764


Reachlekha 2018-11-20 14:55:11


Hi Parents,

If your kid studies in Pragya Montessori, could you please share your recent experiences with the school? Are you and your children happy? Would you recommend this school to other children? I have heard good reviews in the past and wanted to know its current state!


atat 2018-11-21 12:39:50


Aditya, You can go for Little Scholars Montessori House of children, Miyapur. It is awesome, they follow the real Montessori method.


PriyaDSaini 2018-11-25 03:23:50


Dear All, Thank you for reading this post. I apologies for not responding back. We relocated to United States 2 years back. My son started with private school here and when he attained 5 years, he went to regular government school after clearing the county level exam. Montessori is no doubt has infused great analytical skills and enabled good thought processes in my son as he ranked very good in county exam which is for Government Schools and they choose good students for Magnet schools. He didn't prepared anything for that exam, i believe foundations laid by Montessori schooling has helped him. Now he is in first standard and top grader in first standard. Credit goes to Montessorie education and our home schooling.

ALL IN ALL I am happy that my Son started his education to Montessori School. 

My view about Pragnya School(We left in early October 2016):
-My son was catching up very good. So of-course teachers were good at that time.
-Strength of classroom increased a bit. I dont remember the count now but for me it was on little higher side.
-School staff was good.
-We never had any issue with any school staff. Siva sir was always cordial. Prasad sir always welcomed us well.
-My son went via BUS in first 10 days. At that time we were staying in SMR Vinay Fountainhead Apartments. One day Bus Driver left my Son unattended. He was almost lost. We were lucky that he came inside apartment building and then somebody took him to us. I am not sure if any action was taken against driver.

From apartment perspective, Location was major drawback for us. We wanted to rent a gated flats community but there was no nearby gated apartments nearby. Otherwise from School perspective, that is an excellent peaceful location.


7aru 2018-11-25 09:17:30


Hi Priya
We are having similar problem.... kind of decided on school, however unable to finding any gated communities nearby. 
Hopefully will find one soon !

Reachlekha 2018-11-26 16:36:34


Hi Priya,

Thanks for your reply and throwing light on the outcomes of Montessori Education outside India :) . It cleared lot of my confusions regarding Montessori approach and methodologies. And yes, we are planning to put my daughter in Pragnya next year! All credits to you and thanks a ton for your post!

Thanks a ton,


tinajoelmom 2019-01-20 00:23:31


Hi.Priya Do they take mild autistic kids in this school,do you have any idea? Anybody joined recently and what's the fee like?


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