BVB/pobulreddy/JPHS admission dates for LKG

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srinich 2014-11-23 16:29:04


Hi All,

May you post updates about application giving dates for BVB or  Obulreddy or JPHS?.

I will enquire schools tomorrow. Appreciate if any one know dates and update same.

Also, Is  Obul reddy school asks for any donations?. if Yes, What is last year donation for LKG students.

Sunitha1 2014-11-23 20:51:39


hi srinich

i am the parent of Obul reddy L K G stundent

1. Admission Notification for the Academic Year 2015-2016 for Classes Nursery, LKG, UKG and Class I will be advertised in News Papes on 14-12-2014 (Sunday) .

Admission Application forms for the Academic Year 2015-2016 for Nursery, LKG , UKG and Class I are available in our website from 14-12-2014 (Sunday) to 19-12-2014 (Friday) only.

Filled in application form along with required documents can be registered in the school office between 9-00 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. on all working days from 17-12-2014 (Wednesday) to 20-12-2014 (Saturday).

Lottery results for admissions will be declared on 28-12-2014 (Sunday) .

Dates for payment of fee for admitted students are 29-12-2014 (Monday), 30-12-2014 (Tuesday), 31-12-2014 (Wednesday)
in obul reddy no donations only fee :)


srinich 2014-11-24 08:09:09


Thanks for information Sunitha1


shashinandivada 2014-11-24 10:08:48


Thank You for the information Sunitha :)

sammy82 2014-11-24 11:07:03


December 1st week is what BVB asked to call me when I call up last week.

Samiz 2014-11-25 15:28:21


Thanks for the detail info Sunitha!!
@Sammu82 - Do you mean application date is still not known?? Please do update once you got to know about the dates. Thanks!
How about JPS? any info on that?


divyakr 2014-12-23 09:16:15


hi in jhps form they have asked to fill up the amount for donation we can pay.can anybody please share the minimum and max range of the donation amount.

mhr786 2014-12-23 23:24:43


Min to be filled is around 1lakh. I have heard of parents filling in between the range of 80k to 2 lakhs. But the admission does not purely depend on the amount we fill up,they also do consider other factors.
They have also hiked the fee structure for LKG by around 70-80% when compared to last year.
God only knows where these schools are driving us for a ride.........


divyakr 2014-12-24 08:20:12


i think at jhps we hav to shell out more money than what dps is charging.we had hard luck at dps though my daughter performed well.bvb and obul reddy lottery result will be declared on 28th and jhps told us that if form is selected then parents and kid will be called for interaction session after 24th we can expect call if selected for interaction.

6809 2014-12-24 17:51:35


Hi Divya can you please tell me information about jphs application for ukg. I am searching for it in the site I don't found Regards Kutty

divyakr 2014-12-24 19:59:43


@6809 on website there is no information available about jhps will have to visit their campus and buy application form there itself.

6809 2014-12-26 09:58:37


Thank you Divya

divyakr 2014-12-27 11:21:29


bhavans has another branch at jubilee hills road number 45.they have started issuing is available if anybody wants to try for this school too..

mhr786 2014-12-27 13:54:22


Is it worth spending around 1.35 lakh (min of  1lakh towards non refundable voluntary contribution and another 35k towards non refundable admission fee) at Jubilee Hills Public school for LKG .Can any one let me know about the teaching pattern @ JHPS.
DPS which is quite famous charges less than JHPS..


schoolqry 2014-12-27 17:26:15


Hi will JHPS inform or mail? any clue?

divyakr 2014-12-27 18:59:39


@schoolqry i have received sms today evening to appear for an interaction session on 29th monday.hope for the best.

schoolqry 2014-12-27 20:23:32


Same with us...lets hope for the best

souravsain 2014-12-27 20:41:51


mhr786, here u will pay one time. In other schools u will pay every year. We need to underatand this. Moreover DPS asks for 75K cash. Thats black money. Can go to anyones pocket. Here contribution is via cheque. Also I dont understand why is DPS here so famous. At least khajaguda brannch does not even have science in +2. I have myself passed out from DPS (Ranchi). That scgool in that year gave results where we had IIT 3rd rank from the school. Also there were many in Top 500 l. Nothing of these apply to this DPS.

divyakr 2014-12-28 23:32:26


anybody got admission in lucky draw today at bhavans and obul reddy?

souravsain 2014-12-29 08:04:28


@divyakr We were lucky at Obul Reddy. We r now trying to find out if there are parents from kondapur who got selected this year or who r already sending their kids there from kondapur. We want to zero in on transport from kondapur as school bus routws r limited till UKG. I have also started a thread on this at

divyakr 2014-12-29 10:51:41


thats such a great news.congratulations.wish you and your kid all the best.

souravsain 2014-12-29 11:03:51


Thanks @divyakr and best wishes to u and ur kid for interview in JHPS today.

divyakr 2014-12-29 13:42:27


anyone has clue about how is jhps about academics? timings for lkg? teachers students ratio? i am quite impressed with their infrastructure,time management during interaction session,pleasant staff as of now.please help to know more feedback about academics of jhps

schoolqry 2014-12-29 21:03:58 did ur interaction go ? did they tell or confirm anything? our ...child interaction was gud n there was no mention of donation at all....they told us they wud get bk in a week to 10 we hv to wait n watch

divyakr 2014-12-29 23:06:24


@schoolqry my kid performance was excellent thats what their teachers said at jhps.there was no confirmation about admission and nobody asked about donation.the panel of three people just talked to my kid and was happy with her answers.and while leaving they told us we will inform you in 10 days and you will be getting 3 days time to pay the fees.

rahul15 2014-12-29 23:28:16


My daughter did very well in interaction with teacher. After that we went for management panel interaction there were total four people. However it was very schoking for me once one person asked me about my salary, finally they didn't ask about any donation and told after 10 days you'll get message if selected. Now I've a question if again I want to approach them for donations which I'm willing to give not more than 50K. How I can do it.? Suggestions please.

souravsain 2014-12-30 07:10:35


schoolqry, divyakr, rahul15, were there in total 2 rounds? I mean after the discussiob with the board members (2nd round), wheren't u called for agan for some third round? Am not sure but when we went for interactuon it seemed some people were being called again (after the 2nd round). Though we were given same reply after 2nd round that u will be informed after 10 days. Hence asking.

sid1408 2014-12-30 07:20:25


My Kid got in both the Schools on lottery

divyakr 2014-12-30 07:53:34


@sid1408 congrats..@souravsen we faced just two rounds of was in classroom with teacher and another was with three member panel where two gentlemen and a lady were sitting.and till the time we were sitting there waiting for our turn none other parent was called for third round

rahul15 2014-12-30 07:59:48


Only two rounds. ..


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