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prashant99 2014-11-26 17:28:36


Dear Parents

Can any one provide me information about affiliation of VISTA School to CBSE?

devasa 2015-01-25 13:26:11


Just I visited school. Infra is good. Sports area good Fee structure OK. Major problem.: school will not inside. Goes in highways. Even u have ever good road and other 100 school buses comes. This school bus will not come. So I dropped.

venkat1 2015-01-28 11:33:55


Hello All,

Regarding Vista school, Here are my comments

-Education is good
-infrastructure is good

Transportation is very very very bad. You pay 25K,30K,...or more than that..for transportaion, they don't care you..and they don't respect you. Infact Driver and Transport incharges is not ready to listen your concenrs.
They will respond you harshly...and they don't care about your kids.

So whoever decided to join in Vista school, you can check (if possible, take promises in white paper) whether they are OK to drop your kids at your home place or not...otherwise as a parent you are not in a position to do anything in the middle of acadamic year.

Keep in mind, Education is secondary which we get anywhere..but transportation..and attitue of drivers and transport incharge is primary one. We can't do anything if it is not good.

Let me know if you need any other details. I can respond.

Venkat K

CGSG 2015-01-29 15:01:28


Is this now Pearson group? Kompally?


devasa 2015-01-29 16:38:16


Venkat, exactly I felt same.

 Former member 2015-12-28 18:32:39


Hi Venkat and all,

I visited Vista school, Nallagandla for my 4th and 8th graders. Receiving was good, they toured me to class rooms and explained everything in detail. but I am looking to hear feedback from parents. it seems school has good strength and nice play ground.
But not sure how was education, teachers, sports, etc.,
Is there any improvement in Transportation or Driver's behavior?
Did school heard parents complaints on transportation and drivers?

Appreciate any inputs.

kireeti 2016-01-08 08:13:08


Dear Vista Management / Vista Parents,
The transportation fee is quite high compared to all other schools
For 5-10 KMs distance it is 
In Vista school ---           Rs. 21700/-
In vikas school -----         Rs. 15300/-
In Samashti School-       Rs. 17000/-
In Narayana School ---    Rs.13500/-

It is my suggestion to the pearson management to review and revise the transportation fee to Rs.13000/- to get more admissions.
My suggestion to parents to insist the management for revising the transport fee, which is highest among all the schools.


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