Pragathi Central School - Pragathi Nagar Hyderabad

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phanindrag 2014-11-24 15:45:55



I am looking for CBSE school for my daughter for UKG. Could any one please suggest about Pragathi Central School - Pragathi Nagar Hyderabad.


PavanB 2014-11-27 11:27:27


hi ,every one
 iam also looking for good school @ reasonable fee 
how is pragathi central school in other  activities, teaching methedology,sports,
teacher student ratio

vrada 2014-12-02 15:26:28


Can any of the parents of who joined their kids in this school give feedback? How is communication of the kids- English fluency?

sgajula1 2014-12-09 13:08:38


hi, you have mentioned that fee is reasonable means how much??

sgajula1 2014-12-09 13:10:08


hi, iam also on the same boat. please provide complete information about fee sturcture. iam looking for 4th class admission to my daughter

sgajula1 2014-12-09 17:05:30


hi, nicky. i think you are not giving clear information. you may be one of the school relating person.
in the website mentioned there is no information about fee structure.
you are hiding some information


phanindrag 2014-12-09 17:15:16


Hi niky79,

I think you are from Pragathi schools.


Now a days, all the school persons are joined in Parentree and posting these comments. Be-aware of these communications.


phanindrag 2014-12-09 17:20:30


Hi All,

I had just checked all the replies of niky79. In each and every reply, he is mentioning about Pragathi schools saying it is good.

Please check all the replies of niky79 and take decision.

I am not saying Pragathi school is bad, I too inquired about the school, it is having good reviews and they wanted to follow some strict principles which is good. They are looking for good health and discipline for all the students, which is good.



rajurao 2014-12-10 08:01:22


hai niky i think phanindrag is right niky all replys is talking only one school pragathi centrel school so many good schools or there that area niky i ask 1question u r kid is going that school ok good but y r u mention only one school ?reason i see ur replys oneparent asking sangamitra school details u rreply is only pragathi central school sangamithra is good school that area i dont have any feed back about pragathi central school i see ur reviews about that school i also agree u pragathi centralschool is a good school,i think ugive all schoolsreviews that area helping for parents thanks

sgajula1 2014-12-10 11:46:38


hi nicky,
iam not saying that you should know about 4th class fee.
what iam asking you is just like phanindrag said that you are talking about only pragathi school. 
y r u not saying about others like sangamitra, dav, vignan, ect. which are also very good in academic
and also you have mentioned the website, it that nothing is there about school, except, google map, contact no.
i mean to say that you are guiding the parents to move towards school.
and as you have mentioned that, if you are the school member, you should be knowing 4th class fee sturucture.
if you give clear infromation about all the things , parents will easily identify that you are the school member. thats why you may not be giving clear information.
all the above  are only my expectations. may or may not be correct.
if really any body is interested then difinitely they should vist the school and talk to staff, students ect


PavanB 2014-12-10 15:24:10


last saturday i visited this school,i enqired abt admission for 1class for my son
at present they r having 9 sections for class first ,the fee structure is
transport 7000 for my area kphb
i saw the classrooms net and clean but i saw teachers r not following cursive writing for 1class
i think in cbsc cirri cursive is compulsory????


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